While reading mister Edward Thatch’s brilliant article Expensive Woman Seeks Retarded Millionaire, I thought of Colombia. Women ignoring the unstoppable force of time is a trend that has permeated society not only in the United States but also in other countries that have become quickly Americanized. It is evident in certain social circles in my current country of residence, Colombia.

Saturday night I went to a party my cousin had invited me to. She is very well educated and from the top tier (IV) of Colombian society. Needless to say all her social circle belongs to this tier, as you know now from my previous article, Colombian society is extremely classist. Looking down on others for their social class is completely normal.

I arrived to the party expecting a good time with my cousin who had just gotten back from China. She introduced me to her friends, all of them educated in Europe, I introduced myself, grabbed a cocktail and started to mingle. Across the dance floor I saw a gorgeous blonde, a “paisa,” a common term that denotes people from Antioquia, the coffee stronghold of the country.

I approached her and waited for her to talk with her particular accent. I said, “Oh, are you paisa?” (the accent is extremely noticeable). She laughed and we started talking. Right away I realized two things: (1) She was from only tier II, economically speaking, and (2) In her head she belonged to tier IV. This meant that if I was to fuck her, my wallet was in for a ride. This thank to the long standing drug money culture that has spoiled women in Medellin, specially those from low classes.

Thirty minutes into the conversation and I had no sight of hooking up with this girl that night. I was getting nasty looks from my cousin’s crowd to get me back to the group mainly because I was talking to a girl from lower social status that was way hotter than them. Nonetheless, I wanted to see her again. She served to my New Year’s resolution to go out with girls outside of my usual socio-economic range. Needless to say this has changed my overall availability of women.

After I got the paisa’s number I went back to my cousin’s group. They took turns on destroying her—“Her shoes are fake Louboutin” and “You only talked to her because she has huge tits, and they are probably fake” (which is very probably true due to the high ratio of boob jobs in Medellin). Facing this incredible threat of hate-filled comments I turned to Alejandra, a friend of my cousin who just graduated from LSE and hadn’t uttered a word. “What do you think?” I asked.

“She is hot but lacks taste. Still you are completely free to fuck her. I would if I was you”. This started a conversation that summarized my entire philosophy of life.

“Why do men do that?” Adriana, a single 30 something doctor asked.

“Do what?”

“That, why do you think you can just have sex with any girl like its nothing.”

“Because I can.”

“You think very highly of yourself don’t you?” Here Alejandra interrupted her irritated friend, “Why shouldn’t he? He is very smart, attractive, in shape and rich. In ten years he is going to be the type of man every woman of his age is going to be looking for.” I turned to Alejandra, very surprised by what she had just said. She went on to say “Sometimes I wish I was a man. They have more freedom. In England girls kept saying how much power women have and how strong and independent they are… but we really aren’t, not like men. We can’t sleep around like they do with no consequences. Time plays against us while it plays in favor of them.”

This made Adriana so mad that she went home, I figured it made her so mad because it touched her profoundly. She identified with what Alejandra had said and had no arguments to counter her. She left and I kept talking to Alejandra, who was by far the most down to earth girl I’ve met in my life. She confessed how Adriana had been looking for a single, rich, intelligent 30 year old, and how she had told her that this man will not settle with a girl like her because he simply has no need to do so. She is deep into debt due to her lifestyle.


Colombian society is being corrupted by American feminism with fantastic results for alpha males but terrible long term results for women. The main issues I have identified in Colombia are:

1. Women live a delusion

Feminism has convinced them that it is okay to sleep around, act like Ke$ha in her worst day and behave recklessly with no planning of the near future. This means that men have easier lays since girls are actively seeking to get laid and that girls get punished in the long run as this reckless lifestyle takes a toll in their bodies and self esteem. This is fueled by constant feminist ideas and steady beta attention, reassuring them that “it’s ok”, that they “don’t need to worry”, somehow things will just fall into place. They are feminist but still expect a man to come fix it all once they have “lived it up.” They want all of the benefits with none of the sacrifice.

2. The delusion gets more virulent

When my last girlfriend and I broke up, I told her she should really focus on building herself, making something out of herself by attaining some value other than her naturally given striking beauty, since it would fade with the inevitable pass of time. Her response was as baffling as striking. “Fuck you, I’ll be beautiful forever”. This is the spreading of the delusion, they believe they are impervious to the laws of nature and thus, act like if they are.

3. They actively need constant acceptance and approval

Adriana is a perfect example of this, driving a BMW that will take her 5 years to pay off and on which she will pay probably 40 or 50 % more than its regular price, living from paycheck to paycheck to cover her credit cards—even with a good paying job—in order to keep her lifestyle. A lifestyle that she desperately needs to be approved by her friends and get access to the social circle where she hopes to meet her ‘savior’, a person who will never come, unless she finally settles for a beta idiot, because no man in his right mind, with the attributes that she seeks, would take such a bad decision. This desperation in girls actively seeking men to marry is so evident than even my mother has told me at least 10 times in the last 3 months—“You are getting a prenup if you ever marry”… and that is my Colombian mother speaking.

4. They’re too eager to go into debt

I understand wanting to live a good life, driving a good car, living in a pristine place, being able to travel and having access to the best and finest. I really do because that’s the life that I myself strive to live, but I get to do that because I understand that I must live my financial life by the principle my dad inculcated to me since childhood, “Son, its not how much you spend, its how much you make.” That’s it, I drive a good car and have a designer wardrobe, but I have never thought of going into debt to have it, I know my value and my limits and live in them, while striving every day to better myself. As smart as women think they are, their financial sense is less than those telling them they can have it all.

The erosion of my country by feminism has started in force, as they are beginning to believe that being ‘equal’ is the paradigm of success, when they are not nearly close to that ideal. Alejandra’s words reassured something I’ve known for a while now but I had failed to embrace they way I should have. I should think highly of myself because I have a high value, and every man who does should be proud of that, and if so you too should embrace it, and sleep with as many women as you can.

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