After the students of Mizzou devoted multiple protests—spanning an entire month—to successfully oust Tim Wolfe, the crusade for social justice must march forward. For those who missed the previous fiasco, Tim Wolfe resigned from his position as System President of the University of Missouri due to unfounded accusations of “racism.” Lord knows it’s tough to intimidate a president into resigning without evidence, but they did it.

So what would happen if the students of Mizzou got word of actual evidence of bigotry? What if this bigotry was in fact misogyny, directed towards a high school student? And what if this bigot is employed by the very university that they attend? Could social justice warriors prove once and for all that patriarchy is alive and well in some corners of America? Enter Youssif Omar.

Professor Arrested For Abusing 14-Year-Old Relative For Not Wearing Her Hijab 


[Patriarchy intensifies]

Youssif Zaghwani Omar is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri. As the Daily Mail reports, Omar was allegedly seen dragging his 14-year-old relative “very violently by the hair” outside Hickman High School, where she attends. Officer Latisha Stroer informed the Columbia Tribune that Omar also slapped the girl across the face and forcefully shoving her into his car.

The impetus for such behavior arose when Omar noticed she was not wearing her hijab at school, which as we all know is absolutely haram. The following day, Omar was greeted by local police authorities and held in Boone County Jail. Shortly after, Omar posted the $4,500 bond and was subsequently released. According to his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, Omar is originally from Libya, and was the head of the English department at the University of Benghazi from 2003-2007.

Sexism Or Islamophobia? Take Your Pick.


“I’m not sure about Sharia law, but I do like this hat.”

This isn’t quite the narrative that social justice warriors would like. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot going for this incident that they could happily rally against: misogyny, professor, religious extremism. Think of it as being one number away from the grand prize of the SJW Sweepstakes Lottery. All of the winning numbers have fallen into place, but this one incorrect digit has rendered your entire ideological pursuit defunct. That wrong digit is the fact that Omar is a Muslim.


Historically, Feminism and Islam have had an awkward relationship together. Feminists nonsensically apologize for all of the wrongs committed under the name of Islam, while Islam is devoutly committed to destroying the very notion of women’s rights that feminists allegedly fight for.

If only the majority of Muslims were a slightly lighter shade of skin color, perhaps this double-standard would disappear entirely. From an outsider’s perspective, one cannot help but laugh at the cognitive dissonances that feminists commit on a daily basis. If I hear “Western imperialism” as a response to “stoning adulterers is wrong” one more time, I’m going to explode. Figuratively of course. I’m not actually wearing a vest.

It is precisely this sort of hypocrisy that rational people need to make the public aware of. Roosh appropriately parodied this contradiction in his YouTube video titled “Canadian Feminists are dangerously Islamophobic”. After weeks of protest leading up to his scheduled appearance in Toronto, Roosh toyed with the idea of holding his conference inside a mosque, an area where neon-haired feminists dare not protest, out of fear of being branded Islamophobic.

As Ali A. Rizvi might say, this behavior is indicative of “Islamophobia-phobia”: the fear of being called Islamophobic. Considering that sharia law is a legitimate fear, and not an irrational phobia, this rise of Islamophobia-phobia is indeed a frightening one.

Poke The Progressive Stack. Watch It Collapse.


By now it is blatantly obvious that Social Justice Warriors lack any sort of noble principles. Their sole objective is to divide and conquer: draw lines between identifiable groups, convince them they are all marginalized, and pit the minorities against the oppressors.

Marxism tends to entice the masses this way because just about anybody can convince themselves that they are victims. This is why feminists and Muslims are placed into the same victimized category, despite the widely different belief systems between the two. In spite of this, feminists (though likely not Muslims) are steadfastly convinced they are in this fight together, to ultimately overthrow their white, male, capitalist overlords. So how is a rational individual to react to this information?

Poke the stack. Shine a light on the wild inconsistencies between these alleged “allied groups” and let them fight amongst each other. Keep in mind these discrepancies do not exist solely between feminism and Islam. Feminists and Transgenders have recently collided when radical feminist Germaine Greer refused to accept the trans orthodoxy that men are women. This is good news. Let’s have more of these.

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