Many readers here at ROK have been asking the same questions. Questions regarding what can be done about the state of our world, what are options are, and how we should go about resolving the challenges that we face.

And I think before any of these questions can be answered, you—the reader—should be aware of your own motives, desires, and goals that you wish to achieve.

What Brings Us Here Together?

First, let us review why we’re here.

As diverse as we may be in terms of our background and political beliefs, we are all here for three main reasons:

  1. Feminism and its toxic influence on women have disrupted normal relationships between men and women.
  2. The progressive movement in our society that is leading social and cultural decadence must be stopped.
  3. We have seen the disenfranchisement and the systemic emasculation of men as a result of the above mentioned forces.

So, it is clear that most of us here want just about the same thing: To have normal relationship with women in a normal society that doesn’t treat men like garbage. But how are we to achieve that? Well, that depends on how you want to get there.

Here are the questions to consider:

1. Do I Focus On Self Or Society?


Are you leaning towards taking care of yourself or do you prefer to change the society? They’re not mutually exclusive, but it will be much more difficult to accomplish both. Maybe you’re a nationalist who wants to defend your land, or maybe you don’t feel any connection to the place you live in and couldn’t care less should the ship sink.

2. Should I Stay Or Go?


Following up on the first question, should you stay or should you leave the West? Most of you currently live in the decadent West and have a front-row seat for the freak show that is feminism and progressivism. Will you stay and try to make the best of it or will you try to venture out to foreign lands that are quickly becoming infected as well?

3. Should I Get Married?


Assuming you’re not under the contract yet, will you take the plunge and marry or opt out of it? I’m going to assume that many of you at least want to start a family eventually. But with whom? A “reformed” Western slut? A foreign chick who’s going to pop out a baby that doesn’t even look like you?

Or will you eventually find that unicorn? Maybe you can even get a surrogate mother so that you can have a child without marrying a woman.

4. How Do I Make Money?


And what will you do for living? Will you work in some feminized PC environment where you have to constantly watch what you do and say? Or will you go Galt and tell the System to shove it?


Would you consider joining the army or do anything to contribute to a society that treats you as a second-rate citizen? Or will you not care and suck it up for the financial benefits? In the manosphere, it seems to be every man’s dream to start his own business. Will you be the one that makes it?

5. How Can I Help Society?


All of us here detest what we’re seeing in our respective societies. But what will you do to change it? Resort to activism and vote strategically? Is democracy the way or the obstacle?

What if Trump doesn’t get elected? What if democracy is hijacked already and will never lead to any practical solutions? Are you willing to revolt and resist through violence if it follows your moral code?

6. Should I Care About Politics?


Politically speaking, who are the enemies? Feminists and the progressive left, or the elites (governments, banks, media, and corporations) who control them? What are you going to do about them? There are some of you who think the two are one and the same, but I disagree. The Occupy protests have shown that the left has beef with the Elites as well.

Are the Elites keeping their power and control over us by employing a divide and conquer strategy with the left and the right? If so, are you willing to make a temporary, unholy alliance with the left?

Are you going to relax and enjoy the decline or will you try your best to accelerate it? Is collapse the only way for a real change or is it possible to turn things around peacefully and smoothly?

What Are The Next Steps?


I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but I know two things that must be the case for those of us who are looking ahead:

First, you must be independent, resilient, and be ready for anything.

You must be independent of anything that might hold you down. Don’t get trapped in college or some soul-sucking job and don’t put yourself in debt-slavery. Have a savings cushion and try to be as financially secure as possible. Remember: those who are free are those who have options.

It goes without saying that you should take care of yourself and keep yourself in shape. But if you want to take it to another level, arm yourself as much as you can while you can. Do not rely on the government and keep as much distance away from Big Brother as humanly possible.

Second, men must mobilize and form groups in real life.

It’s not enough to take refuge online and engage in bitching sessions about how screwed up the world is; that’s not going to change anything except make you feel validated about your situation. Instead, it is essential now for men to take things beyond the internet to pave the path for practical actions. It’s time to form real-life groups where men can congregate and support one another.

The importance of male-bonding is severely overlooked today, where all-male groups are systematically being attacked and injected with female presence. Even if the group doesn’t lead to any political movement, I think it’s important for a logistical platform to be created for future actions. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out the International ROK Meetup, which will be on February 6th.

Until then, keep in mind that we are at war. Some of you may think that you’re not part of it, but the war has already chosen you. We did not bring this upon ourselves, but we sure will fight back with everything we have.

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