With the first caucuses and primaries in the books, it’s important for us to prove that Trump is not simply a transitory phenomenon, but that he actually has voters willing to come out and elevate him to victory. The time for preparation and talk is rapidly coming to a close and the time for action is upon us.

I suspect that most of the readers of Return of Kings support Donald Trump. I also suspect that most of them have never voted in a primary before. Truthfully, I haven’t either, despite having done some work in politics here in New York. That is about to change, as I have changed my registration from independent to Republican so I can vote for Donald Trump.

There are numerous indications that Trump has more support than the polls indicate. This is because the polling seen so far is usually limited to “likely” primary voters – those who have typically voted in primaries in the past. But Trump is striking a chord, and it’s very possible that he’ll bring out people that either haven’t voted in years (my own father, who last voted for Reagan in 1984, is one such possibility) or haven’t voted at all. I will be one such (primary) voter. It’s important that the rest of the ROK readership, if they can, turn out to vote as well.

A Unique Opportunity

This is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have never seen the establishment, globalist traitors on either left or right (cuckservatives) so petrified. They know that for the first time in a long time, someone has risen that they cannot control or bully. At first I, like many, was skeptical, but the positions Trump has advocated and more importantly, the utter fear that he has spread among the elite, shows that he’s the real deal.

We may never have the opportunity to elect such a man again. No, it won’t solve all our problems, but Donald Trump, despite not even holding his party’s nomination, has shifted the Overton Window so far to the right in just six months that what used to be discussed only at places like Return of Kings has now become mainstream discourse. Imagine what Trump could do as president?

For this and many other reasons, it’s important for us to elect Trump. Everyone that reads ROK who can come out needs to come out. Our corner of the internet has built up a strong base over the past few years, and now it’s time to flex some of that muscle and continue to make a presence felt offline.

Every Vote In Every State Counts

Trump 1

Usually primary contests beyond the first few states don’t matter much. After the first few, usually after South Carolina for the Republicans, and with the full weight of the media behind him, there is by that point a presumptive nominee, a fact which “Super Tuesday” tends to echo.

This year is different however, and it’s not only because of Trump’s domination of the polls. Rather, it is very possible that despite all indications being that Trump would be the nominee; the globalist establishment will try to screw him over anyway, even if he wins 49% of the primary vote. With the field so splintered, it could be that Donald Trump wins a clear plurality but enough splinter forces together comprise a majority.

Those forces could then attempt to make a backroom deal and screw Trump out of the nomination at the Republican National Convention, despite his clear plurality. You can consider it majority-minority politics if you want, a preview of the future that the globalists wish for Western society. We saw this recently in France as well, when Marine Le Pen and the National Front were screwed out of what should have been a big victory in the regional elections.


We need to make sure that doesn’t happen and put Trump as close to the 51% margin as we can to ensure that the globalist, cuckservative GOP establishment does not screw him out of the nomination through a backroom deal.

Things grow more important when we consider the RNC’s new proportionality rules. With the Republican field so splintered, they can easily work against Trump come the Convention in June, as the globalist establishment could well try to broker a nominee other than the one that got the most votes. Things get worse when we consider the fundamentally undemocratic superdelegates which, while limited, could play a disproportionate influence in this election.

So no matter where we live or how late in the game it is (my state of New York holds its primary in April and so is normally irrelevant), we all need to get out.


Open, Mixed, Or Closed?

There are three basic structures that different states hold. Open states allow anyone to vote for the candidate that they like. If you’re registered to vote, you are set. Simply go to the polls and vote (or caucus) for Trump.

Mixed states allow independents to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary or caucus, but not registered members of the other party. If you live in such a state, you can vote for Trump without issue as an independent or Republican, but if you are a Democrat (and I doubt many of you are), you will need to switch to either of the other two to do so.

Finally, and in most cases, there are closed states. In these, only a registered member of the Democratic or Republican parties can vote or caucus for a candidate in that party. If you live in such a state, you will need to register as a Republican to vote for Trump. The entire calendar of primaries and caucuses, whether they are open, mixed, or closed, can be found here.

Trump 2

Change Your Party

If you are not a registered Republican and you live in a closed state, Diamond and Silk, famous supporters of Trump who have appeared with him at rallies, have prepared an extensive guide to change your party registration that they call “Ditch and Switch.”

Click the link, find your state, get the form and fill it out before the deadline. Then show up to vote for Trump in the primary.


Final Thoughts

We can debate the merits of voting of course. The United States of America, lacking an explicit nationalist party like France’s FN, Austria’s FPO, Sweden’s SD, and so on, is particularly vulnerable to the total ineffectiveness of voting. Yet The Golden One and others have passionately urged us to not make excuses and do what you can in voting the right way.

Don’t sit on the fence; the worst you have to lose is time. This is looking to be the best chance we’ve had in doing serious and meaningful damage to the politically correct, globalist political cartel in decades. At the very least we will get four glorious years of SJW tears if Trump wins.

Let’s go out and get this done.

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