There are large warning signs indicating that Sweden is heading for a matriarchy—a society ruled by women with the intent to hurt men and further their own interests. Both in business and in politics, women are grabbing power. They are aided by their loyal manginas, who actively take steps to bring their fellow men down. There are no indications that Sweden’s horrifying descent into matriarchy will be stopped.

“Women are taking over”


Swedish businessman Jan Carlzon said in a recent interview that “women are taking over, we are entering a matriarchy.” In the world of business, women are elbowing their way into “position after position.”

Jan Carlzon sees both positive and negative aspects of this development. On the one hand, a new generation with hunger and ambition is taking the place of the old one. On the other hand, he fears that men will have a tough time competing in this new situation.

I think we need a law that says that there must be fifty-fifty in boards, because if we don’t do that there will soon be 70 percent women and 30 percent men, he told the astounded interviewer.

So is he right? Is matriarchy upon us? Will men soon need affirmative action to not be relegated to the margins of society, subordinated by female overlords? Looking at the facts of the matter, it does seem a bit exaggerated.

94 percent of CEOs of listed companies in Sweden are men. Directorial boards consist of 71 percent men, and 95 percent of the chairmen on these boards are men. In the private sector, 69.6 percent of companies are led by men. Only in companies involved in health care are female bosses in the majority, with 64.5 percent.

In the national parliament, 56 percent of the members are men. Furthermore, men are more active than women in political parties and union organizations, and 76 percent of professors are men. (All statistics can be found here.)

They are gaining power in politics


The Swedish parliament, the Riksdag.

Now, it’s safe to say that men still hold more formal power in society than women. This is the case even after decades of women being active in the workforce with no laws to keep them from reaching the top. But Jan Carlzon’s point is that things are changing, and soon women might surpass men in leading positions.

While women have a long way to go before they become dominant in the private sector, they will soon become equal in the political sphere. The government administration is already divided equally, with 12 out of 24 ministers being women, and one of them in charge of finance. Just 30 years ago, 75 percent of ministers were male. Sweden’s mandates in the European Parliament are also divided fifty-fifty.

Women today hold 44 percent of seats in the parliament, while 30 years ago they held 31 percent. Female representation also looks roughly the same on the municipal level. In one instance they have a majority: Women vote to a slightly higher degree than men.


So women are quickly catching up and gaining political power with every election. It probably won’t be long before Sweden becomes a matriarchy in its literal sense, where the executive and the legislative powers are in the hands of women. Whether they will use this power to hurt men—maybe as a revenge for past injustices they think they’ve suffered—will certainly depend on what kind of women will rule.

The feminist government leads the way toward matriarchy


The current self-proclaimed feminist government proves that women don’t have to have a numerical advantage to get their way. They only need to bring a number of political manginas to their side and these gender traitors will do the job for them. Of course, there is an obvious advantage for any politician to pander to the larger female demographic.

Prime Minister and mangina-in-chief Stefan Löfven’s administration has four stated goals: men and women shall have equal power and influence, equal financial opportunities, do an equal amount of unpaid household work, and “men’s violence against women” shall end. 239 million SEK will be spent in 2016 on particular policies aimed at gender equality.

One way in which the government enforces their brand of feminist equality is to determine that a certain percentage of professors at universities must be female, even though 60 percent of students are women. Another example is that the government is pushing for affirmative action for CEOs of listed companies. Only six percent of them are women, and if the number hasn’t skyrocketed to 40 percent at the end of 2016, legislation will be used to even out the difference.

In the spirit of socialism they aim to push down one group of people to elevate another. Rather than stepping back and giving everyone a fair chance of succeeding—which would be the proper role of government—they will socially engineer society to meet their politically correct standards. All without shedding a drop of blood. It’s Marxism with a smiley face, and its purpose is to bring men down.

The MSM pushes for matriarchy

Actual matriarchy is thus not a prerequisite for men to be burdened by matriarchal (i.e. feminist) policies, since we already see it happening. And while women seem to be slow at reaching the heights of men in the business world, affirmative action will fix that perceived inequity soon enough.

Finally, an article on this topic mustn’t neglect the influence of the media. What the mainstream media tell people guides them in their decision-making, like when they put a ballot in a box every four years. A great range of voices can find an outlet on the internet, but TV channels and newspapers are filled with leftist, anti-masculine messaging. Studies also confirm that a clear majority of Swedish journalists are left-leaning.

While men are still dominant in many fields, women are slowly building up their power and do not hesitate to use government force for their own interests. Men must be aware of this and act upon it, if the dystopian future of matriarchy is to be avoided.

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