With the increased media attention over the past few days, it’s become clear that we’re going to need a common set of guidelines for everybody to follow.  A simple meet-and-greet has turned into a media circus, with multiple mainstream sources defaming and misrepresenting Roosh, as well as ourselves.  With that in mind, the following guidelines have been created, both for our security, as well as to ensure that we don’t do the media’s job for them, handing them soundbites which can be taken out of context, or just generally making fools out of ourselves.

Both group leaders and attendees are expected to read and adhere to these standards; by doing so we will ensure that this meet up is a roaring success, and that our detractors are exposed for the mendacious provocateurs that they are.


  1. Mission Statement
  2. Situation
  3. Dress and Deportment
  4. Security
  5. Leader responsibilities

1. Mission Statement

The importance of moving from online discussions to face-to-face meetups cannot be understated; it provides a level of dynamism, trust, and mutual support which simply cannot exist online. While many of us have already met others under the auspices of “the red pill”, this Saturday’s neomasculinity meetup is a step forward beyond that. Whereas “the red pill” is merely descriptive, neomasculinity is normative; it provides us with a unified purpose beyond the immediate desires of money, women, status, and success. It provides us with a banner where men of divergent ages and interests can find common cause in promoting the values, both internal and external, which result in civility, industry, and justice in society at large.

Therefore the primary focus of all attendees should be upon establishing friendly relations with the other men who are present. The goal is not to meet women, or to party uproariously, or to grandstand, or to find a wingman, but to meet other men who share the same values as yourself, even if they walk different paths in life.

2. Situation

A great deal of online chatter is suggesting that we may encounter some resistance to our meetups. To best understand how to deal with our opponents, we must understand who they are. We can break them down into five major groups:

A) Ideological Opponents, SJWs: hysterical and loud, prone to committing civil infractions, but not generally criminal. Their objections stem from internal boredom; they need something they can brag about on Facebook. Unreasonable. Do not engage with them, merely ignore.

B: Ideological Opponents, Antifa: unlike the SJWs, the Antifas are prone to criminal acts. They tend to be young men filled with a sense of frustration and inadequacy, who seek out “fascists” to assault to prove their manhood (note: neomasculinity is not a fascist organization, it is largely apolitical, focusing on the Classical Greek virtues, with somewhat of a libertarian bend). If Antifas harass you, there will be safety in small groups. Ultimately these street thugs are cowardly, and if you stand your ground they will back off. If they insist on harassing you, speak bluntly and to the point. Do not argue.

C. Citizens: the populace has been warned about a “rape group” that’s meeting in their city, and are understandably upset. They may be angry, but it is for just reasons, and they are unlikely to engage in criminal acts. Keep your cool and speak civilly to them; explain gently that no, we don’t support rape, et cetera. They might be looking for an excuse to fight, but if you don’t give it to them they won’t assault you.

D. Journalists and Infiltrators: you are not a spokesperson for neomasculinity, you are merely a group leader. If journalists have questions for you, refer them to www.RooshV.com or www.ReturnofKings.com. Do not answer any questions beyond saying that it is a peaceful meet and greet. Some journalists may seek to infiltrate the group; see Section 3, Dress and Deportment, and behave accordingly.

E. Law Enforcement: due to the agitation in the mainstream media, there may be a heightened police presence; this is good. Because we are a law abiding group, and the police will protect us if any of the first three groups decide to break the law. If you encounter a police officer, speak politely; feel free to briefly explain the goals of Neomasculinity, and assure them that you – as the group leader – will not allow the group to get out of hand. Explain to them what sort of deportment will be expected of the group; that with all of this attention, it is especially important that there is no misbehavior.

3. Dress and Deportment

Because of the scrutiny we are under, any missteps will be blown out of proportion, and statements will be taken out of context. It is vital that we give them as little excuse to defame us as possible by carrying ourselves like the professional, law abiding adults that we are.

3a. Dress: Business casual is the style of the day. No trashy logo-tees, ripped jeans, or black eyeliner. Dress like men. However avoid good suits, and ties especially. There is a small chance that you may be physically assaulted, or have a drink thrown on you; the tie is a choking hazard, and there’s no reason to ruin a nice suit. Dress pants or jeans and a button-up shirt will suffice.


