Recently, a friend introduced me to a website called Chaturbate (nsfw), a free site where you can view people naked doing just about anything.  It’s basically free, live amateur porn. I stopped using pornography several months back, but this was shocking and intriguing to me, and takes pornography to a whole new level. While there are definitely sexually stimulating women there, I became more fascinated with the site as a glimpse at the modern day woman and the level of promiscuity in our society. After about a month of reflecting on the site, checking in a couple of times a week, I have the following observations:

1. Women Are Sluttier Than You Think


Even if you have taken the red pill, are spinning plates and having multiple one night stands, you probably underestimate the utter depravity of women. You will see women showing off their bodies to complete strangers, sticking all manner of objects in all their orifices, having sex live in plain view, where thousands can see them, and other things I will not repeat here.

They have no concern over their future or the repercussions of their actions. Actually, there are few repercussions, because they are not shamed for their actions and they will find guys to wife them up in the West. This should give any man pause when dealing with the opposite sex.

2. Looks Can Be Deceiving


The site is full of young girls, many quite innocent looking, who will strip off their clothes and casually talk to their viewers, answer phone calls non-chalantly while fully naked, and reveal nasty, dirty secrets to strangers. We all know there is such a thing as the thousand cock stare. But looking at a few girls on this site makes me question even the girl sitting on my same pew in church.

3. Femininity Is Valued


The site is open for anyone to broadcast, and is therefore a free market of sexuality. There are a disproportionate number of thin, young, Eastern European, Asian, and Latina women without tattoos, and with long, feminine hair. And these are the women receiving thousands of viewers.

Yes, there are fuglies and I’m sure there are even some people who have weird fetishes who are *attracted* to fat, short haired, or otherwise unattractive women, but the majority clearly prefers young, thin feminine women. There are plenty of American college girls too. A word of warning: there are men, gays, and trannys on the site. It is obvious that men, when given a choice, clearly prefer young, thin, feminine women.

4. Women Are, Above All, Attention Seekers

2010 NBA All Star Game

Probably the biggest lesson to learn is the lengths women will go to in order to attention whore. These women are so narcissistic that they crave the attention and praise of viewers and will do almost anything for it. The fact that they can attract the simultaneous attention of thousands of men simply by removing clothing and showing their natural birthday suit makes them feel powerful and strong.

They can further tease and lead on men—I’ve witnessed some who will toy with hundreds of beta followers, fully clothed, teasing them with the promise of undressing that is never fulfilled. And yet they will still have white knight orbiters who will defend them as “perfect” and “amazing” and attack other men who demand she put up or shut up. Of course, given the option of hundreds of live streaming girls, any girl who teases too long is passed up for one who is already fully nude and inserting multiple objects into her body.

If a woman will sexually and publicly degrade herself with unspeakable sexual acts for virtual attention over a computer screen, imagine what she will do in real life.

5. Women Love Trinkets



There is a way to “tip” women with online credits, and much like “freemium games” one way to obtain credits is to buy them for 5 cents a piece. Whenever a girl is tipped, a “cha-ching” sound will be played. The girls are visibly excited and respond whenever they hear this sound. There are even vibrators that they can buy (and most all girls have these) that are coordinated to respond to the sound of the “cha-ching” that the site makes and increase their vibration, in a sick Pavlovian response where, over time, I believe the woman would literally get off to the sound of money.

Many of the women will have tiers of vulgarity tied to these virtual trinkets—i.e. once they receive 20 tokens they will take off their top, at 40 tokens, their bottom, at 60 they will insert a dildo, at 100 insert something into their ass, etc. Note that there are always women showing for free, and there are enough orbiters feeding these women virtual tokens that you never have to send tokens to see the depravity.

6. Women Value Money Over Dignity


Several of these women have created Twitter accounts where you can “follow” them, be in their fan club, and be notified whenever they are stripping. They also accept Paypal or Amazon gift cards and will send you special videos, sell you their used underwear, take special requests, give you access to their dirty Snapchats, or become a portapotty for the right price.

7. Always Have Abundance Mentality


One of the most positive lessons to be learned from this site is having an abundance mentality with women. When you can click through hot young girl after hot young girl doing any manner of perverted sexual acts, it’s hard to imagine ever fixating on any one. Indeed, any girl who doesn’t perform adequately, takes too long with foreplay and teasing, or is too greedy with the virtual credits will quickly be passed over for a hotter, easier girl who is in the middle of a squirting show. It’s hard to develop oneitis after seeing the abundance of hot young poon available online.

8. Hot Girls Are Easy


For many guys, even once they see some early effects of game, they still think that certain women are out of their league. One of my first eye opening red pill experiences was when I found myself alone with a 9 who kissed me and then stripped off her clothes and a few seconds later asked me to fuck her. I was down to party, but going from a first kiss to sex within a matter of 30 seconds, with zero concern over me having a condom, was a little too slutty for me, and I rejected her, which made me feel even better.

But ever since then I realized how the hottest girls are just as easy—actually MORE SO—than your average girl. This is only reinforced on the site, where you will see girls with high SMV offering their bodies for free for thousands of guys to jerk off to.

9. Women Lie


It is quite a social experiment to sit back and watch the interactions of these women with their orbiters. Often, after hearing multiple “cha-ching” noises indicating large deposits of virtual credits, the women will respond verbally with “Oh My Gosh! I love you!” It reminds me of the gold digger prank where a guy approaches strange women on the street, who reject him, until they find out he has a Lamborghini. When you see women so easily and freely toss around the L word, you realize how fake, dishonest, shallow, and manipulative they are.


The site offers a sick portrayal of the modern sexual marketplace. While I do not want to condone men to use pornography, it is definitely eye-opening and it is important for men to understand the levels to which women have sunk, especially college age women.

On Christmas day, I logged on to find 15 pages of women to choose from (each page offers 90 live cams so this was a total of around 1,350 options of live sluts degrading themselves sexually instead of celebrating Christmas with their families). The numbers are normally in the thousands, and this occurs every day, around the clock, 24 hours a day.

One thing I didn’t see on the site was Muslim women, because that is one of the last societies where men retain control over the behavior of women. Chaturbate is a strong sign of the depravity of our society and the lack of any sort of morality or modesty when patriarchy is removed, and is a clear symptom of the need for neomasculinity.

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