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Hey it’s Todd Lamb. You might know me from my work as a tactical fitness expert and my bestselling Specforce Alpha program. Or maybe you’ve heard about my Million Man Mission to help guys bring back and experience the Alpha life.

And that’s why I wanted to talk to you today…

You see, too many men make the mistake of thinking they need to get six pack abs or rock hard shoulders BEFORE they start acting like an Alpha Male. Truth is they’ve got it backwards.

There’s one simple tip I’m going to share with you in a minute that actually gives you an immediate boost in testosterone, makes it easier for you to lose fat and pack on muscle, AND instantly sends out a subconscious signal to everyone around you that you are the dominant male.

Listen: humans are hardwired to “hear” this silent signal that’s transferred via something called pheromones. And…

As soon as other men get a whiff they instantly tuck their tails and bow down to you. And when women sense it they immediately open up and start evaluating you as a potential mate. It’s just human nature…

And it all starts with two key hormones. The first is your ally in manliness — Testosterone. The second is our enemy in your quest for Alpha status — Cortisol, which is your stress hormone. Here’s why…

Science now confirms that Alpha males display high levels of Testosterone and a corresponding low level of Cortisol. And guess what…

It’s acting the Alpha that CAUSES that hormonal storm. On the other hand, studies show that forcing Alphas to adopt a “Beta male” posture actually reverses these two hormones.

That’s right… just allowing yourself to look like a Beta male will lower your Testosterone and raise your cortisol within 2 minutes! So…

YOU have control. You get to decide to be the Alpha. And guess what…

Once you take charge of your storm of Alpha male hormones your physique will start changing. It will be easier to lose fat. And you’ll build muscle more quickly. It’s simple biochemistry.

Talk about a shortcut and an unfair advantage, right?

drogo alpha

Listen; this is how easy it is. And you can start today. Simply follow these simple body language tips and I guarantee you’ll start to feel your Alpha juices flowing.

TRUTH is… you already KNOW how this feels. Think about it…

Is there something in this world you do better than anyone? Maybe you crush everyone at the pool table. Maybe you make the best martini in the neighborhood. Maybe you master the BBQ grill like nobody’s business. Point is…

When you’re doing that thing that you’re best at… you naturally adopt Alpha male body language. However what I’m going to do right now is break it down for you so that you can practice doing it consciously ALL the time.

And when you do, you’ll enjoy the biochemical storm of male hormones that kicks in and starts doing it’s magic. Ok here we go:

The Alpha Sitting Posture

  •  Straight but comfortable
  •  Legs open at a reasonable width
  •  Occupy as much space as comfortable
  •  Arms over the back of the chair

The Alpha Standing Posture

  •  Stand straight
  •  Shoulders back
  •  Occupying maximum space (spread your legs, elbows away from body)
  •  Don’t rock back and forth, sway or lean
  •  Arms at sides — no hands in pockets
  •  Chest, throat and crotch exposed — never covered by hands or arms
  •  Eyes are up and chin is up ever so slightly

The Alpha Walk

  •  Avoid short choppy steps
  •  The Alpha has a relaxed and predatory gait
  •  Rhythm is predictable with a long stride that is comfortable and confident
  •  Erect posture with head up and eyes straight
  •  Relaxed back
  •  Heel strikes the ground first
  •  Smile slightly like you are thinking about something amazing

Remember, simply adopting these simple Alpha male posture traits has been proven to shift your testosterone to cortisol ratio towards the Alpha end of the spectrum. Once that happens people around you will unconsciously sense your new and dominant position in the social hierarchy.

The crazy part is, it doesn’t matter how slim, handsome or rich you are. This works for literally every man. 
And once your masculine hormonal storm starts raging it’ll be easier for you to build the lean and muscular body that folks expect from the Alpha. It’s a virtuous spiral that will continue carrying you upwards. 
However I have to tell you that there’s still a bit of extra work involved if you really want the ripped, rock­hard, and manly physique that makes other men irrelevant.

There are certain workout programs that will give you even more of a boost to your male muscle building and fat loss hormones. While there are others that actually sabotage them and leave you looking puffy and soft. Unfortunately… 
Most of the mainstream bodybuilding style workouts give you the exact opposite of the body you desire. And I bet if you’ve tried any of them you know exactly what I mean.

No matter how hard you worked at that damn program, you always seemed to stay soft around the middle and never got the lean and muscular look you were looking for. 
Well luckily, I’ve used my years of Special Operations and SWAT experience — along with my extensive expertise in Tactical Fitness — to develop a unique exercise system that’s only for men who want the rugged, lean, and athletic looking physique Spec Ops guys are known for.

And because I had to build my system for men who never know where they are going to be tomorrow morning, you don’t even need to go to the gym to build the exact physique you desire.

It’s called Specforce Alpha. And it’s literally the only zero­-equipment workout program designed specifically to increase your Testosterone, Growth Hormone and IGF­1 naturally and without the need for dangerous and costly injections.

This system is already helping men all around the world finally achieve the Alpha male physiques they never thought possible. I’ve even had guys personally email me to let me know that Specforce Alpha literally saved their lives.

So if you want to build muscle, make other men irrelevant, and get women to notice you fast, Click Here to learn how you can do it the exact same way they did.

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