It is often said that today’s America is not the same America we grew up in. We all know how far America has gone from its humble Constitutional beginnings, to its modern day decline and the feminist ruin of its women. The same story is present in all Western countries.

How can you, as an Western man, react to what is tantamount to a complete betrayal of your birthright? As always, turning back to the classics sheds light on a timeless situation. The historical background is from the Peloponnesian War, right on the eve of the doomed Athenian invasion of Sicily. The reason Athens lost, was not because Athens was incompetent but because Athens’ most talented general, Alcibiades, defected to Sparta and revealed Athenian plans to wage war on Sicily. Armed with such knowledge, Sparta was easily able to sabotage the Sicilian invasion.

Why did Alcibiades betray his own home country? Enemies of Alcibiades framed him by defacing all of the religious statues around Athens in the night before the expedition to Sicily, and these same enemies managed to convince the public of Athens that Alcibiades was to blame for the blasphemy. As a result Alcibiades was arrested, but he managed to escape to Sparta.

And why was Sparta able to trust Alcibiades even though he was betraying his own country? Here’s how Alcibiades convinced the Spartans while justifying his betryal. (Emphasis mine.)


Meanwhile I hope that none of you will think any the worse of me if after having hitherto passed as a lover of my country, I now actively join its worst enemies in attacking it, or will suspect what I say as the fruit of an outlaw’s enthusiasm. I am an outlaw from the iniquity of those who drove me forth, not, if you will be guided by me, from your service: my worst enemies are not you who only harmed your foes, but they who forced their friends to become enemies; and love of country is what I do not feel when I am wronged, but what I felt when secure in my rights as a citizen. Indeed I do not consider that I am now attacking a country that is still mine; I am rather trying to recover one that is mine no longer; and the true lover of his country is not he who consents to lose it unjustly rather than attack it, but he who longs for it so much that he will go to all lengths to recover it. For myself, therefore, Spartans, I beg you to use me without scruple for danger and trouble of every kind, and to remember the argument in everyone’s mouth, that if I did you great harm as an enemy, I could likewise do you good service as a friend, inasmuch as I know the plans of the Athenians, while I only guessed yours. For yourselves I entreat you to believe that your most vital interests are now under consideration; and I urge you to send without hesitation the expeditions to Sicily and Attica; by the presence of a small part of your forces you will save important cities in that island, and you will destroy the power of Athens both present and prospective; after this you will dwell in security and enjoy the supremacy over all Hellas, resting not on force but upon consent and affection.

Here at the Return of Kings, we are above being merely a men’s entertainment website – we are also aimed to deliver subversive info to the Western man so that we can attempt to recover what was once ours. For it is only by bringing our culture down completely is there any hope of returning the West to its lofty ideals — where once upon a time the successful were those who provided value to others instead of being too big to fail, where men and women were once friends but have since been co-opted into enemies.

When Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” you now know where he got his influences from. And while there is no intent at the Return of Kings to spill any blood, we can instead water the tree of liberty with a revolution from within, by educating the modern man on how his country betrays him and how to live his life in response to it.

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