Ever since I stumbled upon the manosphere several years ago, one of the things that struck a chord with me was how comparatively clean and civil the discourse was between its writers and commentators. Despite the sphere’s (unwarranted) controversial reputation from outside forces, people displayed a sense of maturity, poise, and class which is absolutely devoid in prominent SJW realms such as Al Jazeera Plus, Alternet, Huffington Post, or Buzzfeed.

First of all, manosphere regulars tend to use euphemisms for many otherwise vulgar terms. For instance, people say they “banged” a woman or got a new “notch” this past weekend rather than the more frank but R-rated “I fucked her.” People also have a good grasp of formulating complete written sentences without having to resort to vulgar filler words, such as using “fucking” repeatedly as a meaningless adjective. And finally, people generally have good and civil debating skills when disagreements arise.

men yelling

People infrequently straw man each other. Ad hominem attacks against people are comparatively rare in disagreements. And perhaps best of all, there is a great amount of social support for people who are embarking on ways to better themselves as men. The manosphere is, by and large, a portal of intelligent Y-chromosome carriers who have at least a decent amount of humility and class. Using massive amounts of profanity for the sake of being “edgy” or “cool” will not win anybody social brownie points.

On The Other Side

It therefore comes as little surprise that our established enemies, social justice warriors, would display almost the direct opposite to many of the aforementioned attributes of our sphere. Many of them are incredibly crass, immature, and vulgar human beings who will straw man you like you’ve never been straw manned before.

Calling you all sorts of awful names (ad hominem) and shouting out colorful four-letter-word tirades will pretty much also be a given. And yet despite all of that, they want us to stop using such hateful words like “fat” to describe people. As if such a word will make or break an R-rated movie in the same manner as a “fuck” filled Martin Scorsese picture.

“But what’s so fucking wrong with swearing? Why don’t you go jump off a cliff!”

Straight from the front page of the Cuss Control Academy, excessive swearing essentially sets a personal penalty on your character. It makes you unpleasant to be with, it’s a tool for whiners and complainers, it shows you don’t have much self-control, and it endangers your workplace relationships (if you even have a job). As we have all witnessed, social justice warriors display all of those attributes with alarming frequency.

unemployment bad attitude

Yup, and with that attitude it’s going to stay that way my blue-haired warrior

Furthermore, it’s a tell-tale sign of a bad attitude problem. It shows to the whole world your lack of character, just how immature you are, and it sets a bad example for children (which we pray you don’t have). You are essentially a big rebellious kid trapped in a grown-ups body. A “Kidult” who is not ready for real grown-up discussion.

tim wise language

47 years old now. Oh grow up Timmy boy…

Speaking of setting a bad example for children, just look at how all of these foul-mouthed social justice warriors are corrupting little kids by instructing them to tell their current devil-incarnate, Donald Trump, to “shut the fuck up.” Absolutely revolting. Then the adult children come out (all of them), and the swear-a-thon simply does not relent.


“Fuck you! We stand for what’s right. Go kill yourself!”

Are they now? Well beyond how SJW’s repeatedly make written statements that people they disagree with should go kill themselves (such nice people), their excessive swearing is just plain awful for society. It represents part of the degenerate decline of the Western world, and the dumbing down of the United States in particular.

For instance, just look at these “Black Lives Matter” protesters trespassing inside an Apple store to vent their frustrations over their false narrative. Not only does Apple Inc. have nothing to do with their problems, they then take their spiel onto the streets and start dropping obscenities (starts at 0:18) repeatedly. As if that’s supposed to actually accomplish something, other than demonstrate proof of their immaturity and stupidity to a global audience.

Most importantly, profanity makes otherwise civil discussions quickly transform into arguments, and using obscenities in such scenarios is a strong sign of hostility. Hostile behavior is often a precursor to physical violence, and physical violence is the end result of the complete breakdown of civil human-to-human contact.

While that could be potentially dismissed as a “slippery slope” argument, it is far more often true than false. Think about it, when was the last time you knew of a situation where an otherwise vulgar persons language suddenly turned clean when they were getting aggressive and confrontational?

It certainly did not happen to Roosh in Montreal, when Jessica “Eat My Cunt” Lelièvre made an unprovoked assault on him which was followed by plenty of potty-mouthed obscenities.

Social justice warriors have proven themselves to be hostile via their profanity. The men of the manosphere simply have not.



SJW’s need to read these “growing-up” books

We all swear, and it has some degree of humor and effectiveness to it when it is used sparingly. However, SJW’s use it to such a profound extent that it loses all power and meaning. It really is just lame and a complete waste of time listening to these Marxist rejects “fuck this, fuck that” attitude towards anything in life which does not subscribe to their bogus narrative.

You are better than social justice warriors. We all are. Let’s keep our obscenities on the down low and improve ourselves as human beings by not stooping to their level. Excessive profanity is just lazy language for sad people.

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