Whether they do it consciously or not, it doesn’t matter. Loser women have the tendency to treat you as beneath them, as if you are there to serve them. You are not a fellow sentient human being with a finite amount of time on this planet, with shit to do and places to be. You are her sounding board and personal free therapist to listen to her complain about her problems, but never solve them.

If any of the following stories are similar to what you’ve experienced, you’re getting used as the classical emotional tampon. Not just any tampon, but one of a particularly virulent attention-whoring nature, no different than torturing a chained and abused pit bull by poking him with a stick at a safe distance.

Story #1: “He Has a Hidden Camcorder!”

hidden camera
I received a call at 3AM in the morning.  It was the girl who was sort of, kind of slipping from “girl I fucked” to “girlfriend.”  I still hadn’t made up my mind as while she was drop dead gorgeous, she left so many slain corpses of other men in her wake that I figured I’d keep her at arm’s length.

Barely verbal I said, “Hello?:”

“Aaron it’s Dee.”

“Yeah, what do you want?”

“I just found a camcorder hidden in my room! I think my male roommate put it there!”

This woke me up a bit, but not much on account there really wasn’t much I could do. She lived 40 miles away and this was a matter for the cops. I gave her the only advice I could and said, “Dude, you need to get out of there. If you need to you can crash here, but find a friend near work and call the cops. Wait till you leave the house before you do and leave quietly.”

Instead of the compliance and action the urgency of the situation required, she oddly insisted on explaining it to me more. After hearing her unnecessarily reiterate her story, I said, “Yes, I know, but Dee, you need to get out of there. And like now!”

This attempt to prompt her to action failed again as she continued to talk about it.

Thankfully, I was 30 at this time and not exactly a rookie. I realized she was not calling me because she needed help, but wanted attention and drama. There may not have even been a camera. Upon realizing this I said, “OK Dee, you do what you want. I have to go back to bed.”

Story #2: “Did You Call the Cops?”

Policeman crouching to talk girl (3-5), outdoors, side view

I met a fan and his girlfriend in Indianapolis. She was cute, charming, and witty. I very much enjoyed her company and conversation. So it shocked me when he told me that she was an avid feminist. I laughed and said, “You mean like all the 19 year old girls who think it’s about the equal treatment of the sexes?” And he said no. She was a real, hard core feminist.

Still not believing him, I was surprised when he asked if he could give her my e-mail address because she had read up on some of my works and just couldn’t believe the charming, handsome man she met that night would say such things. This being an opportunity for one of the increasingly rare mental challenges, I agreed and looked forward to her e-mail.

What came was what we’d expect of a feminist today. A long, disorganized pablum of points, arguments, and contentions that lacked logic, took things out of context, and was so broad in its attack it couldn’t be responded to without a 100 page treatise.

But one thing stood out in the context of this article. She was groped in the crotch by some dude bro at a bar, her argument being that sexual assault does happen and its not acceptable (as if I was arguing the case it some how was) AND that more needed to be done to stop rape culture. My friend corroborated the story as he was there, so I had no reason to disbelieve her. So in response I asked,

“So did you go to the cops?” She sheepishly responded, “no.”

Story #3: “I Was Raped, But No Cops Please”

false rape accusation
This one I’ve told before so my apologies to those of you who already heard it, but after getting off of my campus security shift one night, I went to a dorm room where I knew some friends would be watching a movie. Our token female friend was there, but was acting odd. She was cuddling her teddy bear, saying nothing, and when prodded she would just say, “nothing, nothing.”

With enough prying we inevitably found out she was “raped.” Being 18 and 19-year-old idiots, we went into rage and upon finding out the guy was still in the dorm building (and I was still in my uniform), I hunted him down. It wasn’t until nearly 10 years later did I start to ask, “Why didn’t she just call the cops? Why was it so hard to pry it out of her that she was raped?”

Story #4: “Did You Call HR?”

