The nation of Israel is often held up by cuckservatives and Jews as an example of a country that has succeeded in the face of overwhelming odds. Despite being surrounded by hostile states, repeatedly being invaded by their neighbors, and lacking oil deposits like other Middle Eastern nations, the Israelis have built their country into one of the most economically powerful and stable states in the world.

Why does Israel continue to prosper while other Western nations collapse? The answer is because the Israeli government puts the interests of its citizens first. Israelis are strongly nationalistic and their country’s leadership chooses its policies based on how they will benefit native citizens, as opposed to other Western nations that kowtow to the golden calves of diversity and multiculturalism. Here are the reasons why Israel is so successful, and what the rest of the West can learn from them…

1. Israel actively works to ensure that Jews will remain a majority


You’ll often hear leftists cheering (and cuckservatives lamenting) the fact that many Western nations will soon have majority non-white populations. For example, Gregor Gysi, a prominent far-left Jewish politician in Germany, has referred to native Germans as “Nazis” and said that their inability to have offspring is “fortunate.” Leftist and cuckservative politicians in the U.S. and elsewhere justify their support for mass immigration on the basis that importing large numbers of foreigners is the only way to compensate for falling native birthrates.

Israel was explicitly founded as a homeland for the Jewish people and its government has worked to ensure that it remains one. For example, only Jews are allowed to immigrate to Israel and become citizens, a process referred to as “aliyah” (Hebrew for “ascent”). Not only does Israel have zero tolerance for illegal immigration, the government has also constructed border walls along the West Bank and Egyptian borders to deter invaders, and the country is also home to the world’s largest illegal alien detention facility.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also flatly refused to accept Syrian refugees, despite the fact that not only does his nation share a land border with Syria, Israel has been illegally occupying Syrian territory—the Golan Heights—for nearly fifty years.

Not only does Israel fight to keep non-Jews from immigrating, but the government also incentivizes its native citizens to marry and have children in order to keep the nation’s Arab minority from gaining demographic ground. Israel’s fertility rate is one of the highest in the developed world, at 3.04 babies per woman; the Jewish birthrate in Israel has skyrocketed in the past decade while the Arab birthrate has fallen.

Additionally, Israel takes active steps to prevent people living on public assistance and other undesirable groups from having children. For example, the government requires African Jewish migrants to take Depo-Provera shots as a condition for immigrating and accepting welfare. Israel is so adamant about maintaining its status as a Jewish-majority nation that it forbids Jews from marrying non-Jews, and the government even discourages Jewish women from dating Arab men.

2. Israel requires its citizens to serve in the military


Because Israel is surrounded by hostile states who have repeatedly invaded it in the past, the Israelis maintain a strong tradition of mandatory military service. With few exceptions, all Israeli men are required to serve a minimum of three years in the Israeli Defense Forces; all women are required to serve two years. Ordinary Israelis may also be drafted to return to the military in times of invasion or other crises. Prime Minister Netanyahu also served in the military as a young man, in sharp contrast to President Obama:


While the IDF is probably overrated as a fighting force—Israel’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon War being proof of this—the government’s commitment to mandatory military service is a boon to Israeli society. By requiring all citizens to serve in the IDF, Israel instills good values in its youth, gives them a stake in the country’s existence, and also keeps its populace combat-ready in the event of disaster.

3. Israel’s politicians support the country’s national interests



In most countries in the West, the major political parties are dominated by internationalists who agitate for more immigration, more “free trade” agreements, and more multiculturalism. Whether it’s the Democrats and the Republicans in the U.S., the Conservatives and Labour in the U.K., or the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP in Canada, the largest political parties are in basic agreement on the wonders of diversity and mass immigration.

In sharp contrast, Israel’s dominant political party, Likud, is unabashedly nationalist and puts Israel first. As I mentioned above, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a hard-line against illegal immigration and Syrian refugees. He’s been rewarded with electoral victory after victory, and is on track to become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister ever, exceeding the tenure of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founder. Conversely, Israel’s major left-wing party, Labor, has been losing ground for the past decade.

Israel is also not shy about flexing its muscle on the international stage. The large number of diaspora Jews in the U.S.—as well as Dispensationalist evangelical Christians—enables Israel to have considerable sway over American politics. Israel collects large amounts of foreign aid from the U.S. despite having a wealthy, first-world economy, and American foreign policy is driven by our country’s “alliance” with Israel.

In short, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. is akin to that of a hot chick and her beta orbiter. Blaming Israelis for this is as dumb as blaming the aforementioned hot chick for accepting free gifts from said orbiters. Whatever you can say about Netanyahu and the Israeli government, you can’t argue that he doesn’t put his nation above all else.

4. Israel is patriarchal and allows men to marry and form families


Most Western countries have severely crippled the freedom of men to manage their wives and children with punitive, anti-male legislation and generous welfare policies. By rewarding women who get knocked up with government cheese, the U.S. and other countries are incentivizing single motherhood and disincentivizing the formation of nuclear families. It’s gotten so bad that in some countries, it’s considered “domestic abuse” if a man tries to keep his wife or girlfriend from wasting his money on frivolous purchases.

While Israel is not immune to the forces of sterility and subversion that are ruining the rest of the West—for example, Tel Aviv is known as the gay capital of the Middle East—Israeli society is among the most traditionalist and patriarchal in the West. In particular, Israel’s population growth is being driven by Orthodox Jews, who strictly adhere to traditional gender roles: the man is the head of the household, and the woman is expected to submit to him as a wife and mother. Orthodox Judaism is so patriarchal that women are barred from divorcing without their husbands’ permission.

Not only that, feminists have become increasingly vocal in their opposition to Israel, citing the government’s mistreatment of Palestinians as a reason. Left-wing forces as a whole have sympathized with the Palestinian plight for years, with anti-Zionist activists calling for a boycott of Israeli products and divestment from the country itself, much in the same way the international community did to South Africa during the apartheid years.

5. Israeli society places religion front and center


Return of Kings publisher Roosh and other commentators have pointed to the death of Christianity as a major reason for the West’s decline. Without a religious and moral framework to guide society, people inevitably descend into mindless hedonism and degeneracy. While it’s debatable whether a Christian renaissance in the West is even possible, there’s no denying that Christianity provided innumerable benefits to America and other nations.

As mentioned above, Israel fervently defends its status as a Jewish homeland, and this includes emphasizing Judaism’s religious aspects. God and religion are inescapable aspects of everyday life in Israel, and ultra-Orthodox minorities such as the Hasidim are growing in both numbers and prominence. Some Israelis are so fanatical about their Jewishness that they openly call for Christian missionaries to be banned from the country.

As you can see, Israel’s success as a nation is due to the fact that it rejects many of the trends that dominate the rest of the West. While the U.S., Canada, Britain and other countries are eagerly greasing the slide to Gomorrah, Israelis continue to venerate God, the patriarchal family, and nationalism. This is even more striking when you consider that Israelis co-exist with a hostile, antagonistic population in their midst: the Palestinians.

Regardless of how you feel about Israel as a nation or about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is no denying that the West has much to learn from their successes. By resisting the cultural Marxism that has gripped much of humanity, Israel has given itself a strong chance of survival in the future. America would do well to emulate some of what Israel is doing if she hopes to become great again.

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