Even as they lambaste Republicans and keep up the ideological war on Wall Street, red carpet-trotting, socialism-loving celebrities spent upwards of $40,000 getting ready for this week’s Golden Globes. The average American household income for a year is just $52,000. Award winner Amy Adams’ “budget” for the evening, which was used as a model, is nothing special. Her main items, including her dress and jewellery, were rentals, despite costing so much to hire.

Another celebrity, Kate Hudson, wore $1 million worth of diamonds at the event, hot on the heels of her November endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who was ripping into Wall Street at the time. Mentioning her and Adams doesn’t even reach the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

The men certainly joined in on the act as well, the lower cost of their tuxedos and designer shoes made up for by their arrival in luxury limousines and their attendance at glamorous after-parties. Throughout the night, these budding socialists, almost universally registered Democrats or Democratic donors, had their every whim satisfied by minimum-wage ushers, waitresses, and servers, not to mention the retinue of poorly paid assistants who helped them prepare for the festivities.

Calculated moves?

Compare the social value of this car to the social value of the latest reality TV show.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Hollywood starlets frequently use very left-leaning rhetoric and affiliations as a way to draw attention to themselves, thus increasing their multimillion-dollar incomes, all while offsetting any potential backlash about their ostentatious displays of wealth.

By certain measures, wealth inequality in the US is the highest it has ever been. And the wealth inequality doesn’t just concern the typical excoriated CEO of Goldman Sachs or McDonald’s. For instance, actor Robert Downey Jr. recently earned 1,200 times more in a year than the average worker in the film industry, the same disparity found between certain CEOs and their employees.

What’s more is that the output of, say, General Motors or Nike can be measured in much more objective terms than Hollywood film or silver screen companies. You can determine how useful a car or shoe is with greater ease than the latest avant garde film seen by every hipster. And with ambassadors like the vacuous Kardashians, celebrities are often of dubious or socially cancerous worth to society as a whole.


Always question the narrative, especially one involving champagne socialists vying for camera time

While the film crew struggled to raise their kids and pay their mortgages, George Clooney earned millions for his role in the box office bomb Tomorrowland, spending the rest of his time doing things like trumpeting socialism for Barack Obama.

The Golden Globes is a microcosm of how celebrities flaunt their wealth but strive to deflect criticism for their accumulation of it. Minus a few major exceptions, like Russia’s October Revolution, elites have largely learned from the tumult of 1789 and the toppling of the French monarchy.

Unlike Marie Antoinette, celebrities today actively court association with common causes, like wealth redistribution and attacks on market-based speculation. The energy required is not only minimal but dovetails nicely with ample camera time, an indispensable commodity for any savvy film star, television regular or other performing artist.

When we hear a celebrity is “down to Earth,” the threshold for this is usually a few smiles to a reporter or giving a trinket to an adoring fan, the star knowing full well that there’s a 90% probability the fawning recipient will report the good deed to the media. Or maybe, in the age of the iPhone, the whole thing will be filmed, translating into a steady financial return for the celebrity down the track.

Part of the allure for the common people is that they want to believe they, too, could be famous and want to think, therefore, that celebrities are somehow just like them.

The champagne drowned the socialism long ago

The champagne never tasted so good.

There’s no point getting angry at this sad state of affairs. Pointing it out is always necessary, though, especially as almost everyone you see on the street is either dazzled by celebrities or dumbed down to the entertainment industry’s rampant hypocrisy.

As we resist the relentless SJW narrative, it is useful for us to channel this double standard. A new Occupy Wall Street movement creeps up again? Well, Kanye needs to slash his royalties by 75% and redistribute them to the recording engineers and receptionists at the music studio. Tom Cruise wants $25 million for his next sci-fi romp? Too bad, the boys and girls working for the catering company need a few extra bucks per hour to pay their water and gas bills.

So many arguments against the leftist agenda have been underemployed for far too long. It’s high time that we take a more active role in raising them, particularly when Hollywood’s elite are right in the middle of taking their predictable potshots at everyone else but themselves and actively engaging in hastening our society’s decline.

Maybe then the champagne bottles will start to run a little dry.

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