One of the worst terrorist attacks in recent history is currently taking place across Paris. According to media reports, at least seven separate sites are under siege in a coordinated operation that has claimed over 100 lives. One of the most notable venues attacked in this operation is the Bataclan concert hall, where during a concert terrorists reportedly used Kalashnikov rifles to gun down concert-goers while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (source: Breitbart).

Information continues to be sparse about the attacks, though France’s President Hollande has already closed the borders and mobilized the military after declaring a state of emergency. As of Friday at 7pm ET, the death doll has reached above 140 in the Bataclan concert hall alone, with eyewitnesses describing the scene as one of utter destruction (source):

“It was carnage,” Marc Coupris, 57, told the Guardian, still shaking after being freed from being held hostage at the Bataclan, a popular concert venue.

“It looked like a battlefield, there was blood everywhere, there were bodies everywhere. I was at the far side of the hall when shooting began. There seemed to be at least two gunmen. They shot from the balcony.”

“Everyone scrabbled to the ground. I was on the ground with a man on top of me and another one beside me up against a wall. We just stayed still like that. At first we kept quiet. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, it seemed like an eternity.

“I saw my final hour unfurl before me, I thought this was the end. I thought I’m finished, I’m finished. I was terrified. We must all have thought the same. Eventually, when a few gendarmes came in slowly we began to look up and there was blood absolutely everywhere. The police told us to run.”

Leftist media mouthpieces will be quick to caution sites like this one against drawing “hasty conclusions” from a heinously tragic event, but our media masters can only pretend for so long that the emperor of multiculturalism is still wearing any clothes.

Immigration has been a hot-button issue recently both domestically and abroad. Even larger than taking central stage in the US presidential election, the recent influx of Syrian immigrants across the European Union and the resulting cultural and economic upheaval has drawn massive criticism from grassroots media and native residents of the countries affected, but shockingly little mainstream media criticism. Why?

Our own Michael Sebastian reported on this issue recently, with a shocking revelation from Mark Zuckerberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel colluding to wipe negative comments about German immigration policy from Facebook:

Merkel was complaining to Zuckerberg about posts by Facebook users who were critical to the hordes of Muslim migrants who are flooding Germany and other European countries. Zuckerberg responded that:

“[W]e need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted.

What pretense will Facebook use to ban Germans from legitimately discussing the policy concerns of their country, which purports to be a democracy? Racism, of course:


We are committed to working closely with the German government on this important issue,” Debbie Frost, a spokeswoman for Menlo Park, California-based Facebook, said via e-mail. “We think the best solutions to dealing with      people who make racist and xenophobic comments can be found when service providers, government and civil society all work together to address this common challenge.

But can a true democracy exist when the public, who are supposed to be ultimate authority for the government, are not permitted to frankly debate policies?

What they’re not saying

Roosh’s recent video about how the multicultural narrative is collapsing before our very eyes appears even more prescient in light of the last couple weeks, with refugee-accepting Sweden now counting itself as the rape capital of the West and dealing with the harassment of its citizens by Muslim immigrants. Tonight’s tragic events mark the next grim reminder that forced importation of a religious fundamentalist underclass is at odds with the self-preservation of any Western nation.

But why is it so controversial to say so? The media establishment clearly has a vested interest in keeping the average person ignorant of the dangers of mass cultural manipulation. Milo Yiannopoulos was one of the first to point out the media’s soft-pedaling of the Muslim terrorism angle in its coverage of the Paris terrorist attacks:

It’s clear that the masters of our media, who themselves promote the destruction of distinct Western national identities through massive immigration initiatives, have instructed their megaphones to remain silent on this issue. A quick control-F of the top story on the New York Times, CNN, and ABC is shockingly absent of the words “Islam” or “Muslim,” despite strong circumstantial evidence and eyewitness accounts that almost inextricably link these actions to Muslim terrorism.

The only occurrence of the word came from the New York Times in this passing remark:

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Twitter erupted with celebratory messages by members and sympathizers of the Islamic State, the extremist group based in Syria and Iraq that is under assault by major powers including the United States, France and Russia.

ROK’s coverage on this issue will continue for the foreseeable future, but in the meantime you must question every source you see reporting on this issue. Why is the story being reported in a certain way, one that encourages “tolerance” and not “jumping to conclusions,” when similarly deplorable domestic incidents are immediately ascribed to racism and gun control issues? Why are they lying to us, when the facts show a cultural disaster in the making that has already cost hundreds of innocent lives just in the last few hours?

The most chilling thing is that this may only be the beginning.

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