There is no denying that humans can be altruistic beings who are often willing to help others in need. But many men specifically seem to be hard-wired by genetics to want to help women even if it means putting their own lives at risk. Whether this is due to biological drive or cultural conditioning is of little importance. What is important is to understand the implications of helping a woman who you have no previous connection with so that you are not putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Know that we are living in a modern society where most other people you encounter are complete strangers whom you know nothing about. It is understandable to protect and save someone you know and care for, but there is no reason for you to jump in and be the knight in shinning armor to save some nameless person just because she happens to lack a Y chromosome.

Of course, it all depends on the specific situation you are faced with. But if you find yourself habitually white-knighting for women, here are 7 reasons to pause and reconsider your motives and what you’re getting yourself into.

1.You Don’t Even Realize That You’re Thinking With Your Dick


Most men who help female strangers are completely oblivious to the fact that their altruism is heavily influenced by their subconscious desire for sex. For a demonstration, experiments done using college-aged women found that men were much more likely (82-83% compared to 42-47%) to comply with a request for a survey and offer help if the woman making the request was wearing high-heels as opposed to flats.

If something as simple as feminine shoes are able to elicit much more altruistic response from men (female subjects, on the other hand, were not affected by the types of shoes that were being worn and were much less likely to offer help than the men), then you know that you are more than likely thinking with your dick and doing something that you normally wouldn’t do.

2. She’s Not Going To Fall For You


The secret desire of all white knights.

Continuing on with the first point, helping a woman out will never make her fall in love with you. You’re just some random nobody who happened to be there at the right moment when she needed you. Once she’s got the service she needed from you, you are a nobody once again. You are expected to disappear.

All the poor, desperate simps who believe that a woman will fall in love with him for his heroism are only bound to be rewarded with disappointment. Look at it this way: You are more likely to have a woman fall in love with you by using violence to take her hostage (via Stockholm Syndrome) than by being the one rescuing her.

3. She Will Likely Bail On You


Not only is a woman unlikely to fall for you, she is also likely to bail on you. Whenever a man jumps in to “save” a woman from another man, you can almost guarantee that she will simply run away and treat the situation as if she was never involved in it the first place.

We have already covered how the French train hero was stabbed when he stepped into help a woman who was being “attacked”—only to have her run away with the same men who supposedly attacked her. You have to understand that while you are driven by your male instinct to save her, she’s driven by her female instinct to preserve herself by using you.

4. You’re Degrading Yourself As A Utility To Be Exploited



It’s no secret that women see men as utilities to be exploited. For women, men are not human beings, but drones to be manipulated to do their bidding. Many men today are so desperate for female validation that they’re willing to shovel snow for some entitled princess on Tinder with full knowledge that they will get nothing in return.

Can you imagine the sort of reaction you would get from women if you asked them to iron your clothes, with “no strings attached” on Tinder? It’s simple: don’t be a tool.

5. She Would Never Do The Same For You


Feminists continue to propagate their garbage about equality because it enables them access to male privileges without giving up any of their female privileges. One of that privilege is the ability to have men risk their lives to save them while they’re not expected to do the same for men.

For a dramatic demonstration of just how little women care about men—especially when they’re being abused and attacked by another woman—take a look at the following videos:

Note how gleefully they smile and laugh when men are the ones being abused, claiming that he must be guilty and deserve it (excuses that would never fly for men who abuse their partners).

6. You’ll Be Accused Of Being A Sexist


“You saved Princess Daisy? Sexist! She should be able to save herself without a man’s help!!” —Says the woman begging the UN for protection while being guarded by armed men.

As if all the above points are not insulting enough, you’re likely to be demonized as a sexist prick by the feminists instead of being praised for helping a woman. Why? Because it’s benevolent sexism. Feminists love to harp about how strong and independent they are and how they don’t need a man. Give them their wish and let them help themselves the next time you see them in trouble.

7. You’re Putting Yourself At Needless Risk For Nothing

The man in the blue jacket died while saving the woman. And for what?

In the end, what are you really trying to accomplish? Are you not simply acting upon your male instinct in a knee-jerk reaction? And for what? To save some ungrateful broad you don’t know anything about? Do you even understand what the situation is?

One man got out of his car and onto the train tracks only to get killed by the incoming train while trying to save a woman who jumped there to kill herself—he couldn’t even save her. Is that how you want to throw away the only life you have?

Or how about the man who was stabbed and bled to death when he jumped in to save a woman he knew nothing about? The woman just ran away (see point #3) while he bled to death on the street with more than twenty people just walking past him.

Congratulations stranger, you just earned a posthumous title of “hero” which will be forgotten in a week.


All that said, I’m not suggesting that you should never help anyone in need no matter the circumstances. But you should consider each scenario carefully and make the right judgement instead of letting instincts from your penis take over you. Trying to help or save someone just because the person happens to have a vagina is both incredibly foolish and risky.

Always put your needs first—because she most certainly is putting her needs above yours.

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