I sometimes find it difficult to accept the rapid changes our society has seen. My grandparents were born shortly after the First World War, when Western culture began its decline. And I grew up watching old reruns of Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch, where mothers played a much more traditional feminine role, only to enter the dating world, where aggressive, masculine butch women shunned all of their femininity and presented me with their rude, sarcastic, overweight, abrasive selves.

Yet perhaps the most rapid change of all has been in the realm of sex and gender. Gender is a word created by Dr. John Money only a few short decades ago, and the idea of gender being an arbitrary and capricious element of our humanity, like our hair color or personal style, was rapidly introduced. While there are still members of society alive that remember concentration camps, segregation, and other relics of the past, I honestly don’t know how they can process the light speed changes in the realm of sexuality.

It’s hard to believe that after all we’ve seen, society still has the ability to shock and mortify. This happened most recently to me when a story came on my radio about a toddler tranny. (Oh, the politically correct word is transitioning or transgender, which sounds less twisted and perverse). I could barely continue driving my car, questioning whether I was dreaming or not.

Even writing this article, a part of me wants to believe these are fictional stories, meant to indoctrinate, enrage, or distract the public. But sadly, I believe them to be real.  Let’s examine one such case.

3 Year Old Jack Transitions To Jackie

A Georgia couple who recently moved to California with their two children decided that the youngest, Jack, wasn’t really happy being a boy, and really should be a girl.  How old was Jack when they made this decision? Three years old. I have cousins approaching three, and they can barely talk. When they do talk, they often don’t make sense. I’ve never heard them express any sort of independent thought, and they are easily distracted.

Their thoughts range from “let’s play with my action figure over here” to “lets go color or draw something over here” to “lets go watch TV in here.”  They essentially have no awareness of themselves, or what we call consciousness.


Curiosity does not equal a desire to be sexually mutilated

They certainly don’t have any sort of sexuality, and whatever sexual organs they have are not yet developed. They are, in a way, asexual. They can’t even understand what the difference is between a male and female.  Sure, they know what daddy looks like, and mommy looks like something different, but there’s no understanding of sexual correlation.

Nothing sexual is going on here, feminist perverts!

You can see this from the way young children will play with each other. Boys will play with girls just as freely as with other boys–there’s no realization of a difference, primarily because the differences haven’t yet developed. A baby boy has no significantly higher upper body strength, deeper voice, or logically developed mind than a baby girl.

The idea of ascribing sex to them at such a sickeningly young age is perverse enough. What’s sicker is to decide for them that a mistake was made, and instead of becoming a man, they should become a woman or vice versa.


In the past, all baby boys wore dresses.

Jack’s mom allowed Jack to wear his older sister’s dresses, but a three-year-old has no concept of what a dress is, and there is nothing inherently sexual about a dress—this is all societally contrived. The Scottish wear skirts and this doesn’t mean they want their penis lopped off. Jack also would wear pink boots (one would assume his parents bought him pink boots, encouraging this behavior, and again, there is nothing inherently feminine about a color–society has simply decided that baby boy = blue and baby girl = pink).

One day, when Jack’s mom was driving his older sister to Kindergarten, his mother decided he “looked really sad” and had

this weight that looked like it weighed more than she (sic) did, something she (sic) had to say and I didn’t know what that was. So I asked “Jack, are you sad that you’re not going to school today? And Jack was really quiet and put her (sic) head down and said “No, I’m sad because I’m a boy.”


You want to drive? Sure! Why not! You’re a fully developed, rational human being with logic and reason.

The mom continued, “I thought a little bit longer  and I said, ‘Well, are you happy being you?’ And that made Jack smile,” she says. “And I felt like for that moment, that was all that really mattered. That was ‘The Day.'”


So, there you go. If you hand a boy a doll, and instead of throwing it down, he analyzes or plays with it, and he agrees that he is “happy being himself,” then that is a clear sign that his penis must be immediately cauterized, he should be shot up with hormones, dressed and treated a certain way, and his name changed.

As anyone who has been around toddlers knows, they are silly, easily distracted or amused, illogical, and lack self awareness. Yet, this mother treats her son like he is a wise prophet trapped in a child’s body, mysteriously issuing her secretive coded messages about how he wants her to change him.

The mom drove Jack to a drugstore, bought him elastic hair bands, and put Jack’s hair in a ponytail. The mom took this as a clear sign:

I’ve never seen such a happy child.  To go from maybe an hour before this, this child who looks so sad, to that, I felt like I’d done something right by her (sic).


The mom soon decided Jack should be called Jackie, and from that moment on, referred to him as a her. The older sister, Chloe, doesn’t understand this, and will still sometimes refer to her brother as “Jack” “he” and “brother.”

I don’t have any memories of age three or earlier, and I’d guess chances are fairly high, that much like the story of David Reimer, Jack won’t know or remember that he was a boy, and if he ever finds out will be incredibly angry and confused. If the David Reimer story isn’t a warning about what can happen when doctors alter the sex of children (hint: both twins committed suicide after struggling with depression, drug abuse, and crime), I don’t know what is.

This is a clear case of child abuse, and mental illness by the parents.


The double standard–this is completely normal, while the opposite is a birth defect

When they are infants and toddlers, it is normal for children of both sexes to be interested in and learn about everything they come across.  The way they learn the difference between a masculine G I Joe and a feminine My Little Pony is by examining and playing with each.


The tranny movement is mental illness, as Johns Hopkins lead psychologist Paul McHugh stated (since Johns Hopkins has closed Dr. Money’s gender clinic). It is a pure attack on men and masculinity. Notice how these stories are always about baby boys, and the solution is to chop off their penis and treat them as women. If a girl wants to pick up an action figure or a gun, she is “empowered.” But if a boy is curious about a Barbie or the color pink, he is a disfigured and defective, and must be corrected by hormone treatment and surgery.

A World Of Regret


Author and anti-sex change activist Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer, who was treated as a girl by his parents, had sex surgery, and later returned to identifying as a man, has documented many cases of regret, suicide, reverse sex change operations, and stories about children and gender reassignment at his site Sexchangeregret.  Recent studies have shown that having sex surgery increases your risk of suicide by 20 TIMES. Furthermore, even if one did take children at their word, pretending that they are rational, developed adults, studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic indicate that over time, children who expressed transgender feelings, “spontaneously lost those feelings 70% to 80% of the time.”

This is all-out war on men and masculinity. As mass sexual mutiliation of most boys occurs through hospital circumcision, men have been targeted since birth to be brought down in order to raise up other groups. Childhood sexual reassignment is child abuse and must be stopped. If not, we are in for a sick, dark future.

Listen to the original radio story here.

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