On New Year’s Eve, 1,000 men described as Arab and North African sexually assaulted 90 women in the German city of Cologne. Instead of being random, separate assaults dispersed across a very large city in the country’s most populous state, they all occurred in the vicinity of the Central Station, or Hauptbahnhof. Wolfgang Albers, the local police chief, called the incident (more like, dozens of incidents) “a completely new dimension of crime.”

Very unsurprisingly, the same feminists supporting ridiculously open borders are now using the pain and suffering of 90 German women to tackle “rape culture” and supposed German racism against foreigners. They have already started marching across the city in “anti-racism” protests that do not mention immigration, a sinister example of macabre opportunism. Whether before or after the entry of some 800,000+ economic migrants in 2015, any event or trend is twisted by feminists and other SJWs to support their narrative.

The German establishment can do nothing but blame others for their own mistakes

German SJWs allowed these rapes to happen with their cartoonish over-tolerance. And now they’re using them to try and prove their preposterous allegations of Western “rape culture.”

German police are clearly in damage control but under huge political pressure to avoid castigating either new foreign arrivals or established migrant communities. Justice Minister Heiko Maas of the Social Democratic Party (presently in a coalition with Merkel’s CDU) has made it his mission to clamp down on any legitimate outcry about Germany’s self-destructive open borders and mass immigration policies. Rather than blaming the men responsible, the male migrants his government accepted, he is doing everything he can to downplay the connection. He has even previously demanded Facebook eliminate “abusive content,” a poorly coded phrase for any commentary that emphasizes Germany’s right to preserve its indigenous culture and the social cohesion of its inhabitants.

Forgetting that his government unleashed the 800,000+ problem which German police are meant to tackle with the same, not more resources, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière is blaming the police themselves. The comedy of errors that is Angela Merkel’s government failed to heed any number of warnings about the destabilization of Germany’s social fabric. Cautionary advice from even socialist politicians like Thilo Sarrazin fell on deaf ears. And the nightmare in Cologne, which also suffered numerous robberies and other non-sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve, is one of the results.


Is Mayor Henriette Reker “victim-blaming”?

Henriette Reker is so obsessed with accommodating tens of thousands of “refugees” in her city that she’s demanding women take responsibility for not being raped by them.

The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Because the perpetrators are men of Arab and North African descent, the female Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, is now issuing guidelines for women so they can avoid being raped. Let’s stop here for a moment. She would never issue these guidelines to prevent incidents involving indigenous male Germans allegedly sexually assaulting or raping women. The men would be held responsible, even without the documentary evidence and sheer volume of complaints accompanying the Arab and North African mass sexual assaults in Cologne.

We should also reflect on the fact that when a Toronto policeman, Michael Sanguinetti, called for women not to dress as “sluts,” it resulted in hundreds of feminist protests around the world. Sanguinetti is a Canadian beat cop, not the mayor of one of Germany’s largest and most recognized cities. If you object to Reker’s blaming of the 90 violated women in Cologne, feel free to contact her with some well thought-out correspondence or via Twitter. Reker is getting a pass for her incendiary comments purely because she is a female and a leftist, not to mention that the perpetrators are exclusively minorities and therefore a protected species.

So, feminists of Germany and the world, when will you call out Henriette Reker? Or will the Orwellian Newspeak of enforced cultural tolerance for culturally intolerant migrants continue?

The German governments, along with SJWs, deserve criminal sanctions for allowing these sexual assaults to happen

With this sort of disorder at the border, how can mass rapes be prevented? This is the question the German national government will not and cannot answer.

The sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne, like all the other crimes that night, were entirely predictable. For over a decade, from Norway to Italy, Spain to Russia, the overrepresentation of Arab, African, and North African migrant men amongst European rapists has been well known. So, too, has the presence of disproportionate numbers of able-bodied men, not women and children, on boats and other convoys of people either crossing the Mediterranean or making their way to Europe through places like Turkey.

Angela Merkel’s administration, together with the pro-mass immigration governments of certain German states, have done nothing to credibly increase police funding and resources, maintain systems to register and monitor migrant arrivals, or demand any semblance of integration into German society and conformity with German culture. Minority communities that arrived in Germany from the 1970s have not been properly held to account, let alone the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants arriving in 2015.

And so the slow (or not so slow) demographic death of Germany marches on.

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