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As someone who has been the target of SJW attacks for years, and who has helped bring awareness to their totalitarian interpretation of “justice,” I began reading Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie with enthusiasm. Not only does it go into depth about what SJW’s think and how they behave, it also gives you a strategy for fighting back when they come after you or your organization.

SJW’s have so infected Western institutions and corporations that it is inevitable you will come face-to-face with an SJW who hopes to harm you and your livelihood. For that reason, SJWs Always Lie amounts to essential reading for all men. It’s the most important book I read in 2015.

In the universities, in the churches, in the corporations, in the professional associations, in the editorial offices, in the game studios, and just about everywhere else you can imagine, free speech and free thought are under siege by a group of fanatics as self-righteous as Savonarola, as ruthless as Stalin, as ambitious as Napoleon, and as crazy as Caligula. They are the Social Justice Warriors, the SJWs, the self-appointed thought police who have been running amok throughout the West since the dawn of the politically correct era in the 1990s.

Vox methodically breaks down the enemy that we have been fighting for years, including their strengths, weaknesses, and modes of attack. While information on fighting SJWs are available on various sites and forums, this is the first time it has been assembled in one cohesive work.

Either you’re with them, or you’re an oppressor

If you don’t unquestioningly accept the SJW Narrative, then you not only cannot be oppressed, but you have taken the side of the privileged, and in doing so, have become an oppressor yourself.

Submit or fight back

And it is because so many institutions have been made to converge to the social justice cause that sooner or later, no matter what you are or what you do, you will be faced with a choice. Either submit to the SJWs and accept their policing of your every word and thought, or stand against them and endure their attacks.

What is the “narrative”?

The Narrative is the story that the SJWs want to tell. It is the fiction they want you to believe; it is the reality that they want to create through the denial of the problematic reality that happens to exist at the moment. And there is no one definitive Narrative. Instead, there are many Narratives, all of them subject to change at any time, thereby requiring the SJW who subscribes to them to be able to change his own professed beliefs on demand as well.

SJWs are pathological liars

SJWs Always Lie is a truism because you cannot make social justice arguments without purposefully omitting crucial facts. You cannot, in other words, be a social justice warrior in good faith.


[When called out on a lie], instead of coming clean in one way or another, the SJW will instead double down and attempt to shore up his lies by concocting an even larger framework of deceit and misdirection to support them.

The 3 Immutable Laws Of SJWism

1. They always lie
2. They always double down when confronted with their lies
3. They always project

Vox gives examples of how SJWs perform these three laws in action, most notably with John Scalzi, a cross-dressing science fiction writer who has achieved enough power in the sci-fi writer’s sphere to exile non-SJW writers.

What a man who subscribes to social justice looks like

What a man who subscribes to social justice looks like

SJW’s project their inner fears and insecurities

The accusations made by SJWs when they attack others usually reflect, on some level, something they know to be true about themselves. An SJW with creepy tendencies will tend to accuse others of sexual harassment. One who is unsettled in his sexual orientation will often accuse others of homophobia. Female SJWs who feel inferior will accuse men of sexism. And since they are all habitual liars, SJWs find it almost impossible to believe that anyone is ever telling the truth.

SJW females are easy to classify. If she’s obsessed with rape, she loves to be choked in bed. If she’s obsessed with the “wage gap,” she’s looking for a money grab because she knows she can’t compete on the labor market. If she’s obsessed with race, she prefers to live in an all-white neighborhood (and likely already does). If she’s obsessed with Islamophobia, she hates her submissive boyfriend and wishes a savage would take her to bed without asking for permission every step of the way. And if she spends hours a month hating on me specifically, she wants me to make love to her.

Common SJW behaviors

[An SJW] is inclined to thought-police, speech-police, and even race-police everyone around him and will try to marginalize, discredit, and destroy anyone who fails to conform to his thought-policing with sufficient obedience and enthusiasm.


…they prey on the naïve and the unsuspecting. They prey on the moderates, the middle-grounders, and the fence-sitters. They prey on people like you: good, decent individuals who try to treat everyone fairly and who can’t even imagine having done anything that anyone could possibly find objectionable. Why? Because soft targets are always easier to destroy than hard ones.


