Women might be talented but cannot be genius as they are always subjective.

— Arthur Schopenhauer

With the destruction of the classical liberalism of Jefferson, Montesquieu and others, a new, pernicious and anti-male ideology took its place. Since then, “modern” SJW-style liberalism has snowballed further still into an excuse for poor female behavior. This behavior is the exact same sort that philosophers have chronicled and warned about for countless centuries. From Aristotle’s conceptions of political community to Nietzsche’s understanding of basic female fickleness, history’s most insightful men have bequeathed to us most of what we need to know about female psychology.

In profound ways, liberalism in the 21st century both vitiates female responsibility and simultaneously enables the castigation of society and men for problems women create for themselves. Men are altogether violent, say feminists and other opportunistic females, but women nevertheless compulsively seek out and validate men who are actually violent. Similarly, women, especially celebrities, scream about being objectified, even as the take every opportunity to objectify themselves for financial, social or sexual profit. The list goes on and on.

On Women

Perhaps the most compelling but concise treatise on women comes from Arthur Schopenhauer. Everything from rape culture hysteria to female emphasis on a man’s resources can be explained by reference to Schopenhauer’s On Women. If necessary, read his words thrice a week until they are ingrained permanently in your brain and soul.

If the feminist-friendly liberal world we live in seems devoid of any logic or reasonable discourse, pay careful attention to what Schopenhauer has to say about women, who are the most accommodating of insane political correctness. This quote serves as an excellent introduction due to its unvarnished honesty:

It is because women’s reasoning powers are weaker that they show more sympathy for the unfortunate than men, and consequently take a kindlier interest in them. On the other hand, women are inferior to men in matters of justice, honesty, and conscientiousness. Again, because their reasoning faculty is weak, things clearly visible and real, and belonging to the present, exercise a power over them which is rarely counteracted by abstract thoughts, fixed maxims, or firm resolutions, in general, by regard for the past and future or by consideration for what is absent and remote.

Sound familiar? If not, think about all those feminists welcoming the same migrants who went on to rape and pillage in Cologne and in other cities across Germany and elsewhere:

Or the woman, and her countless supporters, who think that “[i]f we use proof in rape cases, we fall into the patterns of rape deniers”:

Without further ado, here are some of the ways in which we see Schopenhauer’s wisdom playing out in modern society. Women are the best useful idiots for liberalism because:

1. Women’s menstrual cycles affect their (liberal) voting patterns

“It’s Justin Trudeau’s dreamy eyes that tell me he has the best policies for Canada.”

Women are capable of education, but they are not made for activities which demand a universal faculty such as the more advanced sciences, philosophy and certain forms of artistic production… Women regulate their actions not by the demands of universality, but by arbitrary inclinations and opinions.

— Hegel, Philosophy of Right, “The Family”

CNN timidly retracted an article about a scientific study that claimed ovulating single women were much more likely to vote for Obama than Romney. Forgetting that their job should be to report the news, not selectively include parts of it, Ted Turner’s media child, now a cowering and infantilized adult, bowed to the whims of angry feminists. Funnily enough, the vitriolic reactions of those feminists against the piece actually proved the sort of emotions-based claims about women in the study. Women’s feelings dictated how they (a) were to vote and (b) reacted to claims they didn’t like.

The supreme lunacy of the backlash against this study is that science already recognizes that women are much more likely to cheat on their mate when ovulating, wear the color red and wear less clothing to begin with. [1] [2] [3] [4] Likewise, women are more likely to go out clubbing without their partner when ovulating (obviously subconsciously looking for new partners), again wearing less clothing. So women are able to ruin relationships or long-term marriages with children because of their menstrual cycles, but it just can’t affect their voting habits? Yeah…

2. Women want men to save them, but not the other way around

Why don’t women save their male partners in the same way as Jon Blunk and two other men saved their girlfriends during the Aurora movie theater shootings?

On the contrary, the male is more ready to help, and, as it has been said, more brave than the female ; and even in the malacia, if the sepia is struck with a trident, the male comes to help the female, but the female makes her escape if the male is struck.

— Aristotle, History of Animals, BOOK IX

Then there’s the lovely issue of men being expected to save their female partners in dangerous or life-or-death emergencies. When was the last time you heard about a liberal-minded women laying down her life for her deserving, loving male partner? Yes, I’m struggling to recall an incident, too. Yet in just one shooting in Aurora, Colorado several years ago, no less than three young men gave their lives to shield their female partners from a hail of bullets. Could not one woman in that cinema have bothered to show their equality credentials and put themselves in front of their lover?

In matters of national security, too, while SJWs, feminists and other cretins are out bashing the “misogyny” of armed servicemen, they’re spectacularly silent about the fact that from March 2003 to May 2008, 97.68% of all the American military deaths in Iraq were men. Many of the 2.32% of fatalities involving women were not in combat roles or frontline incidents. Comparably disproportionate male service member deaths have marked both the conflict in Afghanistan since 2003 and Iraq after early May 2008.


She tells you she believes in equality. But when she claims she feels “safe” around you and “protected,” just remember she also expects you to jump in front of that knife or gun when you’re walking down a dark alley. And she will pretty much never do the same in return. You’re a man and equality doesn’t count when her life is in danger and you’re obligated to save her. She’ll cry at your funeral but quickly find another man with an actual heartbeat who can steer her away from harm.

