If Roosh became Supreme Imam Valizadeh and I reinvented myself as David el-Garrett, Senior News Writer for Return of the Caliphate, SJWs would not threaten our readers and supporters with rape, serious injury, and death, let alone promise violent protests at our events. How do I know this? Because SJWs in Sydney and Melbourne in particular, along with those in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Scotland, have utterly failed to raise anything more than a whisper against truly violence-advocating Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Unlike Roosh, who has reiterated for an eternity, including this week, that the “legal rape” article was a satire, Hizb ut-Tahrir and comparable groups are allowed to preach a dead serious political programme of religious intolerance and the incitement of system-wide violence without any prospect of fury from rabid Australian and other SJWs. I challenge Sydney hate mob organizer Elizabeth Tory and people of her ilk to show evidence of massive protests and serious threat factories they stirred up against Hizb ut-Tahrir, which has regular meetings in Australian metropolitan areas.

Right now, for example, we are getting rape and death threat “fan mail” like this, all because we wanted to have beers with fellow men:

Hizb ut-Tahrir has defended the “right” of honor killings against women, such as when a girl falls in love with a man her parents do not want her to marry. It has additionally called for a savage and never-ending jihad against the Jews. This group not only exists in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities across the Western world, it has been invited to multiple Australian universities.

Curiously, a number of columnists from left-of-center papers, such as Melbourne’s The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, have previously defended the group’s right to appear at events. One very notable defense spoke of its role in the “marketplace of ideas.” Apparently this same courtesy does not extend to Return of Kings, even when we use satire.

Why didn’t SJWs threaten those attending this “meeting” and ones like it?

Where’s SJW Wally/Waldo?

In 2012, a massive Islamist protest occurred in the streets of Central Sydney, with attendees promising to behead those who “insulted” the Muslim prophet Mohammed. This one has been followed by countless more since, in almost every Western city. Every time, where were the SJWs, keen to defend tolerance, peace, and love in the world? They simply weren’t there and certainly didn’t even appear after. This is despite these Islamist groups frequently very explicitly condoning honor killings and other practices SJWs supposedly despise.

So why are SJWs going crazy only over us? Because they know we have no interest in any violence. They and their media enablers have not cited a single shred of evidence from a single threat made by any ROK reader. SJWs have not rallied against the “behead Islam’s enemies” marches because they a) feared for their safety, and b) they dare not interfere with religious and ethnic minorities holding onto protected views, no matter what they say. Big bad Western democracies and the rights of peaceful groups like ours to assemble are what they really hate.


Plenty of online SJWs have said how they are “scared” of us but are still doing everything in their power to make violent threats publicly and advertise their impending attendance at rallies. Why could we not see the same thing at these Islamist protests?

Multiple Australian universities have welcomed Hizb ut-Tahrir, even as university students threaten rape, death and injury upon ROK followers wanting to meet for beer

In 2015, the University of Western Sydney, renamed over the last few months as Western Sydney University, allowed its Muslim Students’ Association to host Hizb ut-Tahrir. So keen was the university to appease its guests that it acquiesced to the demand that women be segregated and forced to sit behind the men in the auditorium. Moreover, all this came after the group and its global affiliates defended honor killings on women and exhorted followers to take up the jihad against the Jews. It became clear afterwards that the university had broken its own rules in allowing the event to occur.

The Australian National University in Canberra was also the site of an event featuring Hizb ut-Tahrir. Academics from that institution eventually withdrew from a planned “dialogue,” but one must wonder if such a retraction of participation had more to do with non-SJW public outcry than the individuals’ genuine disapproval in taking part. All in all, what we are left with is an impression of SJW hordes and their obsequious white knights wilfully calling for violence and repression when and where it suits them. They entirely manufacture a reason when it comes to Return of Kings but turn a constantly blind eye to Hizb ut-Tahrir.

There are dozens and dozens of meet-ups that were being organized by ROK before their cancelation, yet SJWs seem to think they have proof that every single person wanted to attend them in order to rape, which is both patently false and the biggest mass instance of defamation I have ever heard of. Meanwhile, expect the red carpet treatment if you’re from Hizb ut-Tahrir or a similar group that actually supports violence.

Stay tuned for more sad and deranged SJW lunacy

ROK has begun documenting some of the thousands of threats involving rape, physical harm and even death being directed at our supporters. We will start releasing more of them in article form soon.

In the interim, help us call out the SJWs’ histrionic and criminal double standards, which ignore or repeatedly condone real calls for violence, by contributing to the catalogue of violence we are collating on the forum or by emailing evidence in.

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