Men who live in modern Western liberal democracies under the influence of third wave feminism have a distorted view of reality. The analogy of “taking the red pill” is used to refer to the moment of truth where a man realizes and acknowledges these lies and distortions, which are aimed to control his actions, and makes a decision to reject them despite their popularity and near universal acknowledgement.

Thanks to ROK and the neomasculinity movement, we can share truths and observations about women, self, and society, waking up disillusioned men more rapidly and in greater numbers. Here we will examine a number of lies that men are told from an early age:

1. Men And Women Are Equal


From pushing women out of the home and into the workplace, to women sporting masculine hair, clothing, and language, to quotas designed to increase female jobs at the expense of men, we are told that men and women are equally interchangeable in the workforce. The US military recently went from having zero female generals to 69 (pun intended?). And starting January 2016, all military jobs will be open to women. But look at these profiles of women selected by the army:


Would any of these women make suitable wife material? One can only assume these are the most attractive and successful chosen by the government to portray here.

Do we want all jobs staffed by all groups? Should dwarves and midgets be eligible for firefighting jobs, or should they be encouraged to pursue a vocation that they have a natural interest or inclination in? Despite the US military stirring up problems around the world, the planet is actually a rather peaceful and stable place today, but imagine fighting Hitler’s top generals with a team of women. Which side would you bet on? Of course, the focus here is always on lifting up and encouraging women to take men’s jobs, never the opposite.

2. Gender Is Nonbinary And Fluid


After Dr. John Money created the idea of gender, we are at the point today where Facebook offers up to 71 options for describing one’s gender (the fact that most of them are simply rearranging words or using synonyms should make it obvious that this is a joke). We are told that we must ignore our eyes and not assume what pronouns we should used when speaking to a person. While some new words have been invented by SJWs like ze, ey, and tey, their hamsters have not processed how one is supposed to align 71 different genders to only 5 or 6 pronouns for those genders.

Science defines two sexes: the XX chromosome and the XY chromosome. The only other possible combination, YY, (technically XYY since the X chromosome will always be present) is a rare genetic defect where the man (yes, still a man) will have a higher likelihood learning disability and lower mental faculties. But even this does not create a third gender—the person is always a man. There are rare cases of intersex or hermaphrodites, or people born with birth defects that do not have functioning sexual organs, but they are merely lacking something to make them a full man or woman, and are not a distinct third group. There are only two sexes: male and female.

The goal of all this is to eliminate any sort of patriarchy, because while any binary group can have certain roles ascribed to it, there can be no such organization if instead of two main categories humans are separated into a diverse group of 71, which lack any true defining characteristics and can even change on a day to day basis.

Of course, many of these behaviors, (can we say 71 gendered “multiple personality disorder”?) are textbook examples of mental illness, and indeed Dr. Paul McHugh, Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry and former psychiatrist in chief for Johns Hopkins, has stated that transgenderism is a mental disorder, sex change is biologically impossible, and “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by not treating transgender confusions … as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

This is important because it was Johns Hopkins, under Dr. John Money’s clinic in the 70s, who pioneered the ideas of gender and performed groundbreaking surgeries and treatments in sex operations, until “at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs,” said Dr. McHugh. The goal is destruction of male power and influence, and the removal of any remaining vestiges of the “patriarchy.”

3. Democracy Is Great



Most politicians can’t get through a talk without praising the idea of how wonderful democracy is. This is never explained or quantified, but merely stated or implied as a certain fact. However, democracy is basically an experiment that allowed a more liberal government, but failed to provide enough protections against social change, greed, financial mismanagement, and war. Suffice it to say that the wave of democracies which have swept across most nations over the past 100 years have failed to produce a better society.

But let’s examine this further. If democracy is indeed so great, isn’t there something wrong with a country of 320 million where only 36.3% of “eligible voters” (a group that itself excludes large groups of Americans) turned out to vote in the last election? If democracy is so good that we must spend trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives to ensure people who don’t have or want it, get it, aren’t we failing at a fundamental level when the vast majority of Americans are not participating in this democracy?

Nowhere else do we abdicate power and responsibility to the simple will of the masses (masses who would support things like slavery, genocide, drug use, war, debt forgiveness, taxation, etc.). Schools are taught by educated (appointed) teachers with training and skill in teaching methods, public speaking, and knowledge in their subject area, not by a popular vote of the students or their parents. Companies are run by (appointed) executives and bosses, many of whom would NEVER win a popularity contest if leadership was selected by a democratic vote. Churches are run by (appointed) pastors, who have knowledge in their religion’s holy text, public speaking skills, a background in philosophy, and often humor, not by a common vote of parishioners. They impart lessons from their religion’s core values, and not merely those which the churchgoers want to hear about (otherwise every lesson would be about forgiveness and how everyone is going to heaven).

Families were in the past non-democratically lead primarily by the man, or at least by the two parents, who make the important decisions for the household, not by putting things up to a vote to the entire family. Outside a few social organizations and charitable bodies, where do we use the principle of democracy in life to accomplish anything? Democracy has never been proven to produce good ideas or results, but is being used because it is a tool to remove power and influence from men.

4. Women Are Precious Little Snowflakes


Even while women have redefined themselves as butch, buzz cut wearing, cursing, tattooed, pierced, masculine, empowered career drones who can slut around as much as they want until they decide to settle down with a nice guy, they have somehow been able to retain this idea that they are the gentler sex. This is despite evidence that they are the more violent physical aggressors in domestic disputes, and certainly the more emotionally manipulative. According to them, they must be wined and dined and pleased and catered to at all times, they are better parents, they would make better leaders, and they should be courted and spoiled the way our grandfathers would treat a lady.

Although remember, they are not responsible for their actions and if they drink alcohol that they legally buy at a bar, a place that exists as a location where single men and women can go to meet each other and grease the wheels for sexual interaction. This can now be equated to violently raping her if she is unhappy afterwards.


Men are the more romantic sex, writing practically all love poems, songs, art, coming up with a constant supply of jokes and entertainment to keep the girl laughing and happy and entertained, funding her large appetite for food and drink, are less likely to divorce her after marriage (30% man initiated vs 70% female initiated). Anecdotally, the husband failing to pay the bills and uphold his masculine duties is a lot more rare than the woman who withholds sex and ignores her household duties. There is an abundance of evidence that men are more loving, caring, empathetic, romantic, and emotional than women.

I can count on my pinky finger the number of times a woman has done something romantic or creative for me, and that was in high school. I don’t imagine that any of my exes ever think about me. Women have an ability to completely forget past emotions and shared experiences, or more likely they were never that close to you in the first place. And yet so many betas fall into the trap of continuing to be the nice guy because of the lie they are told that women are sweet, innocent, chaste, and pure and must be honored and respected and forgiven.

These men will play the nice guy for years if not decades, be cuckolded, be divorced raped, and pay for alimony and child support for decades.  The end result of this lie is increased hypergamy and destruction of the male-led family unit, combined with financial funding of a woman’s childish lifestyle.


Obviously, men are told a variety of lies in the West. Men, in their good nature, are manipulated and their emotions used against them in order to create a society that subverts the natural order. The first step toward understanding is to observe and acknowledge these lies. Many men, frustrated with their interactions with western women, find great resonance with the truths taught here at ROK. As men study and learn game, and see its effects, they begin to see the lies that have been fomented about the sexes. As we acknowledge these false statements for the lies that they are, we spread awareness and attempt to return society to the path of a cohesive, developing civilization.

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