Doirin-Holder also failed to run the required 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less — even after the running course was slashed by an estimated quarter-mile, the source said, alleging that the start and finish lines were moved to shorten the run.

The New York Post

Fire Academy whistleblowers in New York have revealed that perennial failure Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, a black woman, was allowed to graduate thanks to the fudging of her scores. It is simply the most recent gag amongst a litany of grotesquely political correct decisions from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

Overzealous courts, especially that of Judge Nicholas Garaufis, have previously ruled that the FDNY “must” hire more women and minorities. The result is that standards have been drastically and openly lowered. Some female candidates, like Doirin-Holder, even had fitness and other tests tailored to their sub-par abilities when they fell below the inferior gender-normed standard.

Doing the work that the ultra-liberal New York Times refuses to engage in, The New York Post previously covered how Doirin-Holder, long recognized as a repeat washout at the Fire Academy, “failed her way” into a $81,000-a-year desk job. Even though she would have only been paid $39,000 as a newly minted firefighter, the FDNY kept her on a pay scale some $26,000 higher than her previous 2013 job as an emergency medical technician (EMT). She was allowed to wait on this bloated remuneration until she could go through the Fire Academy once more.

2015 has been a sorry year for the FDNY, with Rebecca Wax becoming the first female firefighter to graduate whilst failing the vital Functional Skills Training test. The madness goes back far further, however. Wendy Tapia, called “unfireable” after failing six times to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less, finally quit in 2013, but only as a result of sustained media and other pressure. Because of the priority being given to women and others, it is inevitable that many more stories of special treatment which threaten the future safety of the public will have escaped wider scrutiny and critique.

Court-sanctioned and other madness

Judge Nicholas Garaufis, whose looney tune findings of racial and other “discrimination” led to 282 “priority hires”, including Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder.

We are at the stage now where the physical requirements for firefighters, whose job involves taking people to safety during otherwise fatal infernos and making their way through gutted buildings with heavy equipment, are described as “sexist” and “discriminatory” by courts and political parties alike. New York’s is just one of many fire departments prioritizing female feelings over the functional requirements needed to be an effective firefighter. Four and a half years ago, a UK government study confirmed that physical standards had fallen under successive leftwing Labour Party administrations.


Faced with this incontrovertible academic and anecdotal evidence, including those of experienced firefighters, Britain’s highest-ranking female in that profession, Dany Cotton, still found cause to cry fake tears of misogyny:

People who express these views are dinosaurs and very chauvinistic and need to get with the programme. It’s 2011, women are firefighters; get over it.

As is typical in these cases, “developments” which unfairly promote women and have much wider social safety repercussions are casually brushed aside or blamed on male sensitivity. The relaxed standards undoubtedly allow overweight men to join fire departments as well but, that said, an overweight male is almost always more physically competent in terms of strength than a fat female. And the relative leniency in newer fitness tests was never designed to advance the career prospects of less fit men. They aren’t at all important in the context of stopping the purported employment oppression of women.

We’re capable but government, please help us!

Dany Cotton has described criticisms of lowered fitness standards, empirically proven in a government study, as “chauvinistic” and sexist towards women.

In so many fields, especially conscription, which almost universally impacts men only, feminists are quite happy to use “biological differences” to lumber men with what doesn’t suit them. But if women want to voluntarily work in any profession, expect a shrill call for an end to male privilege, however invisible (i.e. non-existent) and fifth-dimensional such privilege increasingly is. The ending of these so-called advantages takes the form of quotas, lower entry standards, including women-only lower standards as found in the military, and the ability to speed up one’s career advancement by saying “Misogyny!”, “Sexual harassment!” or “Gender discrimination!”

When everything is said and done, let’s feel some sympathy for Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, hey? After all, she’s currently the recipient of terrible, terrible, terrible gender-based taunting, all because her genitals enabled her to graduate. Jokes aside, though, feminists do count calling out a woman’s lower qualifications as institutionalized misogyny.

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