3b. Discussions: While the principles of neomasculinity embrace freedom of speech and spirited debate, remember that the purpose of this meet-up isn’t to solve all the problems of the world, but rather to network with like-minded men. Avoid impolite or contentious topics, and assume that you are being recorded. Try and avoid making statements that can easily be quoted out of context. Absolutely do not discuss illegal activity, no matter how minor, and do not bicker.

3c. Alcohol: Do not drink to excess, and do not allow any group members to drink to excess. No ‘after parties’ with any of the members whom you just met. We will have time for that later; it is critical that nobody drinks themselves into trouble as a result of this meetup. Go home when the meeting is over.

3d. Women: Do not approach women; if women approach you, get their number, and phone them next week. There are two reasons behind this: 1) women may be flirting with you so as to claim assault, and 2) competition over women can cause conflict between men. Go out sarging some other night.

Security Guidelines

4a. Physical Security

We are embracing the Gandhi strategy of peaceful resistance. This means that you do not engage in physical violence. Our planned actions – meeting, discussing, having a quiet beer amongst ourselves – are completely legal and inoffensive. With that in mind, do not bring:

  • A sidearm
  • A knife
  • Pepper spray
  • Any other sort of offensive weapon

Weapons are more likely to get us into trouble than out of trouble. Neither leaders nor attendees should be carrying; if anybody arrives with a weapon, instruct them to return it to their vehicle.

Do bring a cellphone with video capability. Record any and all interactions.

If you are assaulted, protect yourself, but if possible do not respond in kind. If a woman hits you, do not hit back; if a single man hits you, block his blows and retreat, but do not hit back.  Remember, the Gandhi strategy: very few men will hit somebody who isn’t hitting them back, and if you don’t respond in kind the police will have no grounds to arrest both of you. The only time you should use self-defense is if you’re being assaulted by a group of thugs who pose a serious threat to your life or limb. If this is the case, you should also rely on the buddy system.

4b. Buddy System

If possible, have a buddy watch your six. This is especially the case for the group leader – have a friend who arrives separately from you with his own cell phone, to record events without being obviously involved. For attendees it might also be wise to come with a friend. If a situation looks as if it is escalating physically, your buddy can intervene as a “neutral” third party, to calm things down.

4c. Movement

Take a circuitous route to the secondary location. Change direction by 180 degrees. Move in pairs if possible, and be aware of your surroundings. Pause and scan the crowd. Pay attention to anybody who suddenly looks the other way. There is no reason to worry about professional security forces since we are not breaking any laws; you are merely keeping an eye open for SJW protestors who would seek to disrupt the venue where the secondary meet-up is occurring.

5. Leader Responsibilities

As group leader, you have two responsibilities: Establish Order and Facilitate Networking.

5a. Establish Order

The men who arrive might be nervous; it is up to you to provide them with direction. Instill confidence in them by showing that you are in control of the situation. Clearly lay out the standards of deportment that are expected; tell them to return any weapons or drugs to their vehicle if they have any (and not to tell you about such things if they do have them). Lay out a plan for the evening, and explain what it will be to them. Advise them on the secondary location, and recommend the above security precautions.

5b. Facilitate Networking

This is just the first meeting of many; as group leader it is your duty to learn who these men are, what their contact information is, and ensure that the meeting goes smoothly. As written in the Ten Principles of Leadership, “Get to know your soldiers and promote their welfare” and “train your men to work as a team”. As time goes on, leaders within the group will arise organically, but for this meetup the responsibility is on your shoulders. We are likely to have a very diverse group, ensure that it is inclusive. Keep track of everybody and do your best to remember their names and characters. Collect contact information, and arrange for meetings in the future.

With all of that said, have fun guys! We need to keep everything tied down tight so that nothing spins out of control, but in all honestly I’m not that worried about things. Remember that we’re smarter, faster, and more determined than our opponents. Remember the OODA loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Pay attention to your environment, notice which things are changing, remain vigilant, and think faster than our opponents. And always remember – if you’re getting flak, that means you’re over the target.

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