A question you may have asked at some point is: Why are civilized men and women in the West facilitating the decay of their own civilization? This, however, is a fallen question, because one of its premises is false. Those who facilitate the destruction of their own civilization aren’t really civilized people at all. They’re barbarians.

The term “barbarian” has been with us since ancient Greece, used to describe people with a set of behaviors and character traits antithetical to those that produced Western civilization. According to the ancient Greeks, barbarians are “like children, unable to speak or reason properly, cowardly, effeminate, luxurious, cruel, unable to control their appetites and desires, [and] politically unable to govern themselves.” They are also lazy and undisciplined.

Here are the ten traits of barbarity:

1. Childish


Barbarians are naïve or ignorant, either lacking real-world experience or dismissing it in favor of their own private fancies and superstitions. You can see this in SJWs’ proclamations that all cultures are equal and that multiculturalism is good. They make this claim because it’s a nice idea, even though world history and the European migrant crisis show that multiculturalism is, as Angela Merkel finally admitted, “a grand delusion.”

2. Lazy

We Can Haz Government Handouts (2)

Barbarians are lazy, and they seek to have things without producing them. SJWs create welfare to give to people money that they didn’t earn. SJWs also create affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws to alter workplace demographics. Instead of creating their own companies to hire women and minorities, they use the government to force existing companies to do it (By the way, crony capitalists are lazy too).

3. Undisciplined


Barbarians lack discipline themselves, and they do not instill discipline in their children. SJWs project this pathology onto society, working to undermine the cultivation of discipline in the children of others.

For SJWs, physical punishment, rigorous schoolwork, and systems of competition and reward must be eradicated from every home and school.

4. Unable To Speak Or Reason Properly

Unable to reason

Barbarians have difficulty with reasoning skills such as logical analysis and extrapolation. SJWs pervert words and pervert reasoning in the pursuit of sophistry. An example of this is SJWs’ use of “hate” and various “phobias.” In response to a utilitarian argument against Syrian mass-immigration, an SJW’s first move is to proclaim “Islamophobia,” a sort of incantation to dismiss arguments and shut down the reasoning process.

5. Cowardly

Cowardly (02)

The scarcity of physical danger in Western societies means that there is little opportunity for physical cowardice. The SJW is foremost a moral coward. He shirks responsibility and duty. He has no love of truth, and is ready to speak and behave dishonestly whenever it suits him. He does what is easy, rather than what is right.

In the US, feminists enthusiastically perpetuate discredited myths about campus rape and wage gaps. In Europe, SJW government officials abandoned their duty to protect their citizens by opening the borders to over a million migrants. Even worse, they continue to put their citizens in danger by harboring and accepting new migrants, all while colluding to suppress information about skyrocketing numbers of rapes and other crimes.

Also, safe spaces.


6. Effeminate


In addition to their appetites, barbarians are moved primarily by their emotions. For example, SJW have irrational maternal feelings that lead them to infantilize women and minorities. They want college instructors to provide “trigger warnings” for their classes because they view college students as young children whose feelings must be protected at all costs, rather than as adults who need to confront uncomfortable topics in order to grow.

7. Luxurious


Barbarians seek comfort and decadence. They live beyond their means in their personal lives, and in their political lives they support their government doing the same. SJWs support the government borrowing money to pay for endless welfare and pet projects (like $3 million to study why lesbians are fat).

8. Cruel


The cruelty of SJWs is often indirect and non-physical. Examples include trying to get a man fired for his views on feminism, or twisting the law in an effort to bankrupt a family-owned business for their religious beliefs.

9. Unable To Control Their Appetites And Desires

Unable to control their appetites

Barbarians act on their every compulsion, whether it be for food, sex, or the desire to buy something. The barbarian’s motto is “if it feels good, do it.” SJWs have pushed for gay marriage, slut-walks, and “fat acceptance,” all celebrating unfettered indulgence in bodily appetites.

10. Politically Unable To Govern Themselves

Unable to govern themselves

Barbarians create societies not governed by laws, but rather by the whims of those with power. SJWs warp and ape the rule of law, creating the law of the ruler. The rule of law means having a clearly articulated set of laws that are dutifully enforced. In contrast, the law of the ruler is inarticulate and capriciously enforced.

An example of this is judicial activism, used for things like overturning state-level constitutional bans on gay marriage because, you know, reasons.

The Big Picture

The fundamental difference between civilized men and barbarians is that civilized men build civilizations, while barbarians cannot. Firstly, so long as they possess barbaric traits, barbarians will never build their own civilization. Secondly, whenever barbarians manage to conquer a civilization, that civilization falls to ruin.

Lastly, whenever a civilization allows decadence to breed barbarity within its borders, that civilization begins to decay. Note the similarity between the words “decadence” and “decay.” The word “decadence” originally did not refer to the opulence of ancient Rome at the height of its power, but to the degeneration that such opulence produced.

Going Forward

Firstly, know thyself. Once you know the traits of a barbarian, it’s worth asking if you can find any of them in yourself.

Secondly, know your enemy. You have a clear metric for identifying barbarians by simply looking for barbaric traits and asking who undermines civilization. Ideas, behaviors, and trends contributing to the decline of Western civilization might appear to be separate, but they are merely different facets of the same barbarian ethos.

Lastly, decide where you stand. In your political lives, wherever you have a voice or a vote, you can choose to defend and advance civilization and its values. In your personal lives, you can choose to live as civilized men, and to pass on civilized values to your children.

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