I’ve gathered some of my general thoughts on Swedish girls. You’ll notice that it’s all negative, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good exceptions. If you go to Sweden, you might be lucky to find one of those rare specimen that both looks like a real woman and likes men, but prepare to be disappointed. Here’s why:

1. They are cold


Anyone visiting Sweden will notice that people here, both men and women, have a cold way about them. Approaching a stranger is difficult enough, since even making eye contact might be considered weird and intrusive in some settings. Coming to Sweden can be a lonely experience for someone who’s used to people being more friendly and open to strangers.

If you come here to pick up girls, you’ll find that it’s hard to approach a girl in a casual way. Be prepared to get a lot of dirty looks before you find one who’s actually open to meeting new people (who weren’t introduced to her by a friend).

2. They are all feminists


I’ve yet to meet a Swedish girl that I didn’t know after five minutes of conversation was a feminist. If you’re not looking to have sex with the girl, it might be fun to challenge her views and watch as she struggles to explain how social justice, intersectionality ,and all of that other crap makes any sense. But if you want to get into her pants, it’s better to keep your political opinions private.

3. They make themselves ugly


Feminism teaches girls not to care about what men think and that ugly can be beautiful. This manifests itself in at least two ways.

—The masculine clothing

Some girls dress in male clothing, cut their hair short, and look almost indistinguishable from a man. Others dress like hipsters, which is kind of similar, yet you can still tell that there’s a woman under those clothes. Either way the girls hide their feminine shape under baggy vestments.

—The feminist hairstyle

Feminist hairstyles come in different forms but this one above is the most common. Short with bizarrely cut bangs. Just horrendous.

4. They are dumb but don’t know it



Calling themselves feminist and talking mumbo jumbo about patriarchy and “societal structures” gives Swedish girls the illusion that they’re intellectual and have something valuable to say.

Their feminist hubris and unearned sense of moral superiority is intolerable. The fact that tax money is being spent on gender studies classes at universities is a crime in itself. They teach girls nothing of value while inflating their ego and hatred of men.

5. They blame all their problems on men


Every time they fail at something, they have patriarchy to blame for it. That means that they’ll never attempt to improve themselves, since they are never the cause of their problems. The level of introspection is low and you can be sure that a Swedish girl will never change herself for your sake.

6. The young ones fall for thugs and bad boys


You see this especially in grade school and high school. Teenage girls like the guys who are the most aggressive and who care the least about their education. In Sweden, those boys usually have some sort of immigrant background.

If you’re an ethnic Swede you’ll probably be disadvantaged from birth. Swedish women raise their boys to be insecure, pussified, vegetarian betas. But girls will go for guys who are masculine, big, and strong, and who will carry them away on their shoulder as the pimple-faced betas watch on in amazement.

7. They prefer working to having children


If you’re an adult Swedish woman and you’re not working full-time, you must be repressed by the patriarchy. At least that’s what feminists will tell you. A man who’s looking to find a good mother for his children should not waste his time searching in Sweden.

8. For immigrant men, they might make an exception


More and more Swedish women are marrying Muslim immigrants and converting to Islam. This is a sign that they actually don’t mind submitting to a man, just as long as it’s not a Swedish man. My theory is that cultural relativism (not wanting to admit that women are treated differently in different cultures) paired with a sympathy for immigrants, makes women feel good about giving themselves to Muslim men.

Now my question to you guys is, are these characteristics unique to Swedish women, or can they be found in other Western countries as well?

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