The vast majority of modern women in the West are irreparably corrupt. And while many of us blame the toxic influence of feminism, I believe that feminism is merely a symptom of a decadent society rather than the disease itself.

Even without feminism, there are aspects of our society that lure and corrupt women with disastrous consequences for the society as a whole. It starts with the creation of snarky and entitled women who place their careers and riding the cock carousel above being wives and mothers, which leads to dysfunctional matrimonial relationships, which leads to divorce and men shunning marriage.

This then leads to the destruction of nuclear families, which leads to the decline in population due to low birth-rates, which in turn makes governments resort to importing millions of foreign immigrants to replace the native population, and also all the consequences for the children being raised by single mothers, and so on.

The following are the biggest offenders that are currently corrupting women today:

1. Bars And Clubs


Bars and clubs are the sort of places where women congregate to bring out their worst. The male attention they get from these places is so great that they end up bloating their egos to a point where it refuses to deflate even into their 30’s.

Although they’re the sort of places frequented by women who are already tainted, any decent woman who enters them will succumb to their toxic influences over time.

2. Social Media


Women love receiving attention and validation without accomplishing anything, and social media is their weapon of choice. Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and more, have turned into male-attention buffet for the attention whores everywhere who feed their vanity by fishing for “likes.” The more shameless ones use them to engage in real-life depravity, where they allow rich Arabs to defecate in their mouths to satisfy their materialistic orgy.

You can expect any woman who makes a habit of putting up her selfies online to be a narcissistic shell of a human being devoid of any humility or decency. I think it’s safe to say that social media is the worst thing to happen to women since the sexual liberation of the 1960’s.

3. Careers


Perhaps the most devastating social change to occur in recent times is having women turn from loving, caring wives into career women who are more interested in their desk jobs than in raising children. The more time that a woman prioritizes her career, the more she is likely to delay marriage or not marry at all, resulting in decreased number of available women for men to marry—which of course leads to the subsequent decline in nuclear families.

Careers also tend to make women more entitled, materialistic, and narcissistic. Their attitude suffers as well as they believe that acting up like a bitch equates to being a competent leader.

4. Colleges And Universities


Colleges today have transformed from being giant money-making schemes to breeding grounds for militant feminists and the social justice rabbles. Any woman who go to one of these “educational” institutions are infantilized with “safe spaces” that offer bubble, Play-Doh, and videos of puppies to soothe empowered female feelings after being triggered from facing opposing views. (You know things are bad when even Obama thinks the students are coddled).

And when a place of education turns into nothing but a giant day-care centre for privileged cry babies, these sort of shrieking goblins shouldn’t come as a surprise:

I myself have witnessed a sweet, bubbly girl I know transform into a short-haired, feminist bitch after spending just few years in a university in Toronto (the same one that started Slutwalk). Today, colleges no longer serve as places for intellectual growth, but are, instead, places that indoctrinate women with warped, progressive world-view. Women should be discouraged from attending them.


5. Smartphones

Smartphones may be useful in many ways, but when you consider the way most people use them most of the time (i.e. texting, social media, games, mindless browsing, etc.), it’s by far the worst technological innovation to have infested our society in recent times.

And while these devices affect both men and women, it seems to be having a worse impact on women who seem to have merged with the machine to become one with it. Much like crack addicts, women who are addicted to their phones are irritable and short-tempered as anything that distracts them from their phones is seen as an annoyance.

6. Shopping Malls


Shopping malls were made for women, to exploit women, thus spoiling them in the process. You have to understand that women don’t go to shopping malls to merely buy something; for them, it is a way of indulging in their materialistic hedonism—and also a way for them to resolve their psychological anxieties of beauty and status.

You can almost guarantee that if we were to draw a graph that shows the relationship between how often a woman goes shopping and her level of narcissism, it would be a straight line.

7. Movies And Television Shows

Women reach both their sexual peak and photoshop peak when they hit their 30’s.

The messages in movies and television shows today do nothing but harm women by distorting their view of reality. From the unrealistic and lavish lifestyle portrayed in Sex and the City to the ridiculous girl power films like the new Max Max and Star Wars, the only thing these brainless fantasies “empower” is women’s complete irresponsibility and delusion. That is, until reality hits them—hard.

8. White Knights And Male Feminists


One of the main reasons why women feel bolstered enough to be as crass as they are now is because of all the loser white-knights and male feminists who jump in their defense like well-trained dogs. If all men united to express their disapproval at the state of women today, many of the problems we face might be mitigated significantly.

But the fact of the matter is that there are far too many supplicant men who kowtow to every whim of the opposite sex, thereby indirectly contributing to their skyscraping egos and bitch behaviour.


While there isn’t awful lot we can do to stop these toxic influences, we can use them as a reference to decide which women to avoid—especially if you are looking for a stable relationship. You can argue that it’s virtually impossible to find any woman who is clean of all these influences, but the point is to find one close to it as possible.

And for that, you might have to look outside the cities or head overseas. But as long as women today remain unchecked to do as they wish while the above mentioned factors remain in place, I don’t expect things to improve anytime soon in the West.

And last, it’s also worth noting that the majority of men are also guilty of the things that I’ve listed above in one form or the other. If you do happen to be guilty, limit and fix what you can as much as possible.

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