The internet exploded this last week with news that Instagram icon Dan Bilzerian slept with the girlfriend (not wife) of Ryan DeLuca,’s mega-wealthy founder and, until recently, CEO. In the most nauseating way imaginable, Bilzerian humiliated DeLuca by posting a photograph of Ashley Soule handling a gun that nearly dwarfed her on a bed, all while sprawled in very tight lingerie.

Bilzerian’s caption made it clear that he had had sex with the multimillionaire entrepreneur’s girl. The eternal shaming of DeLuca is captured here, in a now deleted Instagram post:

“I fucked your bitch in my Gucci flip flops” is now the odds-on favorite for being named the verbal bitch slap of the century. Bilzerian then rubbed pounds of salt into DeLuca’s rather global wounds by posting a behind picture of Ashley Soule in the same pose and a close up of his legendary flip flops.

Even with decent looks, one of the fattest wallets in the fitness world, and a very affable personality, DeLuca found himself cuckolded for the entire world to see. So what does that say about the prospects of a woman investing her loyalty in a man who belongs to the mere 99.999%, including yourself?

How did this happen?

Even a titan in the fitness industry can be publicly cuckolded.

The popular theory is that DeLuca and Soule had actually broken up prior to the latter being consensually ravaged by Dan Bilzerian. The pair then reconciled, after which DeLuca found Bilzerian’s number in Soule’s phone. Correspondence between the two men ensued and Bilzerian, feeling disrespected (or just malevolent), promptly aired what amounted to a savage final say.

Skeptics may say that because of this temporary break-up Bilzerian’s revenge isn’t nearly as bad as the Instagram and other posts make it look at first glance. I beg to differ. The esteem, or lack thereof, in which Soule held DeLuca, other than as a gargantuan meal ticket, is demonstrated in her close to immediate bedroom coupling with Bilzerian.

And once she reunited, if you can call it that, with DeLuca, informing him about the tryst obviously wasn’t one of her priorities, until her beau stumbled upon the shocking sexual connection himself. It’s a cuckolding in anything but technical name. DeLuca was a lovable, disposable loser, multimillionaire or not.

Following the heart-exploding revelation chuckled and gawked at by half the world, DeLuca issued this admirably delusional response:


When girls can’t help but sacrifice their meal tickets

Ryan’s initial public profile was far less suave than it has been in recent years. Was his new alpha-ness really just a facade, a facade Ashley Soule compulsively wanted to discard for the real thing in Dan Bilzerian?

With Soule’s Tesla P90D now slated for some pimply Midwestern teenager, we can start drawing up some answers to the question of why girls put their meal tickets at risk. This is all the more mind-boggling when we consider a woman dating Mr. Ryan DeLuca, before any non-prenup marriage could deliver her a lifetime meal ticket of settlements and alimony.

The reason is that, compared to Bilzerian, DeLuca is still a nerdy Bill Gates. Yes, he’s self-made, as far as we know, innovative and, according to most people rendering opinions about the two men’s aesthetics, better-looking than Bilzerian. But what DeLuca couldn’t give is the alpha-laced thrill of being around the King of Instagram. That, his much higher public profile and his buffer body are the only advantages Bilzerian seemingly has. Yet, in this context, they count for everything.

If anything, Bilzerian did DeLuca a massive favor before he put a ring on it. Sure, he could have done it far less publicly. But having someone point a loaded shotgun in the form of a slutty, gold-digging female away from you is always a good thing.

Face reality and improve yourself to limit the chances of straying

Each and every day, are you coming close to your own personalized and non-famous version of this man? If not, some other man is likely to grasp YOUR girl away from you.

“Limit” is the very key word here. One of the sad but true realities of the modern age is an aspect Roosh has touched on before: mobile phones and other devices give a woman access to 10,000 (and then a whole lot more) men after only a click or two. Your mission, especially for your own sake, is to improve yourself to a level where such finger-tapping or something like it in the real world is less likely to ever take place. And then go for the next level. And the one after that.

Pay careful attention over the coming months to the continued development of neomasculinity as an actionable philosophy for men. Revise those elements you have already been exposed to and make full use of whatever other resources you have at your disposal. Nonetheless, the key to your masculine development is constant and focused effort, each and every day, to better yourself and your experience of life.

And for God’s sake, if you think you’ve met an Ashley Soule, walk the fuck away.

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