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Very few men are connecting the dots of politics, feminism, and economics, but there is one who is making a writer’s living out of it: Captain Capitalism. His new book, Enjoy The Decline, describes how you must emotionally detach yourself from America’s decline and pillage what you can.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the United States is in terminal decline. Making it even worse, is its inevitable demise will not be at the hands of a stronger foreign force, but rather at the hands of its own unfathomably ignorant citizens brainwashed and duped by its own unfathomably evil citizens. It is an internal cancer that is eating away at our beloved nation and despite our best efforts it is spreading.

He believes the biggest accelerator of our decline are entitlements in the form of social security, medicare, and welfare…

If you do not support yourself and rely on the production of others you are by definition a parasite… This, by default, makes the people who work and pay the taxes to subsidize these parasites the host or slave.


70% of your tax money goes to other people, meaning the government is not an agent of governance as much as it is an agent of wealth-redistribution.


The US government has gone from a minimalist-governing entity that served the people by leaving them be and letting them be as productive as possible, to a tool of the parasitic classes to confiscate the wealth of the productive classes.


The social contract between producers and parasites is no longer one of temporary, emergency assistance, needed solely to ensure an economic parasite returns to production as quickly as possible. It is now a political class of slave-masters that purposely, knowingly, and actively vote to live off of the producers.

This book is vehemently anti-socialism, believing in a “sink or swim” philosophy where money should not be taken from the strong to support the weak, especially since it’s the weak who will vote for politicians to give away more taxpayer money. We’ve reached a point where the American people will never vote for someone who will reduce benefits or promote a hard work ethic.

It isn’t the government or the state that you are fighting as much as it is the stupidity of the other 299,999,999 Americans. You by your little lonesome, no matter how right and correct, cannot overcome such odds and will have to suffer the consequences of the majority’s ignorance. Acknowledging these lopsided odds allows you to let go and enjoy life.


…any increase in the size of the government has to be paid for by its people, thereby necessarily lessening the individual.

He delineates between liberal and conservative men…

The difference between the psychologies of liberal men and conservative/libertarian men is that of competition. Conservative men embrace competition. Liberal men avoid it. Conservative men want to achieve excellence. Liberal men want to achieve equality and fairness.



The reason why liberal men are against competition is usually because they are uglier and weaker. Thus, it is in their best interests to have an egalitarian society where they don’t have to compete. Consequently, better looking and stronger men favor free market ideologies because they can leverage their strength, looks, and tenacity to improve their lives.

Women get the brunt of his attacks, especially those who put career before family…

If your career is more important than your children languishing in some daycare facility, that screams to the world, “I’m more important than everyone else, including my children.”


If you pursue a career and it doesn’t pay off, you have done nothing more than waste your youth and cripple your financial future.


You don’t have to be a model every day, but if your husband isn’t pawing at you at least one a week, then you are failing.

As for the solution, Clarey suggests a life of minimalism where you keep your income and tax rate low to avoid the fruits of your labor going to feed parasites. He advises on how to pillage the treasury to get government benefits that others are taking advantage of and how to execute his “Smith and Wesson retirement plan” for when it’s time to make your final exit. He also gives some tips on how to survive (or not survive) a SHTF scenario. He ultimately believes that the key to a nationwide problem lies with the individual and his choices. It’s better to safely spectate the decline instead of becoming victimized by it.

You may think that he’s proposing a fantasy lifestyle, but if you read his blog you already know that he practices what he preaches. He dropped out of the rat race to pursue travel, write, spend time with friends, drink good liquor, and pursue his own hobbies. He seems to be sincerely enjoying the decline.

The book has three weaknesses. First, it talked almost exclusively about the poor parasites, not the finance parasites who require trillions of bailout money to stay afloat and who do just as much—if not more—harm to the country’s balance sheet. Second, minimalism doesn’t make the vagina wet. He already has a girlfriend, but for men trying to get laid, you need modest income to access women, go on dates, and provide a comfortable bed where sex can occur. I think he understands that with passages like this…

Do you have any idea how marketable you are if you are over 30 and: (1) Don’t have kids, (2) Never been married, (3) Never been to jail, (4) Don’t live at home, and (5) Have a job.

Third, you will get passed by if you adopt a lifestyle of minimalism. Those closest to you will achieve more and make more money than you. Are you ready for that? There is money to be made even in this shitty economy and the verdict is out on how much you can make before it starts to negatively impact your happiness.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book. It made me think hard about the future and what the best course should be for men like me. While he adopted a course of minimalism in America, I have adopted a course of minimalism-lite in Eastern Europe. As different as our lives are, I think we’re both enjoying the decline in our own way.

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