Anticipating what will not happen in the future is just as important as attempting to predict what will happen. Here then are five things the future will not bring.

1. An Admission Of Fault From The Left

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If history is any guide, the left’s response to the failure of its own policies will not be acknowledgement of wrongdoing, acceptance of blame, and reversal of direction but rather a doubling down, a claim of liberal policies and initiatives not having gone far enough, and accusations of reactionary elements thwarting progress.

In the 1930s, when peasant farmers failed to meet unrealistic grain quotas, Stalin blamed the kulaks for resisting collectivization of their farms. Rather than reduce quotas and attempt to modernize the Soviet Union over a more reasonable timescale, Stalin instituted an uncompromising campaign of deportation, mass execution, and grain confiscation that resulted in the starvation of millions (the Holodomor).

A similar policy existed in the Gulag, where prisoners who failed to meet their daily quotas of timber or gold were denied food, further weakening them and making it impossible to meet the next day’s quota in a murderous spiral that led to collapse from exhaustion and hunger. As part of the Great Leap Forward, Mao initiated a campaign to industrialize China that involved peasants attempting to forge high quality steel in small backyard furnaces. These backyard furnaces were only capable of producing useless low-quality pig iron, yet Mao decided not to order the halt of the practice so as not to dampen the revolutionary fervor sweeping the countryside.

Recently, we have seen the refusal of the left to acknowledge its own mistakes in the manner in which campus officials responded to the demands of the Black Lives Matters protesters: not with suspensions and expulsions, but rather with concessions. University administrators responded with more funding for student cultural centers, the hiring of more minority faculty, and even their own resignations. To do otherwise would be to forsake the legacy of their SDS forebears.

Consequently, even when confronted with a demographic winter and an entire generation of autistic and aspie children borne of career women whose bodies are incapable of yielding healthy children, do not expect the left to admit that pushing women into the workforce and delaying motherhood was anything other than a good thing.

2. Improvement Of The American Public School System


For a number of reasons, there will be no improvement to the American K-12 educational system. First, there is no imperative for America to improve its own public school system so long as it can continue to rely on external talent. The United States will continue to reap the fruits of the far superior preparatory educational systems of other countries (China, South Korea, India). If America can import foreign talent, it has no need to cultivate domestic talent.

Second, demographic trends dictate that American student performance will only worsen. There are now more minority students than white students at the Kindergarten level. This numerical superiority will propagate like a wave along a jump rope held at both ends, through the elementary school, then middle school, and finally high school level. With many students coming from a background that is often staunchly anti-intellectual and deeply resentful of any attempts to academically uplift them, average student performance will plummet.

The wealthy will continue sending their children to private schools and preparatory academies and will be insulated from this trend. White children of poor and middle class backgrounds will suffer the most: unless they summon the self-discipline to challenge themselves by supplementing what they learn at school through independent learning, they will not be able to compete and will be condemned to meager university and job prospects.

The American public school system will continue its devolution into a government-run daycare. It will be a holding pen for juvenile delinquents too young for prison. It will be a plantation where the female teachers get their jollies with the varsity athletes that excite them in ways their beta husbands never could. In response to free-falling student performance, expect the usual appeal from the teacher’s union for ever more funding.


3. Legalization Of Marijuana For Recreational Use On A National Level

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We will not see the federal legalization of marijuana for recreational use. We won’t see the legalization of recreational cannabis on a widespread state level either. Populous states like New York, California, and Florida will not join the ranks of Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska.

There is a reason why drugs have been outlawed. A $5 joint is more enjoyable and mind-expanding than a $5,000 vacation. Legalizing marijuana would drastically curtail material consumption. The American economy is driven by crass consumerism. The taxes raised by recreational drugs would be far outweighed by the loss in consumer spending.

Why spend money on a vacation when a stroll around the neighborhood while under the influence is more fulfilling? Why buy that new video game when lying beneath a tree in the dappled sunlight is more enchanting? Why dine out at an expensive restaurant when a bag of potato wedges satisfies the munchies? As much as the American elite want a drugged and complacent populace, they want them to be good consumers more.

4. Artificial Wombs

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Contrary to the expectations of MGTOWs like Sandman, artificial wombs will not be part of the futurescape. The litmus test in determining whether a trans-humanist enhancement will be politically viable is this: Will it empower men? Will it provide men with more options? Will it make men less dependent on women? If the answer is yes, then it will be deemed socially unacceptable.

If artificial wombs do arrive, expect them to be reserved solely for women, even women who are otherwise fertile. Witness the rise in the practice of C-sections. A surgical procedure previously employed only when necessary to save the mother’s life has been increasingly done for lifestyle reasons (comfort, aesthetics).

We are already seeing surrogacy being regulated in India where the practice is legally restricted to heterosexual couples (single men and homosexual couples are not allowed to take advantage of the service). It is completely reasonable to expect similar discriminatory restrictions to be implemented when it comes to artificial wombs.

5. Space Colonization


Much to the disappointment of Star Trek and Firefly fans, there will be no outward expansion into space. There is no economic justification for it. It would be more economically feasible by orders of magnitude to colonize the tallest mountain tops, the most arid deserts, and even the ocean floor here on Earth than to colonize the Moon or Mars.

Moreover, cheap access to space would mean loss of control by the global elite. If every disaffected person, every ideological outcast, every person who just wanted to be left alone could simply leave the planet, it would mean loss of centralized control.

It is important to remember that America has never been a live-and-let-live nation. Whether it was Lincoln’s tyrannical preservation of the Union in response to Southern secession, Congressional investigators prompting Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple congregation in Guyana to commit mass suicide, or ATF agents raiding the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, the lesson is clear: the system would rather you dead than permit you to go your own way on anything other than an individual level. The moment you attempt to form a community of like-minded people with an alternative morality or ideology, it will crush you.


While it is common to speculate on what the future holds, it is equally important to consider what it doesn’t hold. Only by considering both can we effectively navigate our lives and plot a sound course.

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