Recently, a 30 year old Indian woman living in Florida named Anjali Ramkissoon attacked an Uber driver and then started destroying his car and personal property. In spite of video evidence, she has not been charged with a crime. She was working as a neurology resident at Jackson Memorial Medical Center until they suspended her because of the incident.

I can sit here and write a long article about how entitled, spoiled, arrogant, and disgusting many women are, but just take a look at the video below and you will see for yourself the massive entitlement complex that some women suffer from:

What is it about Indian women in particular that causes them to develop such a massive entitlement complex? As Mike Cernovich pointed out in his article about this incident, both America and India are matriarchies. Only in a matriarchy would a woman feel so invincible as to attack a man because she knows the man cannot fight back, due to the anti-male matriarchal laws and legal system which favors women.

Other men have studied how the uglier or fatter a woman is, the more prone she is towards feminism. I’ve yet to meet even a single hot chick who is inclined towards feminist thinking. Now with this point in mind, consider the following: many men consider Indian women to be among the worst women on earth. It is Indian women’s massive insecurity complex which causes their frigid and bitchy behavior, and when they get to America they are also the most extreme feminists.

What Consequences?


After viewing the above video, you can imagine what happened next. Only after the police arrived did she finally apologize and start crying, demanding a pussy pass. Later on it came out that she gave money to the driver as compensation so that he wouldn’t press charges. One report I read claimed that she also tried to attack the police and was trying to kick them and resist arrest, but this is still unverified.

Anjali has taken down her Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram account in the aftermath, but the Facebook page reviewing her as a medical doctor is still up and many people have taken to writing negative reviews about her.



Unfortunately, the Uber driver decided to not press charges against her. To counteract this man’s cowardice, men must start holding women accountable for their bad behavior. If a woman physically attacks you, press charges. Do not give her a pussy pass. The reason women are so out of control is because men refuse to hold them accountable for their bad behaviors.

Lessons We Can Learn


This incident should serve as a warning to all men. If a woman starts getting physically aggressive towards you, or you see a woman getting physically aggressive to another man, immediately take out your phone and start recording. If the bystander had not recorded that video, there would be zero evidence to prove that the driver was innocent and he would be the one to have been arrested, while the woman would have claimed to have been getting attacked.

The days of women thinking they can behave like monsters with impunity should be over. Start publicly shaming women who act like psychopaths by capturing their psychotic behavior on camera and then uploading it to the internet for the whole world to see. If enough men started doing this, women would begin to change their behavior.


While Indian women in America may suffer the most from a spoiled entitlement complex, it’s important that we shame all women who operate with an entitlement complex.

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