Some have pointed to the recent events in GermanyDenmark, and across Europe and gently wondered whether Western women are under increased threat. Some have even gone so far as to say that women’s odds of being raped have surged as a result of allowing limitless numbers of men to enter their countries and enrich their culture. In this article, I will show why this is false and give three reasons why welcoming several million more migrants is in fact the best possible choice for women.

1. More Dating Options

They can't wait to meet you

They can’t wait to meet you.

The demographic make-up of the refugees is overwhelmingly male. About 62% of the 1.5 million migrants that have traveled to Europe in 2015 are young, strong, self-confident men. Is it any wonder why women should welcome them? A little under a quarter, 22%, are children and only 16% are women. That means that European women have an additional 1 million men for potential consenting sexual partners.

Choice is a good thing, and by urging more young men to voyage to Europe women will have more options.

2. Less Patriarchy

more women's rights 2

They do not support male domination.

In our free and open society, these migrants would fit in. They’ve proven to be fans of group sex not only with women, but young males as well. This sort of sexually libertine behavior is healthy for post-sexual revolution modern women.

It’s obvious that the patriarchy is a constricting system that suppresses women’s right to express their sexuality. The migrants have no problem having group sex in a public square with one or more women, signaling that they are not suppressors of female sexuality, but rather benevolent enablers. Allowing more sexually open migrants into the West will allow us to dismantle the patriarchy once and for all.


3. More Respect For Women

migrant 5

Respectful migrant courtship.

Of all the regions in the world, by far the most dangerous for women is the modern West. We have a problem, and it’s called rape culture. One in four women are viciously raped in college, which is why the enrollment numbers for female students is dwindling. At an Ivy League college a woman has a higher chance of being raped on her way to class than she does living to the age of 25. Compared to the only 6,000 reported rapes since the start of the Syrian civil war, our colleges are terrifying. The men coming from these lands will follow their religious code of peace and show women more respect, as they have already proven.

These men have never trivialized rape.

These men have never trivialized rape.

Over the last decade, Syria has experienced a massive rape crisis. One Syrian woman described how a group of Syrian army soldiers had come to her house in Homs, tied up their father and brother, and raped her and her sisters in front of them. The woman cried as she went on to describe how the soldiers opened their legs and burned their vaginas with cigarettes.

We should understand that this is the sort of violence from which migrants are desperately trying to escape. Islam, the religion of peace the migrants follow, is a well-known supporter of women’s rights. If you visit Islamic countries in the Middle East, you will experience a liberated feminist utopia that the West could only dream of.

Soon you won’t even need a passport to experience the benefits of this new and exotic culture.

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