Coined by NPI director Richard Spencer, the alt right is a nationalist internet movement that helped popularize the term “cuckservative” when describing liberals disguised as establishment conservatives. For a flash of 2015, they offered new ideas that could serve as a counterweight to liberalism and social justice, but unfortunately a large section of it has degenerated into a collection of fearful beta males who are obsessed with controlling the sexual choices of all men and who they’re allowed to associate with. Even worse, they’ve recently joined hands with feminists and men’s rights activists in attacking heterosexual men by participating in bogus “rape culture” hysteria.

What went wrong?

The 1488 mob of the alt right, consisting of white purity enthusiasts who assemble on Twitter and 4Chan, has gone from being a fringe portion of the alt right to the dominant, most numerous, and most vocal force that examines the blood purity of alt right members and that of their girlfriends and associates (I’ve even seen members demand genetic test results to prove percentage of whiteness). Starting in December of 2015, this mob began attempting to purge moderates from the alt right who dared to follow non-white people on Twitter, or who took a vacation to an Asian country to flirt with non-white women. They also came after me, sending hundreds of angry tweets for the main reason that I’m not white but am seen as attractive and masculine by white women.

alt-right-unhinged copy

The alt right has begun doing what they wanted to do all along: control the sexual choices of men. The following two conditions must now be met if you are to be accepted into their e-movement:

  • If you’re a white male, you’re forbidden to sleep with a non-white girl, because that is “race mixing” and goes against their race platform, even though the white race was certainly produced as a result of pre-historic race mixing.
  • If you’re a non-white male, you’re not allowed to sleep with a white girl, because you’re a nigger/kebab/gook, and you must be deported from the country you happen to be a citizen of or outright killed.

I’ve gotten messages from hundreds of self-proclaimed members of the alt right who say I can’t be “in” their movement, even though I have never contributed for an alt right site or spoken at one of their functions. One man said I can only be a member if I don’t sleep with white women, and I’ve seen the mob attack other men who have non-white girlfriends. The alt right has gone from a possible political alternative to a frustrated mob that wants to control the sexual choices of all men. With whom have we encountered that before?


Feminism is a movement that aims to maximize female sexual choices while minimizing male sexual choice. Feminists shame men who date younger women and who have preferences for thin and beautiful women. Feminists have petitioned the legal system to invent the crime of “sexual harassment” to constrain male behavior and have changed the laws on due process to criminalize the act of consensual sex. They use the accusation of “rapist” on an increasing number of men who dared to exercise their sexual choices in a legal manner.

The alt right started as a nationalist movement, and that’s what many people believe it to currently be, but we’re only three months away from it being a movement primarily concerned with minimizing the sexual choices of everyone. While feminists want to control how a man has sex, the alt right wants to control who they have sex with.

The alt right is becoming yet another ideology focused on the sexual control of men


Number one directive of alt right: stop Roosh from sleeping with white women

If the bulk of alt right practitioners have their way, white men will not be allowed to date non-white women and non-white men will not be allowed to date white women or even flirt with them. They will proudly boast of these sexual rules, not knowing that they morphed into a white pride version of the incel forum PUA Hate.

Once their sexual control objectives are reached, the alt righters will then move to controlling your friendly and casual relationships. You will not be permitted to associate with someone whose 23&Me genetic test result fails to meet their standards. I wish I could say I was exaggerating with these statements, but they openly boast about these rules, which are often featured in many of their memes. If you don’t want to take my word for it, ask them these two questions yourself:

1. In your ideal nation, will white men be able to consensually sleep with non-white women?
2. In your ideal nation, will non-white men be able to consensually sleep with white women?

Some ideas of the alt right were sound, since they offered a path for us to move forward against the leftist establishment, but that has now been lost with the added dimension of controlling who men can enter relationships with, sexual or not. It’s clear to me that when PUA Hate shut down after Elliot Rodger’s mass murder spree, its thousands of members floated in the ether until finding a movement that would have them. That movement is the alt right.

When the worldwide mob came after ROK’s meetups, the alt right united with SJWs and MRAs

Besides a small spattering of messages of solidarity from alt right leaders like Richard Spencer and Paul Ramsey, much of the alt right joined in on the attack against myself and ROK in response to the outrage from our February 6 international meetup. In other words, the alt right and social justice crowds became natural allies. Many comments were along the lines of, “Yeah! Roosh is a sand nigger rapefugee! He’s bad! Get him! 2016-02-02 15-18-13

Their delirium culminated when Greg Johnson, the homosexual proprietor of alt right publishing house Counter Currents, copy-pasted male feminist David “Manboobz” Futrelle’s attack narrative against me to say that I must certainly be a rapist because of distorted out-of-context travel writing, an accusation which I unequivocally deny. Only to a feminist—and now to an alt righter—is sleeping with a woman who consumed alcohol and consented to sex considered rape. Ironically, Johnson’s attack came only two days after A Voice For Women’s most feminine men’s rights writer, Dean Esmay, did nearly the exact same thing.

Johnson was applauded by the alt right for taking such a brave stand against an ex-player, while his adventures in AIDS-causing anal sex are hushed up and ignored in what is supposed to be a traditional movement. It turns out that homosexuals have some sort of perverse immunity in the alt right.



From the rumors I’ve been hearing, a number of influential alt right members are indeed homosexual. They’ll go on and on about the Jewish question—and attack you if you don’t—but ignore discussion of the “homosexual question” and its role in wrecking societies. Now you know why.