A female fan I have correspondence with e-mailed me one day and was angry and enraged. She works a real job, with real men, and is THE epitome of a truly independent woman. When I asked why she was so upset she said, “The guy from corporate I was assigned to today stroked my leg and said my co-workers must not be able to keep their hands off of me.” This of course was when I was 40, fully more aware of this type of behavior from women than I was just 10 years before. So I asked here,


“Did you report him to HR?” She said, “No.”

To which I said, “Then I don’t want to hear it if you refuse to solve your own problems.”

Drama or justice, ladies: choose one

If you’re particularly young or perhaps inexperienced, you may not be able to understand what’s going on with the four stories mentioned above, but you DO intuitively know there’s a trend or some kind of a relationship. Some egregious, even criminal, act is committed upon a woman, but when it comes time to seeking out justice, revenge, or justice, they…


and just say

“No, no, it’s alright.”

As a man, especially if you were enlisted to hear these women’s problems you, honorably, nobly, and instinctively jump to solve these injustices. It’s not only not right, but criminal, disgusting and outright dangerous to the rest of society to have rapists running around, not to mention just unacceptable behavior in terms of GENUINE sexual harassment.  But when your solutions, not to mention, abhorrence, rage, and offer of help are rejected by the girl simply refusing to do anything about it, it makes the naive man ask,

“Then why the hell did you bring this up???”

Not to mention

“You’re just going to let him go!!!!????”

And it is here you need to understand the demented minds of women. Some of them prefer drama over justice.

Whether it’s authentic cases in the case of the feminist being groped, or an outright false rape accusation like Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz, or a questionable one like my ex girlfriend, it’s nothing more than the dopamine high women get when they stir up drama and controversy, playing the ultimate trump card of “sexual assault” to rally and rile the masses of men to give them so much attention they might OD on it.

And while I wish I could say this was only “demented women,” nearly all women will belabor you with their problems, NOT to solve them, but simply to play off of your male instincts for justice or simple kindness as a ploy to hold you hostage to get attention. This is an absolute insult to men and it should never be tolerated.

Never again

Lester Burnham

The solution to this is two fold

1. You need to be able to identify, immediately, when a woman is lining you up for this abuse. The tell tale sign is that you will want to IMMEDIATELY solve her problem by telling her what to do. It is also easily identifiable in that it will evoke a Darwinistic response of anger and vengeance within you because of the presumed injustice she has suffered. Stop. Recognize it. Calm yourself and then…

2. Ask her one of two simple questions: (a) “Do you want me to solve your problem or are you just going to whine about it?”
OR if it is about a criminal nature ask, (b) “Did you call the cops?” to which if she says no, you simply say, “Then I don’t care.”

Blunt, direct, and even insulting as these questions are, they are 100% called for and legitimate as this has been SOP for many women in the past. Additionally, even if women do this unconsciously because of perhaps genuine psychological differences between men and women, it doesn’t matter.

You and your precious few minutes on this planet are NOT beholden to this lower-standard. Furthermore, you are LITERALLY doing what women have been clamoring for since the 1960’s. You ARE treating them as genuine equals. You are treating them as men. And if they opt instead to act like petulant little children in response, you simply laugh and refuse to play.

When you do this the response is predictable and expected. At first, shock and insult.  “Why how dare you!”  Blah blah blah blah blah.  You’re not being a good emotional tampon giving her her drama fix! Then the facade quickly fades into a sheepish silence as she finds out she’s busted, evidencing shame on her part so thick you could cut through it.

Finally, silence. Ahhhh, blissful silence. No mind games. No drama. No raised blood pressure or wasting 40 minutes on the phone trying to get the girl to call the cops, report the guy to the HR department, or any other solutions the attention-whoring drama queen never really wanted in the first place. You can continue on your otherwise intellectually stimulating conversation and enjoy your day.

In the end, if you can master this, especially the ability to detect early when you’re going to fall into this “white knight” trap, you’ll never be duped into this sucker’s game again. Plus, as my experience has told me, they’re more likely to sleep with you in the end. It’s just a big ass shit test, but one that’s easy to fail as it speaks to your genetic hard-wiring. Train your frontal lobes to ensure you pass with flying colors.

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