In this article I’ll review findings from two different studies. The first is on the responses women give about their sexual behavior when connected to a lie detector versus not being connected to one. The second study is about sexual regret differences between men and women.

Women Lie About Their Number Of Sexual Partners


In this community we’ve long known women have no trouble being deceitful if it suits their needs. Nowhere is this clearer than the domain of sex. “I’m not going to sleep with you,” “I’ve never done that before,” and “I’ve only had sex with two guys” are just a few of the many lies any man in the game has heard multiple times.

In a study at Ohio State University, researchers used a lie detector to determine if it would influence responses to different types of behaviors. The respondents were heterosexual college students in the Midwest, aged 18-25.

Women not connected to a machine gave these answers:

  • Age at first intercourse: 16.36
  • Number of sexual partners: 2.70
  • Number of one-time sexual partners: 0.82

Women connected to a lie detector gave these answers:

  • Age at first intercourse: 16.15
  • Number of sexual partners: 3.35
  • Number of one-time sexual partners: 1.01
Data supports the hypothesis: She's a lying slut.

Data supports the hypothesis: She’s a lying slut.

As we can see, women’s numbers increase for each answer when they were connected to a lie detector. In fact, women have 41% more sexual partners than men. Men in the lie detector condition reported having 1.96 partners on average compared to 3.35 partners for women. Feminists claim that women are sexually oppressed and shamed by society, but the numbers don’t show it.

If this is how they behave with the supposed “patriarchal” restrictions, we can only imagine the amount of cock they’d seek out if these shackles were lifted. Revealed preference has shown that women not only have more sex than men, but they also lie about it.

The researchers also investigated other types of behaviors and participant responses. They found that there was no difference in the responses given for other types of common, non-sexual behaviors. Only in the domain of sexual activity did women lie.

Your girl is different— she'd never lie

Your girl is different— she’d never lie.

Women need to be shown how to behave. Right now they’re getting their behavior cues from feminism and the media, which tells them they should have lots of casual sex and in their early thirties give their calloused womb to a man who patiently waited until the seventh date to have sex.


Without an incentive to be truthful, women will present a tidied up version of their sexual history. Keep this in mind when interacting with them, and understand that they have told multiple lies to conceal their joy ride on the cock carousel.

Women Regret Their Slutty Past


In a different study, researchers recruited 200 participants to determine if sex differences existed concerning sexual regret. First, the participants were asked to list their top five life regrets, top five action and inaction regrets, and top five romantic or sexual action and inaction regrets. Next, they read two different scenarios. In the first two scenarios, they read about an actor who either encountered an unexpected opportunity to have casual sex, or missed an unexpected opportunity to have casual sex.

The casual sex scenario emphasized that the actor never saw his or her sex partner again. The scenario with the missed opportunity for casual sex emphasized the interest of the person the actor could have had sex with.

The actor in the scenarios matched the sex of the participants and each participant rated their beliefs about the regret experienced by the actor, followed by their own regret if they were to find themselves in the scenario on a 9-point scale (1 = no regret; 5 = moderate regret, 9 = extreme regret).


For casual sex, women assigned a regret level of 8.89. Men gave a rating of 5.

For missing a chance at casual sex, men gave a regret level of 7.40. Women have a rating of 3.

So what does this mean? For men, it means to take action. For women, it means to stop spreading your legs or you will become regretful and bitter. It also shows the reality that women have many more opportunities for casual sex than men, something they rarely take into account when shaming men for learning how to improve their sex lives. They have little regret at missing a chance for casual sex because they know there’s always another shiny cock around the corner.

Another interesting finding was the differing items on the Top Five Sexual Regrets list for men and women. This data was taken from an anonymous online survey of thousands of men and women:


  1. Too shy to indicate sexual attraction to someone
  2. Was not more sexually adventurous when young
  3. Was not more sexually adventurous when single
  4. Did not experiment enough sexually
  5. Cheated on past or present partner


  1. Lost virginity to “wrong” partner
  2. Cheated on past or present partner
  3. Relationship progressed “too fast” sexually
  4. Unsafe sex
  5. Sex with a stranger

Our culture has encouraged women to sit on as many dicks as possible, setting them up to regret their slutty sexual past leaving them unfit for motherhood. As a man, you can see that you will have your share of regrets as well if you don’t take the steps necessary to improve yourself and play the field as a young man, so that you will no longer have regrets when you wish to settle down. Years from now, you won’t remember the rejections, only the times you didn’t take action.

Rejections are minor annoyances; regret is devastating.

Rejections are minor annoyances; regret is crushing.

We have seen that women have more sex than men, lie about how many men they’ve had sex with, and later live to regret it. Our culture has created a situation where women are encouraged to behave in ways that are damaging to themselves. These findings support what our community has known for a long time: Women lie about their sexual history and regret their slutty past.

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