France has had a bad year. After Charlie Hebdo in January, the country’s capital was hit by yet another terrorist attack on the 13th of November. This time on a larger scale.

Reports say that at least 129 people were killed, while many more were wounded. The attacks were aimed at seven different targets, including the stadium Stade de France and the Bataclan concert venue. Witnesses say the gunmen, most of which blew themselves up after their bloody rampage, yelled “Allahu akbar.” ISIS later claimed to be behind it all.

The leftist response

A week or so has passed since the terrible events of Friday the 13th. Now it’s time to summarize the reactions from Swedish establishment media and politicians. You might think that, seeing as the perpetrators were undoubtedly Jihadists, every sane person would focus on combatting Islamic extremism after such an event.

But leftists (whose sanity is questionable) have other concerns. Below are three things that they lay sleepless at night worrying about, after fanatic Muslims go on a killing spree in a major European city.

1. Climate change


Åsa Romson.

The very serious events in Paris right now can impede the Climate Change Conference in December when over 100 government heads have planned to participate.

This quote is from a tweet by Åsa Romson, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Environment. Some of you might remember her from her misandrist rant during a speech last year, where she blamed all men for climate change.

The Green Party politician posted the tweet shortly after the Paris attacks. In it she clearly demonstrates that she is not concerned about terrorism and the lives that have been terminated, but about some big shot meeting risking delay. The minister rightfully apologized for the tactless tweet. She also tried to cover the whole thing up by deleting it. But the Internet never forgets, and hopefully the voters won’t forget either.

Some people, like Bernie Sanders, actually want us to believe that climate change itself causes terrorism. It is probably the most ridiculous red herring leftists use to divert attention from the real issues. It’s a way of relieving the Muslim killers of their guilt, instead laying the blame on polluting Westerners. Because Muslims are never at fault for anything they do, always the victims. More on that point next.

2. Western imperialism

You treat the terrorists like monsters because you don’t want to reflect over how we have contributed to creating them and giving them nourishment.


Actually, we treat the terrorists like monsters because they are monsters. But this is a quote from one of many debaters making the case that Westerners have brought this on themselves. They call upon the West to “admit” its guilt, using the same kind of logic as claiming that a woman wearing a short skirt have herself to blame for being raped.

What they’re basically saying is: if you mess with Muslims, you deserve to die. If you make them angry, you are responsible for the violent outcomes. In fact, what we need right now is more Western intervention in the Middle East. ISIS, and every other Jihadist organization out there, must be exterminated once and for all, to keep the West safe.

3. White racism


Humanity—to not punish those who are not guilty—is the best weapon we should use.

The most usual reaction coming from the left has been this. “Oh, those poor Muslim immigrants. They are the REAL victims of this terrorist attack. Let’s welcome more of them to show how kind we are!”

There’s something seriously wrong with people who think we should combat Islamic terrorism by importing more Muslims. Surely, it could only increase the risk of some of them becoming radicalized and lashing out at the liberal democracy they’ve been taught to hate.

Not all Muslims are extremists, of course. But for humanity’s sake, save your sympathy for those who died by the hands of the terrorists, and the families now grieving their loss.

Allies against freedom

Climate change, Western imperialism and white racism. Those are the subjects you score points for talking about at leftist cocktail parties. But you lose points for mentioning the big, bearded elephant in the room, wearing a bomb belt while screaming “Allahu akbar” at the top of its lungs. We call that elephant Islamic extremism.

The establishment media and politicians have ignored it for a long time now. It has been able to feed itself and get bigger and bigger without disturbance, in the European countries who let it in. More and more people are waking up to this issue as terrorist attacks on Western soil fill news outlets. These people have learned to see beyond the leftist propaganda.

The greatest threat facing the free world today is the unholy alliance between the left and the Islamists. Their interests converge in their mutual hatred for freedom, and every other great value that Western civilization stands for.

Both of them must be combated, or else all will be lost.

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