3. Liberalism ensures women that any personal or professional failures can be blamed on the “patriarchy”

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao received negative performance reviews during her time at Kleiner Perkins. She responded by launching the most butthurt and self-entitled sex discrimination lawsuit in US corporate history.

There are only a half dozen men of letters (and no women) worth printing.

— T. S. Eliot, 1922

Didn’t get that promotion you were gunning for, despite your newly minted Masters degree in comparative feminist literature or pansexual dating habits? Passed over because you’re unwilling to work overtime like that male brute who’s been at the company three years longer? Well, liberalism has a ready-made answer. You’re oppressed! Your father may be a wealthy dentist and you may have gone to prep school, but every man ahead of you is only there because of his penis and balls!

Liberalism is a merry-go round for women with massive privilege especially to argue that they have been shortchanged. The only criteria is being female. You do not need to prove you’ve been discriminated against, you just need the proper genitalia to play the role of casual victim.

This mentality is exacerbated by the use of wishy-washy claims about so-called gender discrimination. Pseudo-arguments like the gender pay gap, which ignore women’s concentration in less elite fields like childcare, nursing and schoolteaching compared to men in engineering, business and finance, are employed to assert that women who fall short do so because they are undervalued.

4. Women like flashy, free things and ridiculous pipe dreams

girl cafe

Woman’s love involves injustice and blindness against everything that she does not love… Woman is not yet capable of friendship: women are still cats and birds. Or at best cows…

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “On the Friend”

Free $200,000 educations! Free healthcare (including totally, totally obligatory transgender surgery)! Free tampons! Free abortions without the responsibility to use either condoms or birth control! Getting rid of the patriarchy means absolutely no rapes, assaults or murders across seven billion people! These are the sorts of demands perpetually enunciated, if you can even call it that, by feminists and their equally common sense-challenged enablers.

Liberalism promises women this and much, much more. American debt is at $19 trillion and counting? Nevermind, folks, under the Obama (and Clinton) administration, any reduction in spending will be evil or plain misogynistic! The money trees are coming, don’t worry! What’s the point of painful debt reduction measures if it would involve any sacrifice over the next two years?

Because liberalism sanctions this kind of complete loss of reality and proportion, women are able to go full throttle and equate everything they do not like with some ubiquitous conspiracy against them personally and females in general. For example, 79 women in Australia, from a female population of 12.5 million, were killed or allegedly killed by their male partner or family member in 2015? That one in 158,227 chance is demonstrative of a male-wide epidemic which accepts and promotes murderous domestic violence! To the pitchforks, girls!

Forgetting that the average person, male, female or transgender beast, has next to zero chance of being killed or coming to serious physical harm in a given year, liberal women believe that any male is a surrogate scapegoat for the violence of another man he has never met. Along with liberal female expectations of what society and government should provide them, it is one of the biggest pipe dreams in human history.

Liberalism provides women with the mirage of equality relative to males but the ability to direct every conceivable material or social advantage onto themselves. Feminists can claim they are “earning” like men now, even as everything from child support, child custody, affirmative action, and sexual harassment laws and policies are geared towards promoting their welfare and advancement at the expense of men’s. And that sort of advancement is very expensive, weakening the sustainability of society itself.

5. Women can be self-aggrandizing sluts 24/7 and liberalism allows them to claim they’re still being objectified by men

Feminism is that same collection of contradictory positions that enables Miley Cyrus to call herself one of the “biggest feminists in the world” and attack any sexualization of women by men.

The difficulty may just be that we have never yet discovered a way to communicate with the female mind.

— Richard Feynman, Nobel prize-winning theoretical physicist

Liberalism gifts women with the widest possible chances to claim men are objectifying and slut-shaming them just as they themselves are actively being sexual objects and sluts. The allegations of objectification and slut-shaming usually have everything to do with a woman wanting to sidetrack the discussion from their own poor actions. They also give a “good” excuse to shut down a male argument they do not like. Meanwhile, normal, peaceful expressions of male sexuality are called out as “misogynistic” while women milk their sexuality for everything it is worth in the marketplace.

The name of the game with these patterns is the amplification of a woman’s range of choices and the restriction of a man’s. A female can either “normalize” her sluttery and self-objectification or pretend it is not sluttery and self-objectification at all. The icing on the cake is the ability and built-in propensity to demonize common-sense and indeed factual observations made by men. Immense commonalities exist between this frame of mind, other perennial back-up arguments like “mansplaining,” and the “superstructures” so-called feminist academics raise to construe every aspect of or event in society as an oppression of women that cannot be debated.

The prospect of women admitting these foibles is slim to none in many cases. Feynman’s grappling with the female mind is an eternal one for men. A woman’s full-blown acknowledgment that she treats herself as a sexual object to extract multiple social advantages is a recipe for wanton self-destruction. Denial, inasmuch as it damages her as well, is the preferable course of action.

From the ancients to ROK, these observations on women are here to stay

Great continuity exists between the observations of the ancients and those of modern individuals when it comes to women. Short of cultural indoctrination brought on by politically correct madness, men who have no day-to-day recognition of the works of Schopenhauer, Aristotle, Hegel or others are exposed to and identify the same histrionic and self-validating female behavior.

Exposure to philosophical texts such as these are still necessary, as they allow men to think in concrete terms about what they have suspected or unconsciously known for a long time. As society’s death spiral at the hands of liberalism proves, the problems we face regarding women today are identical to those philosophers and other learned men have explored for centuries.

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