If they go after a bigger target like Vox or myself, they need greater organization and support. To challenge me in Canada, they had multiple Facebook groups (public and private), support from mayors and politicians, demonstrations in city squares, and nonstop favorable coverage in the media. And they still lost. The main reason they keep winning is that people don’t stand up to them, but now more people are learning how.

The 8 Stages Of An SJW Attack

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative. Trivial violations are sufficient when a target has some public or organizational influence.

2. Point and Shriek. “The next step is to summon other SJWs by pointing at the target and shrieking about how terrible, outrageous, and completely unacceptable he is.”

3. Isolate and Swarm. The target is isolated from his allies while SJW’s recruit more foot soldiers in the attack.

4. Reject and Transform. An apology is elicited from the target, which only makes matters worse. “[The apology] is promptly rejected because it is not the action, but the actor, that is the real target.”

5. Press for Surrender. They begin going for the kill: getting the person fired from a job or ejection from an organization.

6. Appeal to Amenable Authority. The company or organization is heavily petitioned to punish the target.

7. Show Trial. The target is accused of every wrong imaginable, almost always falsely, and the media becomes an ally in publishing those lies, fed to them directly by the SJWs involved.

8. Victory Parade. “[SJWs] repeatedly display the corpse in a ritual manner, to demoralize anyone else who might otherwise be inclined to challenge their Narrative.” If the target has a Wikipedia page, it will be promptly updated with their latest thoughtcrimes.

The easiest way to stop this attack cycle is to gather support from allies and not apologize. The apology plays into their hands and makes the situation worse, which is why Vox implores his readers to never apologize to SJWs.

Look at Hunt. Look at Eich. Look at everyone in your personal experience who has come under attack by SJWs. Did apologizing do them any good at all? Did apologizing reduce the intensity of the attacks on them, or did the SJWs keep attacking? An apology is not going to relieve the pressure on you, it is only going to increase it.

Moderates are not your friends

How can you identify a moderate? He is the man who only shoots at his own side and never at the enemy. Moderates merit friendly civility, but no respect. They are often useful, if irritating allies, but do not permit them any input into strategy and tactics or decision-making.


I am an evangelical Christian with hermitic inclinations. We may not agree on many things, but I’d rather have Roosh, an experience-hardened veteran of many a public relations battle, at my back than a company of evangelical Christians who will burst into tears and flee as soon as the first barrage of “racist sexist homophobia” begins to land.

Their biggest weakness is their mental illness(es)

You should be aware that you have a very important strategic advantage vis-a-vis the SJWs with regards to morale. A large percentage of SJWs are prone to various forms of mental illness; being competitive with regards to their victimhood, it is not at all uncommon for them to openly brag about being on various antidepressants and other psychiatric medications… Because so many of them are miserable and depressed, the strategy of repeatedly hammering SJW morale with dark messages of inevitable failure, doom, and defeat tends to be considerably more effective than it is when aimed at normal, happy, self-confident individuals.

You can’t win if you don’t fight

SJWs are winning the cultural war because no one has been fighting them. No one has been resisting them. But now you know why you need to resist them. Now you know why you need to defeat them. And, most importantly, now you know how to do it.


The strength of SJW’s Always Lie is that people who have never heard of an SJW will immediately be able to understand and recognize them after reading the book, which is free of jargon or insider terminology. It gets you quickly up to speed on their traits and behaviors so you’re not blindsided by an SJW who may seem subtle to the layman, but blindingly obvious to someone like myself. Vox includes word-for-word examples of SJW offensive tactics along with how you should respond.

The biggest flaw of the book is that the examples could be uneven, where some were far more interesting or helpful than the others. I also didn’t get too much use out of his explanation comparing dialectic and rhetoric, since it was more based on theory than practicality. Besides that, the book was a fast read and accomplished the task it set out to do of informing readers about the dangers of SJW’s while giving actionable advice to fight them. I predict this book will save hundreds of jobs for those who are attacked. My only regret while reading it is that I didn’t write it first.

Already with a popular follow-up, Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America, Vox is cementing his position as an influential thought leader whose historical and strategic knowledge is being put to devastating use in the culture war. With men like him on our team, victory is just about certain.

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