A white knight has been caught on camera (archive) getting arrested after protesting a Return Of Kings meet-up in New York City while the real meetup was being successfully held a few blocks away. The man’s apprehension by authorities was the climax of a farcical SJW protest based on “intelligence” about where the NYC Return Of Kings meet-up would be held. Rows of skinny jeans-wearing, bright hair-colored, safe space-loving SJWs had assembled outside a club and coughed out highly unimaginative rhyming chants before police intervened.

The problem for the white knight is that his actions, based on a false tip, were not only personally stupid but entirely pointless. A mole had planted information in the SJW camp and the meet-up was actually taking place elsewhere. Protestors had gathered in Washington Square Park, where they proceeded to freeze their backsides off. Then, like proverbial sheep, a SJW mob leader announced that they knew where the meet-up was, supposedly at Dream Downtown Hotel’s PhD nightclub. So onto 9th Street they marched, exacerbating their preexisting frozenness.

In a sign of how silly SJW tactics become, the protestors were unable to get to the rooftop area of PhD because they were bellowing so loudly and conducting themselves like pork chops. The manager of the rooftop establishment, plus the hotel itself, obviously realized the serious risk to public safety and the reputation of the venue that the freezing marchers represented. Word is that the white knight was arrested for refusing to follow police instructions and acting aggressively towards them.

And where, pray tell, are even the reports about violent Return of Kings readers? Naturally, the media could be as “skilled” at lying about us as they have been in slandering Roosh. That said, mere allegations involving meet-up participants (and many of them did meet) have been non-existent.

“The cops are enabling rape culture… but let’s passively watch the white knight get arrested!”


After the debacle outside the hotel, SJW Twitter accounts bristled with broad brush claims that the police were enabling rape culture by being present and also arresting the cognitively-challenged white knight. Yet they idly stood by as he was taken into custody by the cops. Of course, I am not supporting attacks on police in any sense, but it was very revealing to see how positively docile SJWs can be when it suits them. Someone like Roosh gets hundreds of online death threats for writing satire in the vein of Sir Thomas More and Jonathan Swift. Police, on the other hand, are labeled “rape culture supporters” without attracting the typical vindictive and violent responses dished out to others who challenge their phoney narrative.


In their hearts, if they can even be said to have them, SJWs are cowards. They rely on thinly veiled promises to harass those who would dare to disagree with them, from making them lose their jobs to threatening their families by doxxing them. A permissive media and academic climate condones their antics, too. Meanwhile, the guarantee of serious intimidation and violence forces many from participating in narrative-challenging events like the ROK meet-ups. SJWs are thus ensured both numerical superiority and justifications for their appalling behavior by the establishment, particularly blatantly biased journalists. The same outlets patently lying about Roosh did not bother to report about the fact of a self-entitled white knight being arrested for anti-social behavior.

Another interesting outcome from the evening’s festivities, as documented online, was the juxtaposition of SJWs screaming against so-called “rape culture” with explicit and implicit threats. Twitter user @jeneverbes is a case in point (archive). Already falsely labeling Roosh both a rape advocate and rapist, they can move onto their next presupposition, that anyone they cast as a “rape culture” enabler is liable to be shot:

When feminists selectively embrace guns.

Even with threats and violence, the SJWs are losing

Declining actor Jemaine Clement has been tweeting at Roosh obsessively, desperately trying to get media attention for his “efforts”, which he duly received.

In opposing the ROK meet-ups, SJWs relied on thousands of sociopathic threats to get their message of hate across. Countless SJWs, including self-confessed former junkie and mentally unstable Kortney Olson, have also used the Two Thousand Hour Hate against Roosh to boost their own profiles, validate their cravings for “likes” and attention, and temporarily assuage a fundamental hatred of themselves.

And what is this all for? To try to stop men from meeting, when those men are avid readers of a website which has 3,000 mostly self-improvement articles? As this happens, SJWs are yet to challenge the literally thousands of migrant rapists roaming Germany, Sweden and other allegedly “sovereign” European states. Likewise, do-gooders are still mute about the Rotherham child rapes in England for fear of being called “racist”.

Confused individuals like the “man” arrested in New York will sacrifice themselves for an imaginary cause but do not make the slightest peep about real rape. These, my friends, are our delusional enemies.

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