Contrary to popular belief, all easy girls are not created equal. Sure, they all have exorbitant notch counts and seldom post pictures sans cleavage but each one is unique in terms of what drives them to spread ’em for man juice injection on the regular.

Since my neomasculine awakening I have met, bedded, and observed many, many different kinds of easy girls. Below I’ve listed the eight most common breeds I’ve come across, how to recognize them, and the bait required to bed them. Chances are you’ve probably come across a few of these yourselves. Let’s get to it.

1. The high sex drive

That ain’t pain….those rosy cheeks say that’s the look of a woman who needs the D

While all sluts love getting plowed by penises-a-plenty, there are some out there who seem to be in a perpetual state of ovulation. Their actions reflect their thoughts as they seem to hook up with different dudes just about every day of the week.

How to recognize them: The high sex drive slut isn’t hard to spot. She will openly joke about it, broach the subject first during a set, and will make little effort to lower her voice. HSD sluts also make themselves known by occasionally flipping the script and actually approaching men at bars, clubs, coffee shops, grocery stores etc. This has happened to me on quite a few occasions and I rarely fail to convert.

Slut Bait: Standard game is usually all that’s required, as she’s likely ready to get on her knees after just a few minutes of conversation. Confidence and strong eye contact combined with a heavy dose of push-pull and kino will have her dropping her panties (if she’s wearing any) in no time flat.

2. The “still got it guuurl”

Past the wall and something to prove

This particular breed has an insatiable desire to prove to herself and everyone around her that men still want to have sex with her. Be it a recent breakup, a lack of high SMV men between her legs, or her age, she’ll do anything and everything to increase her notch count in an attempt to validate her sexual allure.

How to recognize them: Like the HSD slut, these broads stick out like a nun in a brothel. Post-wall females, recent divorcees, and single moms who’ve finally dropped the baby weight are all prime candidates for easy lays. She will also shamelessly flirt with you and make it very obvious that so long as you stay conscious, you’re gettin’ some action.

Slut bait: All you have to do with these chicks is make them feel attractive and you’re solid. And not the beta way where you tell her how good she looks. Rather, show her you want to sleep with her by conspicuously staring at her breasts and letting her catch you or telling her to do a 360 so you can see her ass (bonus points for smacking it).

These sluts just need to feel desired, and if you’re the man who makes her feel that way she’ll be more than happy to “use” you to show her gurl-fraaaands “I still got it, girl!”

3. The ugly duckling

Most of us know girls who were ugly, fat, or both in high school before they became decent looking later in life. With those newfound good looks, comes newfound male attention which is something she is not used to. Like a kid with a new toy she plunges herself onto countless men because being lusted after was something she thought she’d never experience and now that she is, she doesn’t know how to act.

How to recognize them: Look for the average to below average looking girl with an above average body who is unhealthily obsessed with working out and a Nazi about her diet (she’ll make this obvious on social media). She’s never going back to being invisible to males if she has to run till she pukes or starve herself for days on end.

Slut bait: Push-pull game works best with ugly duckling sluts. Their newfound SMV has a tendency to rapidly inflate their egos so charming, negging, then charming again should seal the deal. But be careful not to neg her too hard lest you inadvertently conjure up memories of cruel jokes from her classmates at her expense because if that happens, it’s game over.

4. The “quid pro quo”

Straight up…….

Sometimes referred to as a “barter slut,” these chicks always seem to get “hooked up” with a lot of “free” shit and “free” services. These sluts, of course, are simply exchanging sexual favors for commodities and accommodations. Tattoos, mechanical work, home improvements, or any other brand of patronage carried out by men, are all abundant because she’s paying with her body. I happen to know quite a few of these broads and if you pay attention, you’ll probably find that you do too.

How to recognize them: Most girls live above their means, so the barter slut may be a little tougher to spot than others. You’ll have to be proactive and ask questions about her new tattoo, where she got that brand new flat screen, or anything else she has recently acquired. If her explanation is “Oh so-in-so hooked me up because blah blah blah” when talking about her new trinkets, you’ve got yourself a soft prostitute.

Slut bait: The key here is to get her goods before giving up yours. Too many guys fall into this beta trap and end up as an orbiter or her “bestest friend!” when they do her favors before she gets naked. Flip the script and tease her with your hookup in exchange for her booty. Joke about it in a way that gives you deniable plausibility. For example, say: “Yeah I’ll come over and change your spark plugs…but after you prove to me you can drive a stick…” and deliver it with a smirk on your face that leaves no doubt as to what’s to be read between the lines.

She’ll know exactly what you’re getting at but if she plays stupid, play stupid right along with her and tell her you forgot how to work on cars and change the subject. Whatever you do, do not give in. If she isn’t going to bang you in the first place, there’s no need getting your hands dirty for nothing.

5. The homewrecker

“I hope your wife doesn’t find out”

This is the kind of girl who needs no introduction, as the label tells you all you need to know. These are the women who only sleep with married men or men in relationships because pre-selection, a standard tenet of game, works as a built-in magnet. It’s a target rich demographic as there are no shortage of men in committed relationships whose wives or girlfriends have let themselves go.