The alt right is not serving the needs of men who don’t want their behavior controlled

I can state right now that I didn’t fight feminism for the past ten years so that I can aid a movement that is their mirror image. I didn’t write a dozen books and hundreds of articles preaching on the sanctity of masculinity to help a movement that attempts to redefine consensual sex along the dystopian standard of the left while crushing the choices that men want to make, especially since race is not even close to being a defining factor for men looking for a suitable partner.


For that reason, I can no longer support the alt right, since they’re now mostly under the control of the mob. They will seduce discontented men with white identity and white pride, allowing them entry into the club based primarily on skin color, and then pull the switcheroo and grossly limit their behavior in a way that is worse than feminism. It’s no surprise that alt righters are regularly using feminist attack points against me—even linking to SJW petitions on—to the point where it’s getting difficult for me to tell if a hater is from the alt right or from Buzzfeed. When your main objective is controlling male sexual choice, your arguments and activism tend to be the same.

More severely, they’ve allowed scores of attention-whoring women to enter their movement and have a voice in its future. Here’s one of their favorite crypto-feminists who was applauded for creating a video against me laden with game denialism and SJW talking points:


The alt right is becoming so authoritarian that a man may actually be happier as a male feminist and sleeping with blue haired freaks with Skrillex haircuts than having all his sexual and friendship choice subject to approval by the alt right mob. When I saw this mob denouncing the girlfriends of their own allies with a variety of derogatory names, including “mud,” I knew the movement had successfully been subverted and was on its way to becoming just another feeble corner of the internet whose adherents will remain anonymous, marginal, and bitter without ever accumulating institutional or state power.

On a long enough timeline, all internet movements get subverted

Alt right forum that was more obsessed about me than PUA Hate

Alt right forum that was more obsessed about me than PUA Hate

The story of what happened to the alt right is the story of every single internet movement in existence: subversion. The initial thought-leaders of the movement got overtaken by outsiders or those whose intentions were at odds with the founding ideals.

  • The PUA movement was subverted by marketers, New York publishing houses, and MTV to take it from an underground self-improvement movement to being an overly commercialized freak show that was about fuzzy hats and “negs.”
  • The red pill was subverted by purple pillers who turned it from being a collection of masculine, self-aware men to one that is now a “seduction 101” safe space ghetto on Reddit.
  • The gamergate movement was about fighting corruption in the media but it has been subverted by tone policing liberals who scared off or purged those who were involved in its founding.

If an internet movement is decentralized and based on open admission from outsiders who can steer its direction, particularly women and homosexuals, it will fail. That doesn’t mean it won’t have an effect upon society, but it will fall very rapidly after its peak. The alt right likely peaked with introducing the term cuckservative in terms of mainstream influence. Their initial viral hits concealed problems that may have been there all along, and which I myself missed. The fact that diehard anti-SJW’s and anti-feminists who don’t have the approved Nordic lily whiteness are viciously attacked by the alt right mob with SJW help shows that they’re long gone in terms of strategic effectiveness.

Another sign that the movement will stay limited is that it’s not getting more than indirect recognition from Donald Trump or his allies beyond a tweet or two even though they are his most rabid supporters. Donald Trump is already considered “extreme” with his brand of nationalism, so you would think that he would wholeheartedly reach out to the alt right and invite its leaders to speak at his rallies, or at least thank them for their promotion of his candidacy, but he’s doing nothing of the sort because the obsession with Jews, cuckholds, Nazi imagery, and rigid sexual controls for all men make them indigestible to over 99% of the population, even among traditional white Christians. For that reason, we may have to change their name to Alt Blight.

I hate to point fingers, but some alt right leaders have caused the subversion of their own movement by not staying on top of its direction and by succumbing or remaining silent to demands of the mob even though it conflicted with their own personal beliefs. They believed that their little meme-making Frankensteins would lead them to glory, but instead it will lead them to defeat. I can assure you that my movement, neomasculinity, will never sacrifice its ideals for a moment in the spotlight like the alt right leaders have done. In fact, I’m making moves right now which remove us from the spotlight so we don’t unnecessarily expose ourselves to attacks by mobs.

The future

There are severe problems with Western society, as has been well documented here and on the forum. There’s a sense of hopelessness that we must immediately find a solution or all else will be lost, so we mistakenly sympathize with a movement whose medicine is worse than the disease. This has happened with the alt right. It was a fresh and funny movement that came out blazing to land hard punches on the establishment, but now that their initial victories have settled, it’s clear that they are becoming more concerned with attacking the choices of men and limiting their behavior than they are with improving society and the country itself.

The alt right has a detailed 100-point plan for controlling your sex life and your friendships, solely based on your skin pigment, but much less on a nation’s political system, economic structure, relationship with religion, or even the most basic of social and reproductive policies.

A solution is definitely needed, but it’s not the alt right. When I see their attacks against others, I feel like I’m re-living days from just a few years ago when incel mobs from PUA Hate were coming after myself and the red pill to screech about how game doesn’t work and you need to be a millionaire to get laid. Sexual frustration, resentment, low self-esteem, and jealousy are terrible problems to have, causing people to develop ideas more based on control than positive improvement. This is why learning game should always be a large component in any masculine philosophy, especially in the dystopian modern era.

I still believe that a form of nationalism is needed to defeat the liberal establishment that is run by sociopathic globalists, but it must be one that doesn’t mimic feminism in controlling male behavior. Looking at Donald Trump’s campaign, I see that his brand of nationalism seems to have the effect of uniting conservatives regardless of their race, so I’m starting to come to the conclusion that this man has provided the answers in the way that the alt right has not.

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