The legends of dragonslayers go way back in time. They resonate with men because we need to obstacles to overcome, to break free from barriers that restrict our freedom and mobility in the world.

As a form of modern dragon, mother hens and cockblocks in general are a huge social problem facing many men today when it comes to finding romance and love. A mother hen is usually the least appealing member in a group of women, one who acts as a barrier to happiness for all of them. They are not necessarily always fat and unattractive, but they do share one thing in common.

Masculine aggressive energy

Some signs that your girl’s best friend is a mother hen include:

1. Being very opinionated and a big talker

2. Having done some sports that are traditionally for men

3. Having taken courses in political science, business, or women’s studies

4. Is very ambitious and independent in life

5. You just freaking know…


Defeating the mother hen in a relationship

When it comes to a relationship, this is when you need to take your foes more seriously. If you care about your girl or just don’t want to lose her because she’s great in bed and you enjoy dating her, you need to put your foot down. Women are social creatures, and often times beautiful women need a less attractive and more dominant woman to lead the way because they can’t navigate life properly and make smart decisions for themselves. This happens despite the fact that the assertive mother hen usually cares more about having control and pissing off guys then she does about her “friend.”

A relationship is the one place where it is dangerous to leave your girl with a mother hen who dislikes you. Throughout history as men went out and brought food home for their families, women sat around, took care of the children, and socialized with other women. Because of this evolutionary programming, women are hive creatures and they share a hive mind. They are naturally drawn to take on the opinions of other women around them even if those opinions are completely irrational, which is another reason for their lack of success in many fields despite all of societal structure created to aid them.

This presents a huge problem when the mother hen has all the time in the world to brainwash your girl into cheating on you, dumping you, or imbibing the evils of the modern world. She’s working behind your back like a dude who’s trying to steal your girl. Her aims are to beat you indirectly, and this can be done in many ways;

1. She can be talking about hot guys to your girl and deliberately inciting qualities that you specifically don’t have, making your girl think about “I like my boyfriend but can I do better?”

2. Talking about parties and events where she knows there will be men trying to give her attention

3. If she’s less subtle she can mock you directly or make sarcastic comments to question your masculinity or positive qualities


As you know, women love to sit, gossip, and complain, so whenever you and your girl have a fight, your girlfriend will inevitably bitch about you to her friends. These complaints will be the impressions that her friends will remember you by, and they will try to use their influence to separate you two.

Time to take out the mother hen from the equation

slaying the dragon

Step 1: 

Talk to your girl about the troublemaking friend and point out how much time they’ve been spending together. Subtly get some dirt on what they talk about, and find out if you’ve been mentioned in the conversation.

Step 2: 

Tell your girl how you think what you have is special and that you know that her friend is jealous. Specify how you two must be a united front against all people and situations that are trying to break up your happiness due to jealousy.

Step 3:

Don’t simply tell your girl that the mother hen is bad news. Assassinate her character using your wit, and point out how she is a pathetic and unhappy human. “She seems really happy in life, with her four cats, dead end job, and her case of chlamydia.” Plant the seed of her being an unpopular loser and a hater. Illustrate how her poor choices have led her to physical ruin, mental illness, or general unhappiness. Girls want a winner, both as a boyfriend and as their friends.

Step 4: 

If the mother hen has a particularly strong grip on your girl, this is where you need to intervene. Confront her and tell her that you know what she’s up to, impose your dominant frame on her, and let her know that you’re not messing around.

Often times her true dislike of you will start to come out uncontrollably. This is when you need to have some witty comebacks ready to mock her and put her in her place. Basically say the same things as in step 3, just to her directly.


Letting her friends go is sometimes its a hard choice for a girl to make. She may not have the capacity to see the long term effects on your relationship by being around certain people. If you spot the venom, point it out and destroy it right away! The longer it drags on, the worse it’s going to get for you.

Having overcame this challenge it will strengthen your bond and propel you onto the next phase of a relationship

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