Wells Fargo uses blatant pro-immigration themes to recruit illegal aliens to open accounts at its U.S. branches. The commercial below paints a rosy picture of what anchor baby families look like two generations down the road. Immigrants are depicted as the best of all worlds—assimilated in the right ways, but still grounded in their Mexican heritage. It is straight fiction designed to indoctrinate those without significant personal experience with illegal aliens.

This is intended to be a “slice of life” of an immigrant family. Just an ordinary day where the teenage daughter brings home her first paycheck to a finely appointed house bustling with people from different generations.

English and Spanish are heard in equal measures. Sometimes a combination of the two languages is used within the same sentence. Wells Fargo’s message is if we just let illegals join our society, partake in the endless buffet of handouts, and go without judgment for speaking Spanish at home and in public, they will develop into the immensely proficient and impressive people we see in this ad.

The breakdown

The cast of supporting characters starts with grandma, the original immigrant who is still very ethnic in demeanor and language. She raised her children right (including either the dad or mom we see next) and now she enjoys the benefits of the lifestyle those children were able to earn.

As we see from the mom, this is a family highly focused on education. So much so, that mom is concerned her daughter’s work may interfere with her studies. They have it all—a close-knit supportive family, appreciation of hard work, and prioritization of school. It’s the perfect environment to raise children and participate in the American dream, and Wells Fargo won’t let us forget for a second that this fertile ground started from Mexican immigrant origins.

While a liberal marketing team might have created this ad in part to promote amnesty with an idyllic immigrant family, there is probably a more insidious and profit-hungry motivation for the commercial. Wells Fargo lets illegal aliens open bank accounts by providing an ITIN instead of an SSN. Illegals do not risk identification and deportation by creating a Wells Fargo account. Many illegals are unaware of this, and hold their earnings in cash. This is an untapped market that Wells Fargo and others want a piece of.

By portraying itself as immigrant-friendly, Wells Fargo jumps to the top of the list when illegal aliens decide where to deposit their money. Another possible benefit for Wells Fargo is an increase in ATM and overdraw fees. If the consumers can’t speak the language, they are less likely to understand the small actions that might nickel and dime them.

The end result

The result of successful liberal indoctrination on immigration is this: more families that liberals tell us are just like the one in this ad, but that in reality are drains on society. While liberals may do a lot of hand waving to distract from what a typical illegal alien family looks like in its home, the truth finds its way out.


The truth comes out in the form of schools flooded with Spanish speaking students that bring down the achievement of the entire class. In the form of parents either unable or insufficiently interested to assist their children with the mountains of busywork called “homework” they get each night. In the form of new curious diseases spreading among school children. In the form of foodstamp and WIC resources being funneled into the abyss. In the form of expanded r-selected ghettos, where the girl in this ad is more likely to jump on the quinceanera carousel and bring home a baby bump instead of a paycheck from an above-board business.

Wells Fargo is in it for profit first, and feel-good moral posturing second. This ad accomplishes both, and should make those who care about the future of the U.S. sick. Here are two bonus Wells Fargo ads showing a pattern of pandering to minorities:

First, Wells Fargo continues at high speed down the diversity track with its #HashtagLunchbag commercial.

In this “based on a true story” ad, we see Team Diversity in action being charitable and making the world a better place. The squad is mostly Hispanic, but with some blacks and an Asian thrown in for good measure. They spend their time and money feeding the homeless. The only white person who gets face time is the decrepit homeless recipient of the minorities’ goodwill. This commercial is a true distortion of reality, designed to advance the liberal narrative of white = bad, nonwhite = good.

Finally, Wells Fargo tips its cap to gays and blacks with this ad that features an earnestly striving gay latino, and depicts a black man as the highest status person in the room.

The shoes, the rise of the pants, the ringtone choice, and the diminutive frame all scream gay, but not in an obnoxious way. Wells Fargo does not want to portray him as anything other than a positive contributor to society. In fact, we see him as a hungry go-getter, eager to get started on the path to success. And as a true mark of a superior person, he uses both English and Spanish in the same call.

As the phone rings for a final time, disrupting the room, the three white people look up with expressions varying between annoyance and anxiousness. Then it cuts to the relaxed, impeccably dressed, and non-threatening looking black man. Oozing amused mastery, he chuckles at the protagonist in a friendly manner.

Wells Fargo has gone all in on diversity. White people are nonexistent or reduced to low status props. Minorities are invariably depicted positively. Wells Fargo apparently is going for the demographic future of America, along with all the liberal self-abnegating white people who eat this stuff up.

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