This is taken from the official policy guide for Staffordshire University’s Student Union:

Fascism, racism, LGBTphobia, sexism and ableism are all strands of thought and oppression within society which seeks to sow divides between ordinary people. As a Students’ Union it is our job to represent all students and to attempt to unite students against these attacks. As a part of this it is key that we do not allow those who wish to spread hatred and division onto our campus and it is the job of the Students Union executive to educate members on the need to oppose discrimination and the need for No Platform.

We’re all hopefully very much aware of this trend on college campuses in the West called “No-Platforming,” which bans anyone from taking any positions contrary to leftist dogma on campus, silencing those that hold such positions in the interest of tolerance. Consequences have ranged from student mob action to outright expulsion.

I don’t want to talk specifically about the trend. That’s not what this essay concerns. The trend is only a written manifestation of a deeper endemic problem which has been overlooked and misunderstood by the right: that of how the enemy controls language to their own ends, usually to silence men who stand up for themselves in any given situation.

The Heresy Charge Of Our Age


There exists a “dictionary” containing certain words that have more power than others, almost always descriptors that can be applied to those who dissent from modern orthodoxy. These function as accusations of heresy, and once accused, the person has the plug pulled on whatever argument they might be making.

In the past, religions across the world have used the charge of heresy to weed out troublesome elements, distinguishing those who practiced correctly from those who were practicing in error. In many cases, this was positive. When degenerate or puritanical fringe sects of a faith emerged, engaging in underground occult activities and offensive rituals as well as subversion, they could be dealt with accordingly before they spread and destabilized the society. Times have changed, but they really haven’t. The ruling powers in the United States, Germany, Australia, France, etc. are very much religious in nature, as has been discussed on many occasions elsewhere. The issue is that this new “cult” is not a religion which targets aberrations, freaks, and misfits, but instead seeks to stifle and crush the organic orientation of man.

The descriptor of “heretic” is now much more malleable. We have a menagerie of terms like “misogynist” and “racist,” which have lost their etymological meaning if they ever had one, and these are of course joined by cute but inaccurate portmanteaus such as homophobia, and islamophobia.

Once an individual is branded with these one-word descriptors, the effect is a little like the mark on the door of a plague victim. “Don’t go near!” the stern wardens tell us, for if you do then no doubt their hatred will contaminate you, or worse yet trigger you. You see, heresy in the spiritual realm is seen a lot like disease in the medical realm; it is contagious and potentially fatal. And what spiritual sickness plagues us? Normalcy.

The Egyptian monk St. Anthony the Great once said “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying “You are mad; you are not like us!” It would appear that such a day has come. In a world where the inmates run the asylum, the orderlies are a stone’s throw away from being eaten alive or dissected in the basement. Do you recognize that women are naturally happier raising children than working tedious nine-to-five jobs? If so, there is something gravely wrong with you and the cure is sensitivity training therapy. Do you suffer from delusions of being trapped in the body of the wrong sex or species? If so, then put on the ritz for your Nobel Peace Prize gala!


Leave Them No Safe Space


What is to be done about this predicament? If we are tarred with this brush of sickness, caped in the words that single us out in a crowd for either isolation or vilification (certainly not rebuttal), then it would seem that the power of this lexicon needs to be subverted and defused. Such a thing can only be done through brute force. Put another way, we have to make the denotations of these words so ubiquitous that they lose their power. It is precisely their rarity that inspires fear in those that hear them, for most fear the unknown. In the modern docile world, realities about sex differences are rather exotic, since we are saturated by feminist propaganda among other types.

Men need to coarsen their language, not to each other, but to the hostile forces without. The internet is the medium that is ripe for this effort, but it extends beyond cyberspace. Whenever you comment on anything and this struggle springs to mind, even if it is unrelated to a political topic, break a boundary and say something that is politically incorrect. This is precisely how the left pierced the previously austere maze of social etiquette in the 1960s in particular, they injected their agendas into everything so that they were inescapable, and over time even the most despicable things were normalized. A bullet has to be fired into every hugbox, and every safe space has to be violated gratuitously.

If you can take a risk, twist the knife to an absurd degree. If it pays to be more probing and covert, so be it. Judge your audience and their reactions when face to face, and gradually push the envelope. Until they appear to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, there is still room to push. If they provide no platform in one location, fine, just find out where else it is that they frequent and bombard them there.

With an arsenal of hatefacts, you can reduce any outlet into a mass of blubbering, offended infants, and as our own dissident quarter grows it will be harder and harder for the left to go about their daily perusing without encountering the “plague,” the “heresy,” those mean old words. The more commonplace the language becomes, the less impact their special little dictionary of inverted heresies will have and all designations of us will fall flat.


The left uses this tactic in their multicultural projects

Remember, what is the strategy of the enemy concerning migrants? Throw in a few families and the people will resist (we saw this in Romania recently when the entire township of Ardud rose up against any hint of a plan to bring a tiny number of refugees there). However, flood the nation with hundreds of thousands in a kind of shotgun approach, and the people will give up. Pretty soon, their children will go to the same schools, they will see each other at the grocery store, they will ride the same bus, and as much as one can be familiarized, for better or worse they will be.

The people will begrudgingly accept their own execution because their environment will subconsciously inform them that they have already lost. Through this method, the resistance of the enemy is worn down and then finally shattered. Why do you think both Republicans and Democrats in the United States never stop saying “We can’t deport eleven million people”?

Relentless and ruthless usage of the offensive tools at our disposal is the way forward. This is what must be done with our beloved political incorrectness, with the language of frankness and excellence that has been silenced by an instant isolator valve, put in place by the established powers so they never have to reckon with our arguments at all.

Through unyielding exposure, we will crack the killswitch lexicon. Once that is done, and we can no longer be shut down with single-word slurs, then all that is left  for us to do is bludgeon them with the truth until they are the ones yelling “I recant! I recant!”

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