The lion which ravaged the European flock is now blaming the lambs for the carnage it created. Angela Merkel, whose policies of intra-EU economic indifference have reduced Hellenic women to spreading their legs for mere sandwiches, is warning Greece that it faces being kicked out of the passport-free Schengen Zone in Europe for not curbing the flow of migrants. The government in Athens is already functionally bankrupt, especially as Berlin is devoting billions over the coming years to accommodate foreigners instead of assisting destitute EU partners like the Greeks.

As ROK readers are no doubt aware, Angela Merkel’s government, along with Sweden’s, virtually opened their borders to the permanent settlement of countless “refugees,” which is now the codeword for able-bodied young Arab and North African men, many of whom go onto rape and pillage on a scale reminiscent of the Crusades or the Russian retaking of Eastern Europe during the Second World War. Due to patently obvious matters of geography, most of these migrants come across the Mediterranean and transit through Greece, their sights set on richer and ridiculously indulging fellow EU countries to the north.

The Europe-wide idiocracy


Germany and Sweden may be the biggest offenders, but they are not the only countries whose pernicious policies explain the literal human inundation faced in the Mediterranean by cash-strapped Greece, Italy and Spain. Even the United Kingdom, the most sensible Western European government when it comes to ameliorating the tide of the hordes of unwanted foreigners, is guilty of taking an overly passive approach. The problem on its doorstep in the French port of Calais, which is linked to Great Britain via the Channel Tunnel, is comparatively easy to fix. Yet the Cameron government has continually relied on pointless rhetoric at the expense of action.

Similar sentiments can be expressed about France, the Netherlands and Belgium, whose only concerted means of opposition have been the growing numbers of voters supporting narrative-revising parties, including the French National Front, Dutch PVV and Flemish Vlaams Belang. Unfortunately, many of these groups and others elsewhere in Europe have not had the opportunity to consolidate this support in national parliamentary elections since the migrant crisis’ latest turns for the worse. Some may have incorrectly thought that France had national elections very recently; the end of 2015 had regional voting, in which the two major parties, the Socialists and UMP, meticulously collaborated to keep the National Front away from provincial power.

As all this excuse-making and political exacerbation goes on, Greece is footing the bulk of the blame, very undeservedly. In the end, more financial and social misery will be shoved down the throats of the long-suffering Greek people, all so Merkel can deflect criticism of her rape and other crime-enabling decisions.


Merkel expects Greece to pay for HER mistakes

There is no other way of putting this. Although she will not lose the rightwing vote to any of the other parties currently in the German parliament, the Bundestag, because the rest of them are all leftist, she is facing an unprecedented backlash. And who better to take this out on than the Greeks? They have no ability to fight back and are dependent on ongoing EU goodwill and consultation as they navigate along a mind-boggling path of bringing their economy back from a multi-year catastrophe. If the Greek woes were replicated in the United States, for example, the world economy would savagely implode.

If Germany had taken the hardline political approach of Poland or Hungary, the arrivals in Greece would have been 5% or less of the actual figures from both last year and early this year. Of course, the greater wealth of Germany and the presence of many self-hating German SJWs would still have attracted enough (read: too many) migrant opportunists. But these lawbreakers could have been dealt with properly, without German law enforcement efforts being smashed into pieces as the Cologne rape fury and related incidents across the country illustrated.

Not only is this almost completely Germany’s fault, it is doing nothing to correct the issues either within or beyond its borders. Merkel has, for lack of a better phrase, made the very pissweak insistence that criminal migrant elements will be deported, ignoring the hard truth that German police usually have no idea what these offenders look like (bar their sub-race), let alone who they are. And she additionally, and very helpfully for her, forgets the wider dilemma of the ever growing strains on Germany’s presently tattered social fabric.

It’s called supply and demand, morons

In lieu of castigating Greek paupers, Merkel and her administration can take a simple lesson from economics. When Berlin stops demanding the importation of other countries’ problems, migrants will stop supplying the numbers needed to assuage German SJWs’ World War Two guilt complex.

These migrants do not go to Saudi Arabia as the government in Riyadh is unwilling to even accept fellow Arabs. And why are Japan and Korea not flooded by Arab and North African illegal migrants? Geography only answers part of the question. After all, the SJW narrative says these people will do anything to escape Syria (or some leafy but non-First World suburb of Tunis). They are not in East Asia because Tokyo and Seoul, plus Taipei and Singapore, would turn them all back.

You created the crisis, Merkel. So how about finally switching the tap of indulgence off for good?

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