On the issue of homosexual marriage, there have been many dissenters pointing to the dissolution of tradition and the elevation of one class of people over another, and why this matters for straight men. One other aspect worth thinking about is where the arguments supporting same-sex marriage will lead.

A Thought Experiment

Let's see where this all leads

Let’s see where this all leads

“Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want if they’re not hurting anyone.”

This has been the rallying cry for homosexual marriage advocates over the last two decades, along with “why do you care what people do if it doesn’t affect you?” In this article, I’ll take this rationale to its logical conclusion: Incest and polygamy.

Support for homosexual marriage has been buttressed by the idea that loving, consenting adults should be allowed the same status as traditional couples. They’re “born this way” and by denying them the right to marry society is treating them as second-class citizens. Consent has been of utmost importance to same-sex marriage supporters, as it has been in other debates centering on sex. But consider the following scenario:

John is a 58-year-old man who is on vacation with his 30 year-old son. One day they decide it would be fun if they tried making love. They both found they enjoyed it and after a few more sessions decide they want legal recognition in the form of marriage for their newfound commitment to each other. Should they be allowed to do this?

Provide some reasons why they shouldn’t, and they’ll likely be the same reasons opponents of same-sex marriage have given for why homosexuals shouldn’t get married. “It’s disgusting,” “It’s wrong,” “It’s unnatural.” Yet by the reasoning of allowing same-sex marriage, this scenario should be perfectly fine. Incest between opposite sex family members can be shot down by citing biological deformities that can occur in their offspring.

But why shouldn’t a man be allowed to marry his grandson if they’re both adults? Why shouldn’t a woman be allowed to marry her mother? These are ideas that can’t be refuted if we accept that consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want, the standard refrain from homosexual marriage supporters. By the way, bestiality, the idea that leftists point to and laugh at, does not fit into this framework—animals can’t consent, but a man and his brother can.

Polygamy Is Around The Corner

The new normal

The new normal

Plural marriage, or polygamy, is on the horizon as well. This is something that is guaranteed to happen for three reasons. First, if a group of adults want to get married, they can co-opt the reasons homosexuals used and apply it to their own situation. They’ll claim that loving, consenting adults should have their marital arrangement recognized by the state. Supporters of homosexual marriage must acknowledge that this is where their reasoning leads.


A second reason is distribution of finances and time. While some might claim that polygamy will negatively impact the well-being of children, they could refute that argument by pointing to the fact that this was also something homosexual marriage opponents claimed. Moreover, even if this were true and could justify restricting plural marriage rights, they could claim that polygamy is good for children, because more adults are available to share the physical, financial, and emotional demands of caring for them. For them, any difficulties would be outweighed by this benefit.

Bear in mind that a generation ago, a worker with a steady job could support a family, own a house, and send a child to college. At a certain point some may deem it necessary to have three workers to be a successful family unit. Some may respond to the changing economy by forming economic groups of several people in one marriage. One income used to be enough to raise and provide for a family, now families require two incomes. Soon it will be three or more.

This leads to the third reason why polygamy will be legalized: the benefit of the state. Isn’t it interesting that as soon as women started entering the workforce in droves, households required two incomes to sustain themselves? The system understood that by encouraging women to work, they would increase the amount of producers and taxpayers. Expect to see wages continue to dwindle as support for plural marriage rises and the state co-opts the polygamy movement. The system will be able to pay workers less while simultaneously appearing “progressive” and “enlightened” on the issue of polygamy and appeasing the supporters of the upcoming movement.

Broken Families = Mindless Consumers

Be a good little producer for this corporation, so you can give money to another one for entertainment

Be a good little producer for one corporation, so you can give money to another one for entertainment

Along the same lines, polygamy will destabilize families, and cause each person to care less about any member of their family. With multiple parents and offspring not bonded by blood living together, the natural connection that forms within nuclear families will collapse. They’ll look for fulfillment in another way: By consuming— trendy foods, the newest iPhone, Taylor Swift, franchise movies, Netflix binges, Instagram, celebrity gossip, etc. This is already happening as families have broken apart, and it will accelerate.

In sum, arguments supporting homosexual marriage can also be used to support incest and polygamy. Furthermore, as support for these movements grows, the system will seize this opportunity to co-opt the movement in order to pay workers less while maintaining an equal amount of producers and consumers, all under the guise of progress.

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