One of the goals of Return Of Kings is to bring back the patriarchy. Roosh already started this process with the introduction of neomasculinity last year. Neomasculinity is an indispensable foundation because until men begin to live up to their natural calling, nothing can be done to improve the society that they are a part of.

But while neomasculinity will help individual men lead better lives, it presents no easy solution for how to operate on a societal level. As long as the globalist order persists, patriarchal and masculine ideals will not be able to return. Therefore it’s time we branch out from individual self-improvement and create a realistic framework for a better society that can replace what we have now.

Roosh and I have put together such a framework. It is called patriarchal nationalism. The aim of patriarchal nationalism is to serve as an ideological base for future political action that rebuilds civilization. Here is a brief introduction to this new platform:

Immigration And Diversity

  • The identity of a nation is not only cultural but genetic.
  • White marginalization is taking place as part of a depopulation agenda that facilitates elite control. At the same time, non-whites who hold traditional and nationalist values are also enemies of the existing order.
  • Immigration must not be used as a weapon to either lower the wages of citizens or to diversify the population to make it easier to control. Immigration quotas must be low and strictly controlled.
  • Any immigration must be predicated upon complete assimilation.
  • Not all groups assimilate as easily as others. Any immigration that does take place must be from groups that will assimilate fully. Some groups or ethnicities may be banned entirely due to their incompatibility with Western society.
  • Deporting or killing legal immigrants who have fully assimilated and adhered to the national platform may lead to more harm than good.
  • Citizenship is an honor and a privilege. The law of jus soli must be rescinded.
  • The population explosion of the third world poses an existential threat to Western nations.
  • Diversity is not a virtue or something that a society should try to achieve.
  • There is an over-representation of Jews in the highest reaches of the globalist platform that can’t be explained by randomness.

Religion And Family


  • Society must be unified around Christianity. In spite of its faults and those of its leaders, Christianity is the most compatible religion and “operating system” for the Western world, and is far superior for societal stability than atheism. Other religions will be able practice freely, but not demand special prerogatives.
  • Patriarchy is the ideal social system for the family unit and society. Policy must encourage—but not authoritatively mandate—strong monogamous marriages and large families. Single motherhood should be highly discouraged.
  • Natalism must be the cornerstone of reproductive policy. Advanced technology and military strength is moot if you don’t have the people to fend off attackers or support the nation.


Western democracy has degenerated into plutocracy. If democracy is to continue, several changes need to be implemented:

  • Allow only those with “skin in the game” to vote. Namely, land-owning families (one vote per family).
  • Minimize the influence of corporations, foreign governments, unions, and wealthy individuals upon government.
  • Eliminate the revolving door between government and corporations, reform election process, re-implement constitutional safeguards so that it is much more expensive to buy everyone off.
  • Devolve more power to states and localities.

Patriarchal nationalism is theoretically compatible with other forms of government, such as aristocracy or the ultimate form of patriarchy, monarchy.



  • Gender realism: men and women are different and complementary. Absolute equality between men and women is neither possible nor desirable.
  • Race realism: each racial group has its own strengths and weaknesses. Absolute equality between different racial groups is neither possible nor desirable.
  • Although all men are equal under the law, men are not equal in other ways. Some are inherently more gifted than others. Society should not attempt to “level the playing field.”


The true dividing line between conflicting forces in today’s society is globalism versus nationalism, not liberalism versus conservatism. Does the state work for the best interests of its citizens? Or does it work to serve globalist interests? Right and left are artificial political constructs that are controlled by globalist interests. Patriarchal nationalism will sidestep this false dichotomy and get to the root of the problem facing Western societies.

The changes lifted above are obviously not going to happen overnight, but we must begin to work in this direction. Your comments are welcome as we develop patriarchal nationalism together as a community.

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