Back in the 1950’s, when men oppressed women by working all day and paying for everything, things were a lot simpler for men who wanted to attract women. The only requirement that a young man needed to find his sweetheart was that he be a decent and hard-working man. But fast-forward to today—things have changed a lot about the type of men women are attracted to.

Women today tend to hold off marriage so that they can spend their prime years slutting around focusing on their precious education and careers, and due to the deregulation of the sexual marketplace and the toxic effects of the media, modern women have developed a rather peculiar taste for dark triad men.


The consequence of this is that most men, who are merely average or normal, are considered too “boring” for the modern women to be bothered with. So, until these women are too old for bad boys and ready to “settle down,” many decent men—who would otherwise be considered good boyfriends or husbands—are forced to sit and watch on the sidelines.

So, if you are one of those average men struggling to figure out how to spark attraction in modern women, take a moment to gander at some of the types of men that women find irresistible.

1. Degenerate Entertainers


Modern women’s penchant for anyone famous is well-known. This is especially true in our degenerate society that worships talentless entertainers above thousands of ordinary individuals who work in the service of society. So it comes as no surprise that many women worship these musicians and actors regardless of how reckless, drugged-up, and sleazy they are. You have a better chance scoring an attractive woman as an unstable and shitty bass player who snorts cocaine for brunch than if you’re a medical student with a stable life and traditional family values.

justin bieber

Like hogs on truffle.

2. Abusive, Dominant Men


What nice guys, white knights, and male feminists can’t seem to get through their thick skulls is that women are not attracted to men who respect them. Modern Western women would rather be with a strong, dominant man who occasionally abuses them than be bored to death by a nice, supplicating beta who worships them. These same betas would be aghast to find out just how many women have fantasies of getting dominated and raped.


3. Serial Killers And Mass Murderers


Charlie Manson with his new wife. He’s happy because he knows that she can’t divorce rape him.

If women are attracted to dominant and abusive men, then it should be no surprise that there are also many who are drawn to violent criminals. In fact, the phenomenon of women being attracted to violent killers is so widespread that there is a term for it: hybristophilia.

Famous serial killers such as Ted Bundy (who was also a necrophile) used to receive hundreds of love letters from women on a weekly basis until his execution in 1989. Even homosexual killers like Jeffrey Dhamer and Luka Magnotta have been the subject of adoration from their female fans. That’s more attention than any normal man will get in his lifetime.


4. Drug Lords


On the left, we have the infamous “El Chapo,” the head of the Sinaloa Cartel. On the right is his wife, Emma Coronel. She married him when she was 18. He was 54 at the time, three times her age.

Enough said.

5. Communist Dictators


Living in a Communist utopia has its perks—especially if you’re the one in charge. It’s been known since the dawn of mankind that women are attracted to power. So, when you happen to monopolize all the power within the state, you know that you’re pretty much guaranteed an unlimited supply of pussy.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea, just like his father before him, has the privilege of having a large pool of young harems designated as the “pleasure troupe” to entertain him. And even before the Kim dynasty, the aging chairman Mao was rumoured to have had a line of young women willing to pleasure him—often more than one at a time.

20111106-Wiki C Mao_Zedong_with_women_in_1950

What’s important to note here is that most—if not all—of these women probably did feel an immense attraction to their dear leaders. It’s safe to say that no brute force was necessary to make these women worship them in bed.

6. ISIS Fighters


While millions of Syrians fled their country to escape from ISIS, these Austrian teens decided to go there to find their soulmates.

Given their worse-than-medieval treatment of women—not to mention their global reputation for barbarism and brutality—you would think that the so-called “Islamic State” would be the last place on Earth that any woman would venture to start a new life. But that’s exactly what hundreds of young women from the West have done.


Jihadi brides from the US and Australia posing with a BMW they’ll never be allowed to drive.

To be fair, some of these so-called ‘jihadi brides‘ have since regretted their utterly moronic decisions and have expressed their desire to return home. Whether or not their new husbands will grant them their wish is to be seen.


Seeing all this, I can already imagine many women (and some men) protesting that these are just a small minority of naive and “damaged” women who don’t represent the female population as a whole. However, study after study only confirm that the vast majority of women are indeed attracted to men with the traits listed above. This includes a study that examined the types of characters that women are attracted to on television shows and another study that was conducted with 35,000 people in 57 different countries.

With that, I think it’s safe to say that women are simply hard-wired with a deep subconscious desire for dark triad men on an evolutionary basis. No amount of denying or rationalizing will change that fact. The sooner that men realize this truth, the sooner their lives will improve.

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