In these times of “refugee” crisis and migrants running amok in European countries, Finnish authorities have decided it’s time to teach women some self-defense. The police have released a video showing what a woman should do if she’s assaulted on the street. The video is one of the most unintentionaly funny things I’ve ever seen. Take a look:

A well-dressed white man comes at the blonde Finnish girl from behind, slightly poking her back with his hand. It kind of looks like he wants to ask her for directions or some other harmless thing, but the woman isn’t taking any chances. She turns around, holds her hand out and says “No.” The man staggers away as if he’s been dealt a kick by Bruce Lee.

When the brilliant defensive tactic of saying no doesn’t work, the woman shoves the man away. In one shot she isn’t even touching the guy when he’s flung back, so you would guess that she has mastered the ways of the Force. When not even the Force works, she resorts to the one weapon that no man can deflect: bashing him with her handbag.

The video would be even funnier if it wasn’t also quite sad. In Finland, you’re not allowed to carry guns, tasers, or pepper spray. All you have to defend yourself are your fists and whatever objects you happen to be carrying at the time. I know girls in Sweden who have pepper spray with them anyway, but most women probably follow the law (and are terrified by weapons in general).

The truth is that if a woman doesn’t have the great equalizer of a firearm at her disposal when a rapist goes after her, she’s pretty much screwed. The man is stronger and likely highly determined to not let his victim get away. My best advice for a girl in that situation would be to run as fast as she can, or scream as loud as she can to get the attention of males who can come to her aid.

But as feminism prescribes women to do everything on their own, I wouldn’t be surprised if women today would rather be raped than ask a man for help.

Another stupid video about rape

But wait, there’s another rape themed video out that’s been getting some attention lately. This one is more annoying than funny. British police has had a “consent is everything” campaign, and this video uses tea as an analogy for sex.

The basic message is that if your guest didn’t want tea, you wouldn’t force it down his or her throat. The same thing goes for sex. If you force someone to do it with you, you’re committing rape. Pretty simple, although the police department seems to think that the viewers are simple too, since it takes nearly three long minutes to make it’s point.


I’ve seen this video being widely spread, and feminists dig it. I must note, though, that it fails to inform people of the new feminist rule that if you have sex willingly and then regret it afterwards, you’ve been raped. It’s just like when you drink a cup of tea and then have second thoughts, and report the person who made the tea to the police.

“If you’re still struggling with consent …”, is the first line the narrator says. His patronizing tone stays throughout the whole video. “Unconscious people don’t want tea, trust me on this.” Yeah we know, you retard. Was this made for children?

I’m sorry to break it to this guy, but both rapists and non-rapists know that rape is wrong. The difference between them is that rapists don’t care. At least in the West, no one is going around seriously saying that rape is alright and that you can force people to do what you want. But feminists believe it to be so, and they’ve used Roosh as a straw man to promote this idea of rape culture. The makers of the video have the same agenda and want us to think that men are “struggling with consent.”


Problems with consent

There are issues with consent, though. It’s not as black and white as some people would like it to be. One problem is that women change their minds so often that it’s hard to keep track of what they want. It’s further complicated by them often saying one thing and meaning the complete opposite. Being so ambivalent about everything, they need a dominant man to lead the way.

But the biggest problem of consent is that it’s almost never expressed out loud. If she doesn’t want sex she’ll let you know, but if she wants it then you both move along without saying much. You can tell that she likes it from what she does to you and her body language. Asking “do you consent to having sex with me?” in that heated moment would sound both weird and unsexy. It’s just not something that comes naturally.

You’re wasting your time if you’re trying to teach a rapist not to rape. If he was brought up in Scandinavia, he knows what he’s doing isn’t right. It’s better to give women the necessary means to defend themselves. If they were given the right to bear arms, they would stand a fair chance against a male assailant. But I don’t see that happening in these Nordic countries anytime soon.

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