I am an amateur bodybuilder. I look after myself, have structured workout plans, and my nutrition is on point. I take very specific supplements with the goal of building muscle, keeping a good tone, and of course increasing my testosterone levels. I have made a commitment to myself to improve my body and mind, and I find nothing more frustrating than walking into the gym and finding it full of women and estrogen.

Lets be clear here—I am in no way trying to argue that women should not work out. After all, women only have any discernible sexual marketplace value (SMV) for about ten years, with it dropping dramatically after they reach their thirties. If there is anything that is going to reduce a woman’s SMV quicker and earlier it’s going to be them not looking after their bodies.

I also do not have an issue with the idea of women-only gyms, which are already popping up everywhere; the justification for this being that women feel more confident working out in a woman-only environment. Anything that gets women to look after themselves so that they can be more appealing to men is a winner in my book.

Strangely when it was suggested that a male-only gym might open here in the UK, there was a massive uproar from the liberal and feminist quarter. The suggestion that a men-only club would promote misogyny (because that would be so terrible) and that men together would become secretive, I guess the idea being we would club together and disagree with the feminist agenda.

This article is about the reasons men only gyms are important to neomasculinity and how they assist men with two very important parts of this ideology; self improvement and testosterone.

1. It would increase testosterone levels and competitiveness


There are hundreds or studies and peer reviewed articles that show a direct link between exercise and and increase in testosterone levels, with weightlifting providing a greater boost than any other type of workout; deadlifts have been shown to increase testosterone by higher amounts for example.

As men we know very well the benefits of testosterone. It’s quite honestly the building block of masculinity and higher levels of this hormone increase desirable male characteristics. There has also been a strong link between increases in testosterone and men in close proximity or working out together. It appears that just being around other men with racing testosterone levels can help to increase your own hormonal balance.

If you have ever been to a gym with other men, I bet you also picked a higher weight or rep, possibly worked out for longer, and worked harder. This is because testosterone (amongst other desirable traits) makes men more competitive and stronger. Working out with other men increases your competitiveness and forces you to push yourself and improve your personal best.


2. It would mean that men would only give up equipment for other men.


Let me set the scene—you have gone into the gym with the intention of working your legs, you have a set routine, and it’s coming up to the squat part of your workout. You go to the squat rack to find that it is being used by a woman who has a bar weight of 20kg (50 lbs).

Now in an ideal world we would go up and tell her to “jog on” and find a more female appropriate piece of equipment; but unfortunately that is likely to get you removed from the gym. So now you have to wait and rearrange your workout to fit around this woman, who in all reality should be concentrating on cardio to lose that fat rather than a more masculine workout.

I have no issue with rearranging my own workout to fit around another man undertaking a proper workout. Furthermore, men are much more cooperative with each other in a gym environment and willing to to give a nod when they are finished, or allow you to jump in during their rest times if the weights are the same.

If we must have mixed gyms then there should be a rule if a man approaches the squat rack and it’s being used by a woman she should step aside and let him jump ahead of her.

3. It would stop the distractions


We are all men, and let’s be honest we are  often checking women. There are some alright women in the gym and this can be a distraction during a time when we should be concentrating on our workout and improving ourselves. From a personal point of view I also find the the women of high body fat distracting, not because I am checking them out, but rather because I am disgusted at having to watch them wobble around the gym.

4. It would encourage brotherhood and male bonding


Men are competitive and can be aggressive towards each other when competing for resources. However, they are also by far more supportive of other men. Women are irrational, emotional, and caustic towards each other. We work better together, and are more willing to support each other to achieve our common aims. Mixed gyms discourage this kind of fellowship by changing the dynamic. Instead of the positive competitiveness of sport, there is a tendency to compete for the “cute” girl.

Men only gyms would encourage the positive traits of brotherhood and support, while giving us a distraction free to improve ourselves. Why not give it a try?

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