How to recognize them: The homewrecker is always difficult to spot because they’re experts at keeping their affairs private. Pay attention to her stories about past relationships or hookups. Although they’re not often forthright about the marital status of their beaus, at some point they all let it slip. She’s never going to come right out and say “I only sleep with married men or men with girlfriends” so you’ll often have to smoke them out which means…


Slut Bait: ….throwing out the slut bait by casually mentioning something you and your girlfriend or wife did last weekend. Or if she compliments you on your shirt, watch, sunglasses, just say: “Thanks, my girlfriend got it for me.” If she’s a homewrecker, she’ll waste little time suggesting things like “we need to hang out more” or shooting covert but obvious IOIs in your direction. After that, sleeping with her will be like taking candy from a baby.

6. The serial girlfriend

Anyone who has a Facebook or Instagram page is privy to the girl who is in and out of relationships seemingly every other week. One day she’s “in love,” the next all men suck, the day after that she’s “excited about her first date,” and the cycle repeats itself starting Monday.

These chicks engage in bionic rationalization hamstering by proclaiming they’re not sluts because every guy they’ve been banged by was her boyfriend at the time. But deep down they know they’re still sluts whether the seven guys they slept with last month were her boyfriends or not, and so does everyone else who congratulates her for “finding happiness.”

How to recognize them: A quick scan through social media will make this an easy task. If you hooked up with a girl over the weekend, check her Facebook and Instagram page and look for multiple posts of her with many other guys captioned by emojis that indicate “love” or a relationship over a short period of time.

Another dead giveaway is when she angles for commitment shortly after you two have done the dirty deed. Questions like “So where is this headed anyway?” or “Are we going to make this thing of ours official?” are both typical conversation starter favorites of the serial girlfriend slut. She’ll also step up her domestic game by doing your laundry, cooking for you, and talking about how “traditional” she is.

Slut bait: There isn’t a specific way to lure these girls because every woman on some level is looking for commitment of some sort, so standard game is really all you need. However, if you want to keep her in your rotation on account of her hotness and willingness to be your bowling ball, run a little calculated beta game and she should stay in your orbit for quite a while.

7. The “mud shark”

white girl

My man in the wife beater can’t wait to beat the brakes off that ho

A few months back, I wrote this article speculating on the reasons some white girls only choose black men. While nobody can definitively pinpoint what motivates them from one girl to the next, one thing that’s certain is that all chicks who have an exclusive taste for brothers are epic sluts.

How to recognize them: This brand of ho is almost too easy to spot so rather than stating the obvious, I’ll just refer to an excerpt from my aforementioned article:

You know who she is. The white girl with the big hoop earrings, the (fake) diamond stud in her nose, and the tattoo on her left tit of a phoenix, butterfly, or anything else that denotes “freedom” or whatever brand of profound bullshit they want you to believe about them.

Every few seconds her phone is ringing out two second snippets of the hip hop track du jour, alerting her of another text from one of a few black men she happens to be “talking to” at the moment.

Slut bait: As easy as they are to recognize, based on my personal experience, it’s even easier to sleep with them. Just be black, in above average shape, and have decent game and you’re in there. Granted, nothing’s a gimme in today’s sexual marketplace, but so long as you’re not a fat beta, these girls are as close to a sure thing as it gets.

8. The “I’m one of the guys”

I touched on these types of girls in this article (#6), and went a little more in depth in this one (third one down). The long and short of what these girls are about is that their circle of “friends” are mostly men. Whether it’s watching the game, out for drinks, or just hanging out at one of their pads, being “one of the guys” ensures her of constant attention from the guys she spends time with.

How to recognize them: All you have to do is listen for the verbal cues. These sluts take tremendous pride in proclaiming they’re one of the boys and will yammer on about it to anyone who will listen. Also, pay attention to what her “hobbies” are. If she mentions watching sports, playing video games (gamer guuuuurl), or playing beer pong with the fellas at the local bar, your target’s likely been identified.

Slut bait: It can be difficult to game these broads because of the constant attention she’s getting from other guys in the group. Rather than being a try hard like everyone else, just let your red pill tendencies do the talking and she’ll gravitate your way as a matter female nature.

Another suggestion is to introduce another girl into the group. Not only does this create competition between the two girls which means they’ll shamelessly flirt (or more) with the guys but it also tips the guy to girl ratio in your favor. A buddy of mine back east did this quite a bit and it proved to be beneficial to more than a few men in his crew.

At the end of the day…

You still have to run solid game to sleep with any of the above girls. The degree to which you have to run it varies from slut to slut but regardless of how easy they are to bang, most of today’s attractive females don’t drop their panties for just anybody.

Most women have a little bit of all of these in them at some point or another. Age, financial status, and children (or lack thereof) are just a few of many mitigating factors that determine which slut they are at any given time. Regardless, use the for fun only and not commitment.

More often than not, whichever brand serves their interests the most at the time is the one they’ll end up channeling. A big part of awareness on the hook up scene is recognizing the type of girl you’re dealing with. If you use your Y chromosome and pay a little more attention, you’ll be able to quickly diagnose what kind of slut she is which will ultimately lead to more lays.

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