Many women are woefully unhappy in spite of living under the most privileged conditions ever afforded by civilization. No matter how much they receive and how much they indulge, nothing ever satiates their needs and wants. Satisfaction of one of their desires only leads to a plethora of new ones along with a deeper sense of discontentment.

And of all the areas of a woman’s life, her sexuality is the most fragile trait that not only affects her own life but that of men and the society at large. It’s becoming more important than ever to educate young women that unrestrained sexual ventures come with a heavy price tag for all. Without further ado, here are eight things that should be taught in sex-ed classes about female “sexual freedom” that are currently being neglected in schools.

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases


No further explanation should be needed, but with the combination of hubris, recklessness, and widespread sexual experimentation (i.e. homosexuality), more and more young people are turning into walking disease shops. And while the prevalence of STDs is equal for both sexes, the consequences are worse for women who carry the burden of childbirth. Now, guess who pays for the billions of dollars a year that is being burdened on the healthcare system? (Hint: It’s usually not the women themselves.)

2. Unintended Pregnancy

This is another thing that should be obvious, but it is not the case for today’s spoiled gatekeepers of reproduction. You would think that living in a first-world country with sex education and wide availability of contraceptives would prevent unwanted pregnancies, but that isn’t so for many feminist-infested countries that encourage girls to slut around from a young age. Taxpayers continue to feel the brunt of today’s pregnant teen whores while thousands of babies are aborted on a daily basis. And why would women care? They never have to pay for their freedom.

3. Substance Abuse And Other Problems


It seems slutting around is the biggest gateway drug to drugs. One study showed that there is a much greater link between promiscuity and substance abuse among women compared to men. A woman who had two or three sex partners when they were in their teens showed ten times more incidence of drug or substance abuse by the time they reached 21.

Besides drug abuse, you should also be aware that promiscuity is also linked to BPD, history of sexual abuse, and other psychological problems. Whether these problems are the cause of slut behaviour or vice versa is not important: it just proves that sluts are damaged goods to be avoided.

4. Infidelity And Failed Marriages


Women aren’t even aware of their own fickle nature. I once had a cranky feminist (I’ve never met one who was happy) tell me that women who are virgins prior to marriage were more likely to cheat as they never experienced having “fun” when they were young. But studies have shown the exact opposite. It was obvious to me that the pixie-haired broad was insecure about her slut status and wanted to encourage all other women to fall to her level.

Women who slut around lose a piece of themselves every time they fuck and suck a different man’s cock; you just can’t have the same ability to bond with another human being after letting multiple men bang you up like a rag doll. To a woman who lost her innocence to a dozen or more men, a husband can only be seen as a walking ATM machine who will donate his sperm before she completely dries up. You can be sure that she is still thinking about all the dark triad men she’s been with to suppress the disgust she feels at the loser who worships her and calls her “honey.”

5. Complications From The Pill


Many young women seem to be forgetting that birth control pills are synthetic hormones. Are women really naive enough to believe that taking powerful hormones on a daily basis will not have any long-term repercussions on their health? There are reports that they may cause mood swings, lower libido, cervical and breast cancers, higher blood pressure, blood clotting, and permanent infertility, among other things. One study finds that it may even shrink parts of the brain and affect its functions. That, in combination with the fact that women are now giving birth later in their life may be the clue as to why we have so many children today who were born with developmental disorders.


6. It May Destroy Your Looks (Along With Your Soul)


The thousand cock stare is real and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. A person’s physical being is a reflection of their soul and you can always see the vapid lifelessness of a former slut who has long lost her flower of innocence. If women truly care about their looks, they should take care of their beauty from the inside out.

7. Ostracism


While feminists complain endlessly about how men slut-shame women, it seems that other women are by far the bigger instigators of such slut-shaming “culture.” Any slut today will quickly find herself shunned and isolated by her superficial and insecure friends—even by those who are sluts themselves.


So much for sisterhood.

8. Decreased Happiness

“Is he really the best I can do?”

With the accumulation of all the above points, it shouldn’t be a surprise that all sluts are either utterly unhappy or are pretending not to be. They’ve wasted their prime years on empty pleasures and have nothing to look forward to. Each and every one of these sluts that I’ve known, who are now approaching the 30 year old mark, are thoroughly miserable underneath their superficial Faceboook lives and are trying futilely to re-live their youthful days.

They’re never content with any of the men they meet because they’re looking for their own Christian Grey while they themselves have nothing to offer. Therefore, the only way these sluts can compensate for the profound emptiness in their souls is to engage in materialistic orgy and to submit themselves to career slavery to numb themselves.

And what about the men?


The favorite response of feminists to any sort of critical observation of their behavior is: What about the men? Men do it too! Double standards! Boo-hoo!

Besides number one (which is rather negligible), none of the other points apply to men as they do to women. Men are largely unaffected by promiscuity in comparison to women. Men tend to become more attractive with time, as they are dependent much less on their youth for value, and men certainly don’t have friends who hate on them for having sex with lots of women (hating on other men’s sexual success is only for the incel male-feminists).


Western girls are spoiled from a young age to think that they can have it all.

To conclude, giving young women free reign over their sexuality is as damaging and moronic as letting children free reign over their own life development. For women to think that they can defy biology and do as the men do is completely asinine and damaging to themselves and the society as a whole.

You have to remember that an individual woman doesn’t care about the cost to the society (which she feels entitled to), the culture (which she feels should cater to all her needs), the sanctity of marriage and family (which she considers oppressive or getting in the way of her career), or even her own long-term personal health and happiness. For today’s young Western woman, all that matters is the fleeting pleasure, the youthful excitement, and what she feels is right—at that moment in time.

With their superior ability to rationalize their own misconducts, women rarely think about the future consequences. For this reason, our ancestors knew better and decided that it would be best to control women’s behaviour instead of allowing them to corrode the moral fabric of society. Any woman who reads this will do well for herself by maintaining her health, chastity, and femininity for a man who would be worthy of being her husband.

Here’s a personal anecdote: There was one woman I met who lived a life of adventure when she was young, and she told me how she had cheated on her boyfriends multiple times. She is still not married and now lives with depression and painful regrets—she just can’t seem to piece her shattered self-esteem back together. She had been kind to me, so I felt sorry for her pain, but there was nothing I could do to help her. So, ladies, if you don’t want to listen to some online “misogynist“—and assuming that you’re not a psychopath incapable of remorse and human bonding—at least try to remember her.

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