If you think about it, there isn’t a strong logical reason for a man to prefer heels on women. While it has a good aesthetic in revealing the outline of a woman’s foot, it doesn’t show more skin, and the heels also don’t perk up the ass as much as you think (try it yourself in the mirror by lifting your heels a couple inches. So why do heels appeal to men such as myself?

Because it makes women appear weak and defenseless. It brings out the masculine nature of men who want to protect women.

If a lion emerges from the jungle and there are two women in front of you—one in running shoes and one in heels, who will you instinctively help first? The woman in heels can not run away, so you must swoop her up and take her to safety. The woman in sneakers can probably make it on her own. Anything that makes a woman unable to protect herself will trigger the primitive area in a masculine man’s brain to save her, for in ancestral times men had to actively protect their families to ensure their survival.


Every now and then I run into a man who doesn’t care at all for heels. These men may be smart, and they may get laid, but they’re not masculine. There is a weak urge in their core to be a protector and defender. They’re completely content with a woman who wears dirty Converse shoes and can protect herself.

In countries with masculine men, you will find the bulk of women in heels—women who are thin and fragile, who have long, impractical hair and nails that don’t help them in the case the lion makes his appearance. To feel masculine and strong, these foreign men demand their women appear feminine and “weak.” In the United States, however, the women want to feel masculine and strong. That leaves only one remaining role for the men, a role that I hope you are not filling.

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