I happened to come across this article in the New York Times recently, and realized immediately that I had to respond. The article (“Men’s Lib!”) was written by two individuals, Richard Reeves and Isabel Sawhill, who are described as “senior fellows” at the Brookings Institution.

It is so full of lies, misstatements, cowardly delusions, and deductions from inadequate premises, that my response here became something of a moral obligation.

This article will be an open letter in response to the authors. I hope you’re listening, Richard and Isabel.

For those who harbored any doubt, the article represents nothing less than a declaration of war against the last vestiges of masculine virtue in the United States. Essentially, the idea here is that “men need to become more like women.” In the words of the authors:

The old economy and the old model of masculinity are obsolete. Women have learned to become more like men. Now men need to learn to become more like women.

The article drearily chronicles the marginalization of men from many sectors of American social life, such as the workforce and higher education. It continues with this bit of preaching:

More men ought to be doing what women did historically: improving their economic prospects by marrying well. With apologies to Jane Austen, even a man who is not in possession of a fortune will still be in want of a wife — ideally one who has a fortune of her own.

The problem is that many men and women, disoriented by the shake-up of gender roles, are not marrying at all — less-educated adults, especially — resulting in a class-based marriage gap. Marriage rates among men under 35 have dropped by 23 percentage points since 1980.

Of course, the authors never pause to consider that the reasons why men are falling behind in so many fields is not because they won’t “get with the program” but because their very nature and strengths are derived from things that a feminized society no longer values.

The falling birthrates in the West, as the authors see it, are simply due to male failure to “man up” and get with the new androgynous future.


Also shockingly myopic is the article’s lack of historical depth. It purports to make grand, sweeping conclusions about the nature of gender roles based on the limited experience of America in the past 40 years.

But what about the past 100 years, the past 500 years, or the past 5,000 years of history? Have the authors surveyed that span of human history, to see what lessons might be there for the taking? Of course not. Because that would bring inconvenient truths to the fore.

What truths?

First, that societies built on traditional gender roles have been the unquestioned norm throughout all of history. Did you ever consider that institutions which have stood for thousands of years must have some merit? That they must have evolved for some valid reason?

What?  Do you believe you can pit your own pathetic experience of 40 years on this earth with the cumulative wisdom of 10,000 years of human history?  Do you not see this as the acme of arrogance?

Did it ever occur to you, authors, that your Brave New World of coming androgynization might be the last gasp of dying society, rather than the future?

Did it ever occur to you that stronger, healthier, more masculine societies might be the wave of the future, not sickly androgynous ones?

Did it ever occur to you that your destruction of your own men will open the gates of hell for you?

Did you ever stop and consider the reasons why men (and women) are growing more and more restless, and radicalized, as a result of your cruel suppression of their natures?

Who will be left to defend your pampered, effete, spoiled, androgynous existence when the masculine barbarians come to take what you have?


Who’s going to defend you when your world begins to crumble? Well, who? Kaitlyn Jenner? Miley Cyrus?


Societies cannot long survive with falling birthrates and a denigration of traditional gender roles. Women need men as much, it not more, than men need women. If you destroy us, you bring down the entire building on your head.

Yes, you can use your rigged system here, your little charade, to steal jobs from us.

You can cook the books and pretend that men and women are equal. You can push us out of higher education. You can marginalize us from the military. You can insult us, denigrate us, lie about us, and call us obsolete.

You can do all of these things.

Instead of considering for an instant that the war against men has been a disaster for society, you want to double-down on the war. You want more androgyny. You want the complete eradication of male identity. Did it ever occur to you that the way forward might be a return to traditional roles? How is this “impossible,” as you claim it is?

It is only “impossible” because it threatens your spoiled, soft way of life. You can’t conceive of anything outside of it.

But I can.

Did it ever occur to you that the only reason this society has what it has, is because of the hundreds of years of traditional social structures that made it? Did you ever think that what you believe to be the “future” (androgyny) is only the last gasp of a dying society?

There will be a price to be paid for what you have done. And the price will be the end of your pampered little world. Oh, will there be a price!

No, you’re not going to turn us into women.  We’re not going to be what you want us to be.

And I smell desperation in your pathetic little article. Your world is falling apart. And you know it. You want to get rid of us, but we’re not going anywhere. The one doomed to extinction is you, and your pathetic world. 

You know that men are opting out of your bullshit program. We aren’t going to be slaves for your corrupt Orwellian society. Find someone else to hew the wood and carry the water. Let all these androgynous freaks that you love so much do the dirty work of policing the borders, defending against ISIS, and paying child support.


Without men, without real masculine men, this society will crumble and fall. America and Europe achieved what they achieved because of the thousands of years of traditional social structures which gave them life. Look now at Europe: decades of feminization of European men has left them totally demoralized and confused, and unable to resist the foreign attacks on their societies. This is your future, too.

And you know what? We will sit back and watch what happens. You wanted this world. You wanted this. You ignored our warnings. And now you’re going to find out what it really means.

The family will fall apart. Marriage will fall apart. The martial virtues, which are the exclusive domain of men, will atrophy from lack of use. And what will happen to you then?

Do you not see, that by hurting us, you are sowing the seeds for your own destruction? No society, no civilization, has ever long been able to exist without being able to defend itself. By dismantling the traditional structures that gird the state itself—church, military, education, family—you have essentially destroyed the society itself.

The warning signs are all there, right before your eyes. You noted them all in your article. It should be a call to action. Men are being hounded into oblivion.

They are checking out of society. They are moving abroad. They are not reproducing with the sickening monstrosities that pass themselves off as “women” in this society. If necessary, they will revert to primitive tribalism. Who will be the slaves to run your factories then? Your precious advanced society will be no more.

You are cutting your own throat.  If men go down, this whole society goes down too.

But the truth is that masculinity is coming back. Androgyny is not the wave of the future. Just the opposite. It is going to be seen for what it is: a degenerate ash-bin of history.  There is an awakening around the world, and it is spreading. It is the realization that the past 40 years have been a complete disaster for both men and women.

Go preach androgyny to the hungry, aggressive mouths of the Third World, who are breeding people like you right out of existence.  See how they laugh at you, before rolling right over you.

Women are miserable. Men are miserable. And it is because “senior fellows” like you at places like the Brookings Institution have no understanding of history or biology. You have tried to force us to be what you want us to be.

And we will not be this. We are coming back.

Masculinity of the old school is on the rise, in a denatured, more barbarous form.

Just you wait.

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