Author Stephanie Jane Gari from South Carolina recently published a completely fabricated story about a woman she calls “Susan” who claims I raped her. Both the story and the scenario are completely false. Similar to the Rolling Stone rape hoax, this piece of fiction was published to get attention for the author of the story, either S. Jane Gari herself or the woman who purportedly wrote it, though it appears that S. Jane Gari invented the story since she does not provide a single piece of evidence that “Susan” exists. The fictional account also perfectly matches the narrative of her rape-obsessed blog.

S. Jane Gari

Here is the ridiculous allegation:

Roosh approached Susan in Iceland where he was busy “bagging chicks” for one of his sex travel guides. When Susan left a nightclub with her friends, Roosh, approached her on the street and insisted on walking her home. She asked him to leave her alone. Later, when she became separated from her friends, she noticed he was following her.

“You have a beautiful but sad walk. I know a great place to have a drink. You can join me. It will be fun,” he said.

She refused. Then he insisted on walking her home.

She said, “There’s no need. I don’t need you to walk me home.”

When he continued to insist, she ignored him and continued her way home. He followed. This is a tactic he teaches in his books—to never take “no” for an answer.

When she arrived at her home, Roosh was very charismatic and asked politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.

When he was done in the bathroom he faced Susan and said, “Are you home alone?”

“Yes,” she said.

Then he asked her to touch his penis. When she refused, Roosh grabbed her.

Susan started crying and said, “Why are you doing this? You’re crazy.”

He laughed and overpowered her with force, saying, “All girls like this. It’s every woman’s fantasy. You don’t even know what you’re saying. You’re drunk, but I like drunk girls.” And then, according to Susan, he raped her.

She later discovered the Bang Guides Roosh authored and was mortified. Susan went to counseling for the depression that ensued after the alleged rape but never formally accused Valizadeh. He’s an American and she lives in Iceland. She feels she has no recourse.

So what can we do for Susan and the others who have remained silent?

We can encourage all of his possible victims to stand up to him. Roosh is a perpetrator of the worst kind because he hides behind his self-righteousness and is so arrogant he thinks he will never be brought to justice. He thinks his tactics of preying on drunk women, getting them alone, following them, not taking no for an answer and then being forceful with them if necessary is his right as an “aggressive man” who believes, “women should submit to men.” Please, let’s prove him wrong. Please share this post to spread the word and encourage other possible victims to come forward.

Things I’ve never done in my life:

  • Follow a girl home.
  • Ask a woman to “touch my penis.”
  • Try to make physical advances on a crying girl.
  • Have sex in an Icelandic girl’s home while she was alone.
  • Tell a girl that rape is “every woman’s fantasy.”

This is not a case of a girl I know making up an encounter, but a girl who I’ve never met and who I believe doesn’t even exist inventing a situation after skimming through publicly available excerpts of Bang Iceland. This is not unlike when the Rolling Stone published a fake rape account by a troubled young woman who merely wanted a guy she liked to give her attention. The whole world believed her before she was exposed as a fraud, harming the fraternity, the university, and the credibility of real rape victims in the process.


Rape hoaxer did it to get attention from a guy she liked

S. Jane Gari tries to portray herself as a “concerned journalist,” but did she fact check a single item in the story? Did she fact check that “Susan” has even met or seen me in person? She either made up the story herself, or simply published an anonymous email account that does not even seem plausible on its face.

It’s one thing to falsely call me “pro rape” or a “rape advocate” in the form of an opinion. You have the right to do that. On the other hand, it’s clear-cut defamation to maliciously invent a crime against me. Therefore I have retained one of the best First Amendment lawyers in the United States, Marc Randazza, to serve as my counsel in a defamation suit against Stephanie Jane Gari if she doesn’t amend the false accusation against me as specified by Mr. Randazza in the following letter:

View letter in new window: Legal Demand To S. Jane Gari Re: False Rape Accusation

It’s worth nothing that Mr. Randazza almost always defends these kinds of cases. To get him to take the side of a plaintiff in one says a lot about the strength of my claim. I’m also monitoring any media outlet or publication that passes off this fantasy tale as fact.

I can’t do much in response to how media outlets decide to mischaracterize my work, but I can legally respond to any individual who maliciously and falsely accuses me of a crime. I am ready to spend the money and time to defend myself against anyone who brings false claims against me. Unless Stephanie Jane Gari takes prompt action, either her or “Susan” will have to answer for their false accusation against me in a court of law.

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