This article is in response to Roosh’s most recent video. Though he filmed in Maryland, the scene looked identical to less than a mile from my home in a NYC suburb. I suspect many of you recognize the images as well.

In my lifetime, there has been an insidious encroachment of third world immigrants upon the quiet neighborhoods which used to comprise the suburbs of the northeast. As the baby-boomers began to retire and migrate to warmer climates, they have sold younger generations down the river by squandering the tranquil, safe, and comfortable neighborhoods in selling their homes with no discretion.

Insidious Encroachment

The fact that this disintegration has been happening in more than one city, and indeed more than one country, indicates that this phenomenon is clearly more than mere coincidence. I would postulate that for the past 30-40 years, there has been a targeted infiltration of suburban, hard working, middle class, usually white (though not necessarily) areas. If you add up all of the benefits, you must come to the conclusion that what our communities have been experiencing is not an isolated incident. At first, this seems counter-intuitive; how can turning the safest parts of the US into third-world shitholes be profitable? But after a careful analysis, the answer is obvious.

The Method: Divide And Conquer

After they strap us down to the pinball machine, the first brute that gets a turn is government, particularly leftists. Politicians used to engage in something called ‘’gerry-mandering’’ which is manipulating the borders of the voting districts to help guarantee election results. This is inefficient as it isn’t a good sell to the public, and when the other party gets into power, they can just move the borders back.

So the leftists got smart. In the late 1960’s when the Democrat party started to sell the unions down the river in order to cater to minorities, they lost much of their base to the GOP. So they just started to place migrants into white, middle class voting districts. As immigrants demonstrably vote left due to the amount of welfare they consume, voila, you have a multi-generational Democrat-loyal base.

Profit To Be Made

A Majority Of Immigrant Households Use Welfare Programs

The profit doesn’t stop there. The leftist government is now satiated, as it knows that it has secured its position and leverage for continued expansion. By this point, all of the more prescient property owners have bailed out of the community and real estate values are crushingly low. Rather than cohere, the baby-boomer homeowners have signed the death warrant of their culture by selling out and waddling down to Florida for a comfortable retirement.

Instead of their children taking over the house to raise families of their own, Courtney and Brett are too busy paying seven times the price they should to live in a tiny apartment in the nearby cosmopolis. So, large immigrant families move into the home that had been in the family for generations (anyone who has been to Brooklyn knows this happened to the Brownstones). With real estate prices at rock bottom, wealthy Jewish and Middle Eastern development cartels buy up much of the property and become landlords.

Now, instead of the equity being with the inhabitants of the home, they are paying rent every month without building any value. Since immigrants and low income minorities qualify for welfare, the neighborhood becomes a Section 8 slum. Section 8, bankrolled by the federal government, ensures a steady check for the landlord, which justifies the disproportionate amount of damage the tenants cause to the property.  

The same paradigm happens with the commercial real estate. Mom-and-Pop businesses, which trade craftsmanship for slightly higher prices, are no longer desired and are forced out of town. In their place, comes low price box-stores like Wal-Mart and Kohl’s.


Noticeable Change

With the inflow of ‘’diversity’’ comes a inversely proportional level of security. Soon, families don’t go out for a stroll on a summer night, and wherever you go in town, you get aggressive looks from the people there. Next comes a spike in crime with tales of brutality such as elderly women being slashed for the amusement of the teenage minorities or pedestrians being victims of ‘’the knockout game’’ or actual rape culture. What is worse is that the schools become hellholes with strained resources for ESL and otherwise maladjusted students.

Seeing what is happening, the rest of the working class look to flee. Real estate developers have been taking careful notice to see where these people are going to seek refuge and have begun gentrifying these areas. The suburbs of a metropolis that are within commuting distance have been ‘’developed’’ and are now very pricey. But families have to put up with the high taxes and overpriced food, lest they go back to living in what is now a ghetto.

It is worth noting that hysterical liberals are stuffing people who they claim to be refugees into this Marxist meatgrinder. The accepted circumstance around refugees is that they are from a war-torn country, so they are to be placed into a camp for the duration of the conflict, and when peace is restored they are sent back home. None of this nonsense where non-immigrant aliens are given Section 8, food stamps, cash welfare, school lunch and, most destructively, free reign of the United States.

Looking Forward: What Is To Come?

It has become abundantly clear to me that native citizens are no longer the smartest people on the block. Members of those ethnicities have fallen for every trap set for them from burdensome student loans for worthless education to “hookup culture.” Our culture has been eviscerated before us and we have been displaced from our own land. In a way, we are the real Refugees.

The Agenda In It’s 2nd Generation is Already Working

As you can see from the chart above, just two decades of Hispanic immigration has had this effect. The coming election will most likely be inconsequential to the grand scheme of things. Don’t get me wrong, Trump having the executive authority to curtail immigration is pivotal. We must fight to get him, or anyone else the GOP nominates, elected because if Clinton or Sanders wins, the demographics of the country will be such that the conservatives will statistically never win another election

However, as you can see from the above chart, most of the damage is already done. Even if we are able to secure political change, two and soon three generations of our women have been tainted with careerism, unrestrained hypergamy, and delaying childbearing until well past their fertile years. Our birth rates will sink well below half of the replacement rate, while immigrants produce up to 6.0 children per family on average.

Oh, so this is what feminists mean by ”Normalization of Rape.”

As they dominate the market, businesses will cater to the dominant culture and the government controlled banks (or bank controlled governments) will flood them with credit to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need; just like how they tricked us and our parents.

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