Holly Michelle Wood’s Harvard dissertation focuses on the dating habits of Boston’s singles. She wants to dissect the modern trials of going out.

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Harvard PhD candidate Holly Michelle Wood, an anti-free speech extremist (i.e. anything that doesn’t accord with her politics is blatant harassment, racism or sexism), has resorted to repeatedly calling white people “animals.” Hers is a name many readers will be familiar with after the sensational, ideologically motivated Twitter unverification of Milo Yiannopoulos. Feminists have accused Yiannopoulos of “harassing” women by simply retweeting their butthurt responses to his work, including a recent article on start-up guru Paul Graham.

Graham’s quite frankly common sense views on how capitalism and wealth inequality provide the incentive for entrepreneurship and innovation stirred intense hatred. Thousands were sent into a rabid frenzy because Graham, who has operated in the real world and not cloistered avant-garde communes populated by trust fund babies and other socially insulated individuals, made sensible claims that challenge the basic political platform of SJWs.

These are just two of Holly Michelle Wood’s most recent rants on her Twitter profile:


Try tweeting “Black people are awful! Look at Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe!” and see how Twitter responds.

And here is the original unacceptable misogyny supposedly engaged in by Yiannopoulos towards Holly Michelle Wood:


After his very violent screencapping of what Holly Michelle Wood herself had said, fellow feminist Catrin Cooper sounded the misogyny alarm:

With Holly Michelle Wood having tweeted publicly her response to Yiannopoulos’ article, she and Catrin Cooper alleged that he was engaging in harassment by simply redistributing her non-private announcement.

Then along came white knight and Twitter manager Michael Margolis, a Hillary Clinton supporter and long-term Yiannopoulos hater, who also follows Anita Sarkeesian and tranny Brianna Wu, among others:

After I asked Catrin Cooper how Milo’s tweets were harassing, she promptly blocked me. Here’s my highly abusive tweet to her:

Oh, it’s just Sociology 101

White Zimbabwean couple attacked under the ruthless Mugabe regime. Can’t be racism cos sociology says so.

Holly Wood’s take that white people cannot experience racism is unsurprising. Plenty of left wing people, not just those calling themselves sociologists, have appropriated that warped view. But explicitly calling them animals is more unusual, even if most of us suspect that the agenda of many SJWs is a hatred of white men and whites in general.

Michael Margolis, whose Twitter handle @yipe has now become synonymous with Chinese Communist Party-style online censorship, is yet to report Holly Michelle Word with the same public pride he exhibited when turning in Milo Yiannopoulos. Perhaps he’s done sociology, too. Nevertheless, it would seem he has been relegated to desk duty, his stupidly public actions having led to the number one Twitter trend, #jesuismilo, until it was halted by Twitter itself.

The fundamental question is whether Harvard itself or Harvard’s Sociology Department support Wood’s contention that “white people are animals.” Return of Kings will be seeking comment from both in the coming days, including from the Dean of Sociology, Dr. Claudine Gay.

Twitter is clamping down on any speech expressions fighting the SJW narrative

Harassment now includes retweeting or screencapping someone’s own publicly accessible words. So says Michael Margolis, the Engineering Manager of a platform which has shed any remaining pretensions about supporting objectively non-threatening free speech.

The days ahead for non-SJW users of Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and a plethora of other mediums are looking even bleaker than before. Harassment has become the most gerrymandered term for “abuse” in the history of humankind. The threshold for conservatives and traditionalists to be branded as harassers is simply showing the fallacies and histrionics of any SJW they come across.

For SJWs like Holly Michelle Wood, even blanket-labeling ca. 800 million people as animals is perfectly acceptable language.

Postscript: As of publication, Dr. Claudine Gay of Harvard’s Sociology Department has not returned my request for comment.

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